Posts: Member’s Gallery

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, for Members Gallery, two club members share their prints and a digital slide show with the attendees.
Note: Due to the pandemic both galley presentations will be virtual.


November 27, 2018 – Member’s Gallery: Digital – Paula Neumann – Print – Georgette Grossman

A Week in Normandy with Paula Neumann Paula’s interest in photography has developed over time. Paula was definitely more comfortable with a point and shoot camera until relatively recently. Her first experience with an SLR […]


October 23, 2018: Member’s Gallery: Digital – Kevin Linde – Print – Kevin Egan

Kevin Linde I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Canada in 1992 where I met my wonderful wife, Debby. In 1998 we moved to Northern Virginia with our 2-year-old son, […]


September 25, 2018 – Member’s Gallery: Digital – Steve Glintz – Prints – Kieulan Nguyen

Two Hour Images by Steven Glintz Steven graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and currently works in Northern Virginia as a software engineer.  For fourteen years, Steven has supported […]


May 22, 2018: Digital – Sam Schaen and Marilyn Gaizband & Prints – Kacy Turner

Members’ Gallery (Digital) Sam Schaen and Marilyn Gaizband Sam Schaen and Marilyn Gaizband were members of NVPS from September 2003 until 2017.They bought a home in Green Valley AZ and spend their winters there. The […]


April 24, 2018 – Member’s Gallery: Digital: Christine Tran & Prints: David Crooks

Christine Tran Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Christine Tran is passionate about the different aspects of nature present in our daily environment. Christine says “As long as we take the time to look at our feet or gaze […]


March 27, 2018 – Member’s Gallery – Digital: Bill Millhouser – Print: Stan Bysshe

Bill’s Presentation is called Africa Bill Millhouser became interested in photography in the early 1970s, starting with a used Yashica SLR and then a series of various Canon film SLRs. Bill enjoyed travel and nature […]


February 27, 2018 – Member’s Gallery – Digital: Joy Braithwaite – Print: Jim Williams

Joy Brathwaite is a Washington D.C. event and portrait photographer. Joy started photography in July 2013 with a Nikon D3000. Shortly after picking up the camera, she was invited to join NVPS by a work […]


January 23, 2018 – Member’s Gallery Digital: Len Johnson – Print: KieuLan Nguyen

Southwestern China Journey by Len Johnson In the Spring of 2017 I took a 19-day trip to the Yunnan and Southwestern regions of China. The villages and cities I visited included Xizhou, Zhoucheng, Dali, Shangri-la, […]


November 28, 2017: Members Gallery – Bob Friedman & Willa Friedman

Bob Friedman Member of NVPS since 2004  Interested in photography as a teenager with a wet darkroom in the basement (Note for younger NVPS members: Wet darkroom means I used film) I take photos of […]


November 28, 2017: Member’s Gallery – “The St. Lawrence River” with Alan Goldstein:

The St. Lawrence River with Alan Goldstein A member of NVPS since 2012, Alan has been involved in some way or other with photography for the past 55 years.  It all began with a science […]