In this presentation, Mike will share photos from 3 trips exploring different locations in northern Italy:

Mike Whalen (Portofino-2008)
  1. Northwest coast below Genoa
  2. Lake District above Milan
  3. Island of Burano near Venice

You’ll see images of quaint villages, colorful buildings, lakeside villas, gardens, art, people, food, and classic scenes of historic Italy. Mike will also provide details on the two walking tours taken along the northwest coast.

Click here to view the slideshow presentation. (Note: Username and Password required)


Mike’s introduction to digital photography happened in 2002 when he purchased a digital point-and-shoot camera. He became hooked in 2006 after purchasing a basic DSLR.

Mike joined NVPS in 2009 after learning about the club from fellow member, Willa Friedman. He held board positions from 2010 to the present, including President in 2013.

Before COVID, Mike volunteered weekly as a pet photographer for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and, and as an event photographer for charitable organizations including the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and The Epilepsy Foundation of America.

Mike says that joining NVPS was a significant step forward due to the interaction with talented members, and the many club activities offered.

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