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May 10th, 2011 - Workshop: Member Portfolio, Presentation and Critique
The Workshop meeting on May 10th will be the final step of this year's Portfolio Project. At the meeting, Portfolios will be displayed, critiqued and discussed. In addition members will be provided an opportunity to have images reviewed and discussed informally by three other critics.

All Portfolio Project participants will display printed Portfolios and be available to discuss them with attendees. There will be a slide show of approximately 15 images from each of the portfolio participant, which will be accompanied by comments by this year's critic, Ed Funk. (Ed is a long-time member of the club, one of our best judges. You can read more about him at: http://www.edfunkphotography.com/Background.html) The critiques will emphasize the portfolio as a whole rather than comments on individual images (although, there may be comments on individual images as appropriate to illustrate their impact on the portfolio). After the critic reviews all the portfolios, attendees will be able to look at and discuss individual portfolios with their makers. 

If you have any questions you may contact Scott Musson, Bill Prosser, or Paul Simmons.

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