On Thursday, October 14, 2021, members of NVPS gathered at the Willing Warriors Retreat for a tour to see the facilities and the many photographs contributed by our members.  Chris Wrinkle, Director of Community Services, led the tour. She provided a most enjoyable and comprehensive explanation of the founding, goals and operation of the Willing Warriors organization.  Our members were impressed with the facilities as well as how our contributed images have added to the experience provided to our veterans when staying in one of the houses.

The tour was evidently successful in generating continuing interest as several members already expressed a desire to contribute photographs.  It appears that our efforts are making a difference. Thank you to all who attended and to those members who have contributed in the past. There are still opportunities for additional photos.  Please refer to the Willing Warriors gallery on the NVPS web site for additional information.

Visit the Willing Warriors Gallery on the NVPS website.

Jim Sinsheimer

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