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Member's Gallery and Forum
May 25th, 2010 - Members Gallery: Prints by Anna Gomez, Digital by Vivian Luu
Members Gallery on May 25th, 2010 will include Prints by Anna Gomez and Digital Projection by Vivian Luu.  Join us for their presentations immediately followed by May's Forum presentation. 

The following are the biographies of the members presenting on May 25th:

Anna Gomez

Anna Gomez's photography experience has been winding journey of changing equipment and subject matter. She bought her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, when she was 13 years old. As an art student, she viewed the camera as another way to express her creativity. At 19, her father brought her a fixed lens Canon from a business trip to Japan. Her father-in-law taught her some basics about aperture and shutter speed by shooting black and white film. Next in line, a Nikon SLR, was replaced with an automatic-focus Olympus IS-1 after her daughter was born. She wanted to capture those special moments lost during focusing. In 2005 she bought her first hi-end point and shoot digital; once again an Olympus, C-5060 wide zoom. Then, back to an SLR in 2007, when Anna purchased a Nikon D200. The switch to digital opened the door to becoming the Staff Photographer for her employer in 2008. 

Currently shooting a Nikon D700, Anna enjoys capturing many different subjects, from landscapes to abstracts. Working as a Digital Color Specialist and Staff Photographer, her photographic assignments consist of shooting conferences, Congressional events, Senate hearings, meetings, special events, and staff portraits.

Anna joined NVPS (Northern Virginia Photographic Society) during the 2007-2008 year, and has won numerous awards from the club, including 1st place in the Enhanced Print category at the 2009 End of the Year Banquet. Anna was also juried into the Meadowlark Show in 2009.

Vivian Luu

In the old days, Vivian Luu was passionate about being in the pictures instead of taking pictures; this was especially true after a new hairdo! She considered pictures of her and her family and friends priceless. 

When posing for pictures, she was instructed to move to the right a little or to the left a little, but she was never exposed to the language of photography--composition, design, depth of field, shutter speed, aperture, etc. These were words that were not part of her vocabulary.
In 2005, after joining a local Vietnamese Photographic Society camera club, Vivian purchased a Canon 5D camera. The new equipment motivated Vivian to become passionate about photography as a "photographer" as rather than a "model."

Vivian joined NVPS in 2006 and her photography skills accelerated. During her second year with NVPS, she actively participated in the club's competitions. In the third year she received the Photographer of the Year award in the Advanced Digital category and also received the Image of the Year award. 

Photography is one of Vivian's hobbies. She enjoys photographing nature, people, sports, and flowers. She loves to apply panning techniques to racing bicyclists and zooming techniques to landscapes and lights. Capturing people's expressions or emotions is another favorite subject. Sometimes Vivian's creative mind imspires her to turn ordinary images into extraordinary ones by using Photoshop's filters.

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