November 17, 2018 – Field Trip: “US Botanical Garden” – Washington DC

The U.S. Botanical Garden located at the foot of Capital Hill on the Independence Avenue side of the Mall. Exhibits at the Garden range from roses to orchids, the rainforest of the Mid-Atlantic, endangered plants and the latest in home gardening. The indoor galleries display flora of the jungle, desert and primeval settings. This diversity of form and color will provide some outstanding photographic opportunities.

Unfortunately, a limited number of tripod permits will be provided. Accordingly, participants are encouraged to bring along a monopod or similar camera support that can be used without any limitation. We will
devise a system to rotate the limited number of tripod permits to enable all participants to get the shots they need.

We will meet at the Garden entrance at the opening time of 10:00 AM. Street parking is available adjacent to the entrance.

The following are the official guidelines for photography at this location: USBG encourages visitors to take casual photographs for their own personal use.
Photos must be taken with hand-held cameras or cameras on a permitted tripod (see permit information below). The use of external flash equipment or bulky accessory equipment is not permitted. We do not allow visitors to do photo shoots or video shoots at the Garden. Commercial use of all photographs is prohibited. All photography is at the discretion of the USBG.

Photographic or filming activities can in no way affect the public’s enjoyment of, or access to, our exhibits. Other rules for photography activity at the U.S. Botanic Garden include:

• Professional or otherwise paid photography is not allowed. 

• Posed photography sessions are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, wedding, fashion/beauty, pregnancy, graduation, engagement, prom, and family photography.

• Videos and photographs must be for personal, non-commercial use. 

• Visitors taking photos must stay on pathways and not block access or passage of other visitors. Walking in planted areas; sitting on curbs, railings, plants, or floors; or placing anything in planted areas is prohibited.

• Portfolio photography for aspiring models and photographers is not permitted.

• Plants may not be moved, cut, or rearranged 

• Original artwork, sculpture, or other creations on exhibit are protected by artists’ copyrights and may not be photographed for the purposes of reproduction or copied in any way.

For advance permission to use tripods, equipment, easels, or art material containing solvents, please contact Laura Anthony at 202-226-7674 or Pre-approved permits are obtained onsite at the visitor desk in the Conservatory. The USBC website:

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