Beanetics Solo Shows

Beanetics Coffee Roasters

Since the beginning of the year and until the pandemic lockdown began,  NVPS has  been having shows at Beanetics Coffee Roasters in Annandale.   They are eager to bring art to the community and have been working with Jennifer Judelsohn as an independent curator.  Before the lockdown began, we scheduled NVPS member shows for the next two years. Each show hangs for approximately six weeks.

We are now trying to plan ahead despite the current situation.   In addition to the pandemic, Jennifer is moving to Buffalo.  The owners of Beanetics have agreed to continue the relationship with NVPS and Willa Friedman will be coordinating the shows.

At present,  Beanetics is only doing “grab and go” service.  The plan is that when they reopen, our Portfolio Project exhibits will resume.  We will update the list and make whatever scheduling adjustments are needed.  If you signed up, you are still on the list.  Until the coffee shop reopens, and we can sort out the shows that are already scheduled, we will not even try to make any  scheduling changes or additions. The shows and receptions have been fun and there have been some sales. If you are not participating in Portfolio Project but have a body of work that you would like to show, this is also possible. If you have any questions, email Willa Friedman at

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