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December 8th, 2009 - Workshop: Flash Night with Corey Hilz
On December 8th, 2009, the Workshop, Education and Training co-chairs will be hosting Flash Night with Corey Hilz, presenter.

Corey Hilz is a professional photographer, who has built his stock of photographs from travel, and extensive exploration of local areas.  He believes some of the most interesting subjects can be found close to home.  Corey is a published author, and his photos have been used in magazines, books, newspapers, calendars, brochures and catalogues.  His work is also seen in exhibits throughout the Washington, DC area, in addition to private collections.

For this presentation, Mr. Hilz will cover basic to intermediate use of on and off-camera speedlights.  This will include how to use the flash menus on your camera and on your speedlight, and how to use them to the best advantage, to get the images you want.  To reinforce this, after the presentation, there will be flash stations available for practice.  Anyone whose camera has a hotshoe will be able to participate.  So bring your camera, a tripod if you have one, and a speedlight if you have one.  We encourage you to bring a model, or an object of some sort, to practice on.  Mr. Hilz will be available for advice and encouragement during the practice session.

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