September 12 2017: Education and Training – Lightroom Workflow and Rapid Editing Techniques with Jeff  Hancock


As a Navy brat, Jeff grew up in many places in the U.S. and overseas.  It was in Japan where he was given his first camera, a point and shoot 35mm.  When he moved to Hawaii, he was asked to choose an art elective in high school.  He chose photography over glass blowing in 1987 and the rest is history.  He shot for the newspaper, the yearbook, and was president of the photography club.  His first professional gig was for a surfer who paid him $40 for a roll of black and white.


Jeff’s been a member of NVPS since 2008.  He took over as digital projectionist in 2010 and added his own flair to the job, keeping the announcements part of the meeting from becoming a snooze fest with visual jokes and quick Google fingers.


Jeff’s had a lot of side jobs in photography.  Some of the highlights include Cadillac Track day events, a Rolling Thunder motorcycle tour, Santa Claus visit to an adoption agency, a Pilates instructor, a state delegate campaign appearance, a one-year old’s birthday party, and a wedding, though he doesn’t make a habit of it. His primary customer since 2011 is Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, the subject of his portfolio project last year, and other city of Alexandria museums.  He’s spent so much time in Alexandria that he’s on a first name basis with Alison, Mayor Silverberg.


When he’s not shooting a paid gig, Jeff has wide photographic interests.  He’ll take his camera to anything he or his family are doing.  He also seeks out wildlife, nature, motorsports, still lives, in- camera abstracts, drones, family photos, fireworks, you name it.


Jeff processes primarily in Lightroom, though he’ll grudgingly hit the “edit in Photoshop” menu item if he really has to.  He suspects he’ll spend more time there now that he has a backdrop set with a green screen.


Jeff’ has been published in the Alexandria Gazette, the Huffington Post, and  His work has been recognized in Joseph Miller’s Abstract exhibit and Nature Visions Expo.


In this live demonstration, Jeff will demonstrate his Lightroom workflow, from Importing images from SD card, to cataloging and keywording, to image editing to publishing.  How does he shoot six hundred images one night and post the best 200 of them by noon the next day?  Find out by attending this presentation.  Bring a few raw files on an SD card and watch him perform his magic on your images.


Key concepts include:

  •     Image import –
    • Copy to backup location
    • File Hierarchy
    • Bulk Keywording
    • Bulk Develop Presets
  • Image Editing
    • Copy and paste development settings
    • Build a preset for the shoot if many images are similar
    • Use presets from others (Julieanne Kost (free), Improve Photography (paid))
    • Order of sliders
    • Don’t forget dehaze.  Why isn’t it with the rest?
    • Perspective corrections
  • Publishing
    • How do you share your images?
    • Facebook? – Publish Direct to Albums
    • Smugmug? – Galleries
    • Instagram? – You can publish there too
  • Printing?  Not covered.  I don’t print



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