First I would like to thank everyone that participated. NatureVisions appreciates the time and effort you put into preparing and submit your images. It was truly a wonderful collection.

Twenty-eight NVPS members had 93 images juried for the 2013 NatureVisions Expo to be held the weekend of November 8-10. Congratulations to all.

Of special note is Marilyn Gaizband’s “Eurasian Owl” which was selected Best in Category in the Bird category. Also, special mention is due Claire Carol’s Family Time”, Nancy Dubiell’s “Father and Son”, Marilyn Gaizband’s “Mandrill”, and Ursy Potter’s “Snack Time” which have been selected for NatureVisions travelling exhibit for the upcoming year. Beth Morris’ “Wall of Fire” received votes from all three judges.

The entire list of NVPS juried images is posted here.

Best in Category winners are:

Birds – Marilyn Gaizband, NVPS: Eurasian Owl

Wildlife – Patricia Deege, VPS: The Pushing Contest

Macro – Steve Heap, MWCC: Sunday Lunch

Abstract – Greg Holden, NIHCC: Points

Water – John Norvell, NIHCC: Elakala Falls

Landscapes – Stan Collyer, NIHCC: Mount Kirkjufell, Iceland

Flora – Greg Holden, NIHCC: Centurion

Finally, I would like to say that the overall quality of all images submitted for consideration was outstanding and the judges had a difficult time making their selections. Like any competition, only so many images could be selected and ,unfortunately, many excellent ones were not chosen. Another day and another set of judges and the results could very well have been different.

John Quigley
NatureVisions Rep

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