December 3, 2019 – Programs: Mark Buckler – Nailing Your Exposures – It’s not as hard as you think

Mark Buckler has been actively documenting nature for over 30 years. Mark was born on Cape Cod, MA and his passion for photography was ignited and honed in this area of natural beauty. In 2005, Mark moved to the Outer Banks of NC, where he continues to reside and pursue his passion for nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Mark’s degree in wildlife biology from the University of Vermont and his extensive experience as a wildlife field biologist provides him with a deep understanding of nature and animal behavior. This knowledge enhances Mark’s ability to capture unique and interesting nature images and also put his workshop clients into the right spots to capture the most compelling images. Additionally, his 15 years of experience as a high school biology teacher contributes to Mark’s ability to offer engaging, meaningful and enjoyable instructional workshops and presentations. Mark is a renowned photographic instructor who has been invited to teach workshops or give presentations nationwide. Mark’s highly acclaimed images have received numerous international, national, regional and local awards. His fine art prints have been featured in many exhibitions and can also be found in several galleries. Mark’s photos have appeared in dozens of magazines and other publications, Along with co-author, Steve Alterman, Mark has documented the abundant wildlife and diverse habitats in and around the Outer Banks in a book, Coastal Wild – Among the Untamed Outer Banks.

Nailing Your Exposures – It’s not as hard as you think
Throughout decades of teaching experience, I have recognized that the single most challenging aspect of photography that most people face is that of getting the proper exposure. This presentation will break down the entire concept of exposure into a few basic considerations that will simplify this complex, abstract and counterintuitive process. We will cover exposure theory, the benefits and drawbacks of various shooting modes and how to properly meter using today’s digital cameras.


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