October 8, 2019 – Education & Training: Changing from Nikon to Micro Four-Thirds; the Good, the Bad, and the OK with Wayne Guenther

This presentation provides Wayne’s perspective on the decision process to leave a long-standing camera system, and a review of my learning curve to adapt to Micro Four-Thirds.  He will have an orientation of the features so we can understand the problems and successes, but this is not a technical review. Nor is it a system comparison beyond some basic considerations, one of which (the user interface) still gives me headaches.  If you are using a point and shoot and are thinking of getting into an interchangeable lens system, this talk may helpful to see pros and cons regarding Micro Four-Thirds. And many of the aspects he will discuss apply to any camera system change; there are pleasant surprises, disappointments, and unintended consequences.  Since the Olympus and Panasonic family isn’t widely used, at the end of the platform presentation we’ll break, then assemble around tables in the rear to touch and feel the equipment, and to look at a variety of prints with metadata so you can see what the camera/lens can do.

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