Digital images must meet certain requirements for competition.  Below is a list of those requirements.  If you have any questions please contact

File Type – All digital images must be submitted as jpeg (.jpg) files.

Image Size Limitations – The maximum size for an image is dictated by the projection equipment and is 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high. Note that vertical format images must still adhere to the 1050 pixel height maximum.

Resolution – We recommend your jpeg images be 127 pixels per inch (PPI – sometimes called dots per inch or DPI) or less (e.g., 127, 96 or 72 PPI) for best results with the competition projection program.

Color Space – For optimal viewing, the file workspace should be sRGB. (In Adobe Photoshop, use the “Convert to Profile” command under the Edit menu, or the “Save As” command under the “File” menu to save as a .jpg).

Submission Method – Images must be uploaded to the NVPS web site through this link: Competition Image Upload. Click on the upload and follow the directions on the page. If an error has been made in the files uploaded, the member must contact the VPs of Competitions the Competition support team at these email addresses: and/or .

Submission Deadline – Files must be uploaded prior to 6 PM of the Sunday preceding the competition.

File Naming Convention – There is no need to name your files a specific way.  The upload process will name the files such that they work with the competition process.

Preparation Guide – Click on the following link to see a comprehensive guide on preparing digital images for competition:

Lightroom Export Settings – If you are using Lightroom, the “Export”  Module is an easy way to create an optimal and correctly sized file for the digital composition. The critical settings for Lightroom’s export are shown below. Make sure your files setting and image sizing settings match these.  (Sharpening is optional and don’t watermark your image for competition.) 

  • Creating a Preset – You can also save a preset in the export module so that you’ll only have to enter your export settings one time. When in Lightroom’s export module, you may save the preset by hitting “Add” on the bottom of the “Preset” column (not shown below). Your preset will show up under “User Presets”.  Next time you want to create an image for NVPS’s projector, simply right click on your image, hover your cursor over export, and select your saved preset. Alternatively, select from the menu: File, hover over “Export with Preset” and select your preset.


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