While some organizations might have closed the doors, turned off the lights and ridden out the pandemic, we decided to move ahead.  It meant developing creative solutions to new challenges, but thanks to the contributions of a lot of people, we are still meeting every week (virtually), learning from our speakers and judges (remotely), and sharing our successes (humbly).

Continuing in the tradition of the excellent programs and activities offered in September, the month of October will bring a wealth of opportunities for education and inspiration.  We begin the month with a field trip to the Flying Circus and Hot Air Balloon Festival in Bealeton, VA.  We have been there several times, and we always come back with images that are hard to find anywhere else. 

Our speaker for the Programs meeting is Mollie Isaacs, who will deliver her presentation on Lightroom entitled, “Lightroom Unleashed”.  I have it on good authority that this is an amazing presentation, both for those who are new to Lightroom and those who have experience with it.

The following week Gary Perlow will share his expertise on “Workflow from Raw to Print.” Gary’s presentation is designed to help you more efficiently create images you and others will enjoy.

We will also have our first themed competition of the year.  The theme for this competition is “A Musician” and the judge will be Brenda Tharp.  Remember that we have revised the rules of competition for this year only, and have included the revised rules on the website.  To find them go to the Home page and select Activities and then Competitions.  Please review the rules carefully before you submit your images.

We will conclude the month with two Members Galleries – one by llenia Alvarez and one by Kirk Johnson and a Members Forum presentation by Alan Goldstein entitled “Nine Days in Cuba.” 

I look forward to seeing you at the October meeting.  Stay safe and well.


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