January 29, 2019 – Member’s Gallery: Print – Eva Lanyi – Digital – Chuck Campbell – Cancelled due to Weather!

Eva Lanyi

A member of NVPS since 2015, Eva Lanyi has been interested in photography since her first blurry black and white photos of the neighbor’s dog, taken with her Kodak Brownie Instamatic (which she still has).  School, work, and life in general created other priorities for many years. Since retiring from a 32-year federal career as an analyst, she’s been able to concentrate more on photography and plans to make it a big part of her life going forward.   She would like to improve her technical and artistic abilities, while keeping photography a fun, enjoyable endeavor.

Ms. Lanyi does mainly landscape and garden photography, because she loves being outdoors.  She is trying to improve at bird and wildlife photography. In addition, believing that the natural world is imperiled by human activity, she would like her photography to show the grandeur of Mother Nature before it is gone.  She also constantly scrutinizes trees, rock formations, leaves, sand (anything, really) for interesting, more abstract scenes from nature. Every photography adventure, for her, is an opportunity for a “personal best” photo. She works with Nikon equipment and a trusty Manfrotto tripod.  You can view some of her work at evalindalanyi.com.


Chuck Campbell

 A Shot in the Dark

This presentation is a compilation of outdoor images which were shot after sunset and before sunrise.  Most of the images were shot with a slow shutter speed to compensate for the lack of natural light.  And many of the images contain colorful artificial light and water reflections.  
Chuck Campbell is a long-time NVPS member and volunteer.  He enjoys the quiet solitude of shooting images long after others have gone home for the evening or before they wake up and get in the way of a good shot. When traveling, Chuck always takes a tripod because he knows he will be taking many shots in the dark.  Unfortunately, as he traveled across Europe and the U.S., he has missed many good meals with his wife as he waited for just the right blue-hour light.  With this presentation, he will happily share those lonely, hunger-induced images with you.
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