PDF file of 2019-2020 cumulative competition standings can be seen here:

Copy of 2019-2020 Competition Standings

February, 2020 Competition Results with Judge Sean O’Rourke – No Theme
Color Prints – Class 3  (Advanced Photographer)
1st Place Gary Perlow Waiting In The Shadows
2nd Place Bill Corbett Two Eyes
3rd Place Clark Barker Painted Hill
HM Kieulan Nguyen The Vessel, Hudson
Digital – Class 3  (Advanced Photographer)
1st Place Mike Whalen Downtown Philly – A Different View
2nd Place Gary Perlow After The Hurricane
3rd Place Paul Larenza Innocence
HM Barry Dunn Fulton Street
HM George Karamarkovich Flamingo
HM Jim Mcdermott Trying To Hide
HM Karol Murray Heading To Work In The Fog
Monochrome Prints – (Advanced Photographer)
1st Place Tom Brett Sterling Falls
2nd Place Mike Whalen Cruising The Douro River
3rd Place Bill Corbett Death Valley Road Sign
Color Prints – Class 2 (Intermediate Photographer)
1st Place Brenda Wilson The Supreme Court Reel
2nd Place Chau Nguyen Green Honey Creeper
3rd Place Kathryn Mohrman Tamerlane’s Tomb
Digital – Class 2 (Intermediate Photographer)
1st Place John Eppler Snow Geese Over The Moon
2nd Place Rich Hawk Bus Ride
3rd Place Judy Graham Pathway To More
HM Jerri Mcdermott Let Me In!
HM Paula Neumann Spotlight On Siena
Monochrome Prints – Class 2 (Intermediate Photographer)
1st Place Kathryn Mohrmann Brooklyn Bridge
2nd Place Nicholas Studzinski A Church With A View
Color Prints – Class 1 (Novice Photographer)
1st Place Art Rose Filler Up
2nd Place Michael Mannix Dino – Bird
3rd Place Valerie Short Sun Breaths
Digital – Class 1 (Novice Photographer)
1st Place Santori Scott Remembrance
2nd Place Art Rose Have A Seat
3rd Place Ilenia Alvarez Nature Love
HM John Murray Dusk At The Beach
HM Sidney Stone Dragonfly Searching
HM Valerie Short Walking In Sunshine
Monochrome Prints – Class 1 (Novice Photographer)
1st Place Tom Schum Cowboy Foreman


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