Alchemy, by definition, is a process of changing or transforming something in a mysterious or impressive way. Deb will share how she applies the idea of alchemy to change and transform photos in creative and artistic ways. Learn to create and use brushes, backgrounds, overlays and layers, change backgrounds and subjects, combine photos, and “paint” to create photo artistic pieces. Do you have a photo you love, but it needs something more? Add some creativity to transform it from “meh” to marvelous.


Deb developed an interest in photography as a young child as her father always had a camera on their family travels.  Her interest evolved with her own family as they began to travel across the globe. She and her husband Art travel extensively with their cameras and enjoy capturing new experiences. Since retiring as a pediatric physical therapist, she has more time to play. Her favorite photo play time is at sunrise capturing the ocean sky, waking wetlands or forest.

Deb enjoys all types of photography including wildlife, landscape, night sky and travel. An avid creator in watercolor painting and drawing, she combines her creativity with her photographs to create artistic photos. Joining NVPS in 2018 helped her grow and develop her photographic skills and style, along with Art’s support and encouragement.  Deb enjoys writing and sharing photos about their travels, road trips and photo experiences on their Travel Blog.

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