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October 9th, 2012 - Education & Training: Macro and Close Up Photography Presentation - Joe Miller
Truly amazing images can be captured in macro and close up. The macro lens can see what the human eye cannot. Macro and close up photography are very different from traditional photography. True macro photography is close up photography, but close up photography is not always macro photography. Macro photography begins when the thing being photographed appears as large on the sensor as it is in real life. This is called 1:1. If the thing being photographed is, for example, ten times larger on the sensor than it is in real life that is called 10:1. And so on. Close up photography is when the thing being photographed is no larger than 10 times its size as captured on the sensor. That is called 1:10. And so on.The program will discuss how to capture both macro and close up images and discuss the equipment required to produce amazing images. As part of the program there will be three short visual essays using macro and close up examples.

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