September 8, 2020: Education & Training – Understanding Photoshop Layers with Jim Sinsheimer

As we all know, Photoshop is an awesome editing tool for photographers. It has many choices with regard to tools that provide virtually unlimited editing possibilities.  One of the most versatile is use of Layers in the workflow process. In my presentation, I will review what a layer is, what basic editing can be done with them and then delve into the world of masking, which unlocks the full potential of Photoshop layers.  The presentation will be live (I’ll do actual editing). However, don’t feel you’ll need to take copious notes for I’ve prepared a Power Point file of the editing to be posted on the NVPS website.

My introduction to photography was at around 7 years old when my Dad converted a coal bin (we now had gas heat) to his darkroom.  However, my interest really took off in college.  I’ve been a member of NVPS for two years having moved to Virginia from Southern California to be with our grandson and his family.  My work has been published in Black and White Magazine, LensWork and will be soon featured again LensWork’s “Our Magnificent Planet”.  I have had showings at the California Department of Transportation Headquarters, the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles and currently in a large digital wall at the 71 South Wacker building in Chicago.  For several years, my images have won awards at the Orange County (CA) fair.

I’ve been a Canon shooter forever – I still have my FTB, TL and F1 cameras as “museum” pieces. Travel photography to Finland for the Northern Lights was planned, but is now on hold due to the pandemic.

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