September 20, 2022  NVPS Photo Competition Results

Mary Louise Ravese

The winning images for the 2022-2023 club year can be seen in the NVPS Gallery here:

Color Advanced

1st – Bill Corbett                         Looking Up 2022

2nd – John Eppler                      Cape Buffalo at a Waterhole

3rd – Deb Rose                          Light as a Feather

HM – Art Rose                          Avery Island Egret

HM – Gary Perlow                     Quiraing Mist

HM – Rena Schild                     Aerial Ballet

HM – Stan Bysshe                     Snow Bird

Monochrome Advanced

1st – Kevin Egan                        Light Tumbling In

2nd – Mike Whalen                     A Different Kind of Ride

3rd – Rena Schild                       Tunnel Vision

HM – Catherine Wang               Cloud Gate

HM – David Crooks                   Lady Photographer

HM – Robin Weisz                     Looking In

HM – Thien Nguyen                   Love My Feather

Color Intermediate

1st – Jack Ledgerwood               Standing Out

2nd – Debra Mastronardi             Tucson Strike

3rd – Fred Krebs                        Looking Up: St. Titus Cathedral

HM – Barbara Travis                 Green Heron in Gold

Monochrome Intermediate

1st – Debra Mastronardi             Lighthouse Reflection

2nd – Jack Ledgerwood              A Ride Back in Time

3rd – Jennifer Nguyen                The Natural Spot of Light

HM – David Kravitz                    Costa Rican Naturalist

HM – Frank Napoli                     The Black Vulture Roost

Color Novice

1st – Gitta Smith                        Purple Mountains Majesty

2nd – Nancy Galib                      Reflections of Peace

3rd – Michael Mannix                  This Little Pig was Crazy

HM – Terri Lannigan                  Carolina Mantis

Monochrome Novice

1st – Susan Blalock                    Three of a Kind

2nd – Gitta Smith                        King of the Plains

3rd – Gregory Smith                   Sturgis

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