January 28, 2020 – Member’s Gallery: “Prints” with Fran Bastress; “Digital” with Art and Deb Rose

Prints with Fran Bastress

Fran Bastress

Fran will entertain us on January 28 with a collection of the beautiful photographic images she’s created in recent years. Fran has been involved in photography for decades, and sees it as a way to connect with the extraordinary in the world. She captures and creates her images because of their beauty, uniqueness, and elements of design. Inspired by the North American landscape, she has traveled its highways and byways to discover limitless possibilities for harvesting art from nature in the magical light of early morning and late afternoon.

She has been drawn especially to America’s West and South, and recently Iceland.

Fran became more engrossed in photography after buying a secondhand Hasselblad and taking a photography course in Boston, where she developed her darkroom skills. Black & white photography was her passion while living in New England, and she found the area rich with photographic possibilities.

Moving into digital after shooting with film, Fran has advanced through a variety of Canon’s single lens reflex cameras, most recently to the 5D Mark IV. She has participated in photo tours and workshops, but now she and her husband do extensive research to create their own photography adventures.

Fran personally handles all aspects of her art, from image capture to framing. She uses Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and a variety of plug-ins, including the Nik and Topaz collections.

Fran has been active in NVPS for nearly 10 years, and served on its board two years as secretary. In addition to her solo exhibits, she has been juried into various photography exhibits, including Nature Visions, where she received the 2018 People’s Choice Award for Magnolia Gardens, Charleston.

Her professional background includes human resources administrator, community college professor, managing her career counseling business, and authoring two books related to career development.

To view Fran’s photography online, go to www.visionsbyfran.net.

Here are a few of Fran’s images to wet your appetite for January’s print member’s gallery.


Digital with Art and Deb Rose

Art and Deb Rose

Art and Deb Rose’s greatest passions, travel and photography, go hand in hand. They love all types of photography encountered on their travels: landscape, street, wildlife, architectural, night sky and every flavor in-between.

They use their photography as a way to connect with others, capture the experiences of new places, and discover different perspectives of familiar places.

Art and Deb hope you enjoy these photos from our most recent travels and adventures around the world.

Art and Deb have been members of NVPS since 2018. Their interest in photography began over 20 years ago with a family trip to Australia, and their passion for both travel and photography continued to grow.

Both are retired from their careers, Art as a chemical engineer and Deb as a pediatric physical therapist, and are fulfilling their dream to travel more extensively and capture their experiences through photography.

Over the past 3 years, they have traveled through North, Central and South America, Europe, and Asia, including the Panama Canal, Galapagos, Ecuador, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Italy, Greece, Malta, and most recently Machu Picchu in Peru.

When not traveling outside the country, they enjoy photographing local places such as Huntley Meadows, Mason Neck, Conowingo Dam, Washington DC museums and monuments, Old Town Alexandria, and sites along the Eastern Shore.

Their home base is in Alexandria, Virginia.

Check out a sampling of their images.

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