Good morning:
I want to update you on where we stand with some issues on Nature Visions.
First, there appears to be some confusion regarding the different types of websites you use in dealing with NV. There are actually 3 different sites:
1 – Maintained solely by NV. This is the Nature Visions web site which has all  the information regarding this year’s event
2. The site used for uploading images for the competition ( is maintained by Visual Pursuits, the company who supplies the software for uploading images for the competitiioin. This  is the website for image submission and judging. We create the account and the members reset their password.
3. The site for ordering tickets (for example, Sunday tickets are at is maintained by This is the website used by Hylton to process all the tickets for the events hosted at Hylton. You  have to create your own account here.
The accounts at visual Pursuit and Hylton are two different accounts and cannot be interchangeably used with one another.
On getting  your discount for tickets.
You are getting a $30 discount off the regular price of tickets. This includes all passes, and lectures that have a fee. Obviously you don’t need the discount for the free classes.  It cannot be used for the hands-on workshops or the photo shoots.. Also, as I mentioned before if you use your discount for a $20 session, you cannot carry the remaining $10 over to another ticket.. If multiple use of the coupon is detected, the associated tickets will be cancelled, the fees will be deducted and the balance refunded. So please only use your discount once. The email address that you use for NVPS is the code you use to get your discount.
This video explains how to use the discount . This video is only for distribution to club members and not to be posted on the website or any social media posts.
Lunches will again be available for purchase. Final arrangements are now being made, and you will be able to order them online fairly soon. I will let you know when that is possible. Free coffee will also be available for all 3 days, plus pastries will be available for purchase.
Uploading images for competition.
If you have used Visual Pursuits before, you already have an account. If not, you need to use the email address you use for NVPS to login. Again, follow the directions about submissions located at Those of you who have submitted images in past years should be familiar with the way it works. If you are new and this is the first time, read all instructions carefully and don’t hesitate to contact me if questions.
Finally, some of  you have had questions on course content. If you click on “More Information” on each class in the schedule, you will probably get your questions answered. Again, if you need more info, contact me.
Roger Lancaster, NVPS Rep to NV

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