David Blecman

Here are the 2020 End-Of-Year results with judge David Blecman.
The awards and program for this final event for the 2019-2020 season can be found here:
NVPS_EOY_Banquet_Program_2020 . The awarded images can be seen in the NVPS Galleries under: End-Of-Year Awards 2020.


Advanced Color Prints 
Kimxuan Nguyen   Flying Home 1st Place
Ron Taylor   Reggie, King Of Cats 2nd Place
Bill Corbett   Looking Up 3rd Place
Gary Perlow   Waiting In The Shadows HM
Kieulan Nguyen   The Vessel, Hudson HM
Kimxuan Nguyen   I Am Home HM
Advanced Digital Images 
Stan Bysshe   Double Trouble 1st Place
Mike Whalen   Sunrise At The Pier 2nd Place
Stan Bysshe   Bison Blizzard 3rd Place
Barry Dunn   Fulton Street HM
Eva Lanyi   Swirling Rock HM
Gary Perlow   Manhattan Bridge From Brooklyn HM
Kevin Egan   Grandpa’s Pontiac HM
Kevin Egan   Resting Dodge HM
Kimxuan Nguyen   WWII At Night HM
Mike Whalen   Downtown Philly – A Different View HM
Mike Whalen   Seneca Lake HM
Paul Laurenza   Innocence HM
Stan Bysshe   Frozen Dinner HM
Tom Brett   Flamingos 5 HM
Tom Brett   Fog And Rain NZ HM
Advanced Monochrome Prints 
Georgette  Grossman Solarized Dahlia First Place
Tom Brett   Wanaka Tree Second Place
Tom Brett   White Sands Yucca Third Place
Karol Murray The Occulus HM
Wayne Guenther Circular Logic HM
Intermediate Color Prints 
Chau Nguyen   Open Up And Say Ahh! 1st Place
Chau Nguyen   Green Honey Creeper 2nd Place
Kathryn Mohrman   Looking Up From The Mihrag 3rd Place
Steve Steiner   Carnival HM
Intermediate Digital Images 
Paula Newman   London Square 1st Place
My-Linh Tran Falcons 2nd Place
Kirk Johnson Brotherly Love 3rd Place
Chau Nguyen Sandhill Cranes After Sunset HM
John Olsen The Future Is Uncertain But The End Is Always Near HM
Judy Graham A Drop At A Time HM
Judy Graham Ice Palace HM
Judy Graham Pathway To More HM
Kacy Turner You Ok? HM
Kathryn Mohrman Charleston Azaleas HM
Tana Ebbole Foggy Morning At Anglers HM
Intermediate Monochrome Prints 
Nicholas  Studzinski Air Calatrava 1st Place
Stephanie Reavley  Di”Vine” Sunflower 2nd Place
Novice Color Prints 
Ed Short   All Alone 1st Place
Ed Short   Hokkaido Fox 2nd Place
Valerie Short   Sun Breaths 3rd Place
Ilenia Alvarez   City Lights HM
Novice Digital Images 
Kevin Linde No Speed Limit 1st Place
John Murray Need A Lift 2nd Place
Kim Sharp The Staredown 3rd Place
Art Rose The Chase Is On HM
Deb Rose Walk In The Fog HM
Ed Short Hatteras Evening HM
Ed Short Wat Arun Thailand HM
Ilenia Alvarez Dubai Nights HM
John Murray Dusk At The Beach HM
John Murray If MC Escher Were An Architect HM
Kevin Linde Dreamy Waterfall HM
Kevin Linde It’s a Little Wet Out Here HM
Kevin Linde Liquid Umbrella HM
Novice Monochrome Prints 
Valerie Short   A Wise Glance First Place
Jennifer Kang   Not Forgotten Second Place
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