Benefits of Membership

Membership in NVPS is open to photographers of every skill level, from beginner to professional.  Members can participate in monthly competitions and field trips, have their work critiqued in a supportive and positive manner, get expert help from fellow members in the mentor program, and learn how to produce a portfolio in the multi-month “Portfolio Project”. NVPS provides an easy way to improve your photography skills and to share creative ideas with like-minded people.

Membership Types

There are three types of memberships at NVPS: Individual, Family or Student. (Members living at the same address are eligible for family membership.) Also, full-year membership runs from September to May, but there is a 50% discount for new members who join between February 1 – April 30 . Full-time students are also offered a reduced membership cost. (Note: students must pay by check and include a copy of a current student ID.)

Full-Year Dues  (September – May)
Annual dues for the club-year (Sept-May) can be paid as early as May 1, and are due by September 30 for returning members. New members can join anytime of year. 

Individual $55
Family $75
Student $20  (Must present student ID)

Half-Year dues (50% discount available February1 – April 30, benefits are available until May 31)
Dues are reduced to half of the full-year fee (not available May 1 – January 31)
Note: This page returns back to full-year dues on May 1 and will be applied to the upcoming club-year.  

Individual $27.50
Family $37.50
Student $10 (Must present student ID)

How to Pay

There are two ways to pay for membership at NVPS, either by check or by PayPal.

To Pay by Check

Print the NVPS Membership Application  and bring it to a meeting or pick one up at the desk when you come in. You do not have to join before you come to a meeting; you are welcome to come check out NVPS and determine if it’s something you’ll enjoy.

To Pay by PayPal

Press the appropriate pay now button for individual or family memberships. For Family Memberships, enter your other family member names and email addresses in the field provided below prior to pressing the “pay now” button. Note: Each family member must have a unique email address. For example, the email addresses for husband and wife cannot be the same.

Yearly Membership Dues

NVPS  September 2022 –  May 2023
Membership (Individual) $55.00
(full year/Sept – May)


NVPS September 2021 –  May 2022
Membership (Family) $75.00
(full year/Sept – May)


Family Names & Email Addresses


We look forward to seeing you at NVPS

Guests are always welcome – come check us out! And you can join at any time throughout the year. See our “About” page for the schedule, times, location and activities.

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