Volume 50 – No. 4

Founded 1965 – our 49th Year

December 2014


The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society

Editor: Alan Goldstein – Email: editor" at "nvps.org

Table of Contents

President's Message
Ask Me A Question
Monthly Program
Education and Training
November Competition Results
Field Trips
Board of Directors
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12/2 Monthly Program: Mollie Isaacs
12/9 Education & Training: Drops & Drips Photography
12/13 Field Trip: Nighttime in Washington, D.C.
12/16 Competition: Judging by Roy Sewall
  — Members Gallery: No Members Gallery in December
  — Forum: No Forum in December.

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To protect our members from email spam, personal email addresses in this newsletter have "@" replaced with " at " Please remember to substitute the "@" when attempting to contact any of the people.

All meetings for the club year start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors open at 6:45 PM for a "meet and greet."

Although we have not have any problems for many years, do remember to lock your car and place valuables out of sight, as we should in any public parking area. Come early and visit, but when the meeting starts, PLEASE take seats immediately and silence your cell phone, pager or any other device that might make noise and distract listeners or interrupt speakers.

Please check the website and FotoFax for the club's policy on weather closings. Check WTOP www.wtop.com or Fairfax County School systems web site for closings. You can also sign up for emails or cell phone alerts: http://www.fcps.edu/news/emerg.shtml

President's Message

Family photos – are yours snapshots or great shots?

The holidays are times for families and friends to celebrate together. As a photographer, chances are you will be asked to take some photos at these occasions. Make the images more than just records of time; try to make them memorable.

  • Shoot at eye-level for children and pets. You may find yourself on your knees, but you will get more interesting images.

  • Fill the frame: don’t be afraid to take close-ups of the people you love. Or crop out anything that doesn’t contribute to the image.
  • Post-process to make them look good (custom brush adjustments in Lightroom like soften skin and teeth whitening really do work). They will thank you.

  • Start a tradition: photograph the group in the same place each year. Set up a tripod and use a remote so YOU can be in the picture too.



  • Capture the unexpected moment. My grandson, age 2, did not want to put on long pants as he departed that cold Christmas evening. He marched toward the front door in diapers and boots! It was the ultimate toddler “NO”. The photo says it all.

    Yes, he did change his mind once he stepped outside!

Have fun with your holiday photography! It may take you out of your comfort zone and challenge your skills, but the rewards will be great. You will have made images that will become family memories.

Georgette Grossman

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The Ask Me a Question Table!

The Ask Me a Question Table continues in operation each Tuesday from 7:00 pm to 7:30 pm before the meeting. Two of our more experienced photographers will be manning the table.

The Ask Me a Question Table provides an easy way to get answers to your  "gotcha photography questions" — simple or complex. If the folks are unable to answer your question, they will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Joy Brathwaite and Amy Dixon
Membership Co-Chairs

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Monthly Program

December 2nd: Mollie Isaacs – Abstract Photography

Our Speaker for December is Mollie Isaacs of “Awake the Light.” Her presentation will focus on Abstract Photography.  

Mollie has been a professional photographer and experienced teacher for over thirty years.  Her specialties include nature and macro, as well as portraits of children and families.  She has studied with Ansel Adams and Joyce Tenneson, as well as others.  

Mollie's photography career has taken her to many different places and allowed her to meet many notables and dignitaries.  She has photographed many famous faces, including those of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, jazz musician Wynton Marsalis, actress Meryl Streep, actor Gary Busey and former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder.  

Molly is a 15 time winner of the prestigious Kodak Gallery Award, considered by many to be the "Oscar" of photography.  Her work is displayed as part of the Permanent Collection of the International Photography Hall of Fame.

Mollie enjoys traveling and teaching, and has led workshops to many interesting places.   Her web site is at www.awakethelight.com

The Co-VPs for Programs for this year are Tami Stieger and Willa Siegel.

The line-up of speakers for this Society year is as follows:

January 6 Alex Mody
February 3 Steve Gottlieb
March 3 David Blechman
April 7 NVPS 50th Anniversary Celebration
May 5 Brian Zwit


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Education & Training

December 9th: Drops & Drips Photography –
   Tami Stieger, Ginger Werz-Petricka, and Kevin Egan

How do you get a shot like that?

Come join us for a fun interactive workshop. Learn how to capture splashing water drops and water drop refractions. Ginger, Tami and Kevin will share their setups and techniques with you.

Bring your camera, macro lens if you have one, a tripod, an extra memory card if you want to ‘borrow’ a camera, and your imagination.  Be prepared to have some fun!

Tami Stieger

Kevin Egan

Ginger Werz-Petricka

The schedule of Education and Training presentations for this season are as follows:

Date Subject Presenter
13 January 2015 Printing Bob & Willa Friedman
10 February Black Light Photography Scott Musson
10 March TBD TBD
31 March Swap Meet E&T
14 April Nature Vision John Quigley/Roger Lancaster
12 May Portfolio Project - final Ginger Werz-Petricka/Caesar Sharper

The Education and Training Coordinator for this year is Tom Pratuch.

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Important Notice

Hello NVPS!!!    We have had a few minor issues over the first three months of competition that we would like to address.

1.  For those of you competing in any of the print categories, please mat your images well.  The firehouse can get warm at times, especially in the winter months, and if your image is not matted properly, the mats will start to pop off as we saw during November's competition.  I know you want to use those mats and backs again but please make sure there is enough tape to keep this from happening on the night of competition.  The Co-VPs always have a box of emergency items and that's what its there for but we went through all three rolls of our emergency fix–it tape Tuesday night, 18 November.

2.  For those of you competing in digital categories...if your image won't upload, please double check the following: make sure the upload ID and password are correct.  These are case sensitive so being just one letter off will prevent you from uploading.  Also, please make sure your image is the correct size.   An incorrectly sized image will also prevent you from uploading.   Make sure you are also submitting before the Sunday 6 pm deadline.  Images cannot be accepted after that time.   The guidelines for these are on the NVPS website under the competition link.   The Co-VPs are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding images but cannot always help you with tech support.  If your ID/password are correct, the image size is also correct, and it is before 6 pm but your image is still not uploading, you can also contact competitionsupport@nvps.org for help.   We are lucky to have a really great, responsive tech team but please remember that they are volunteers as well and they will respond to you as soon as they possibly can.

3.  Lastly, and again for those of you competing in the digital categories, please make sure you do not watermark your image in any way for competition.  I know that watermarking with your name is a preset on export that many of us use, but please make sure that you do not do this for your competition images.  Images should  and need to be anonymous to the judge.   For those of you who include your name on export, I would suggest making a NVPS competition export  preset that would leave the watermark off and resize your image for competition at the same time.

As always, if you have any questions regarding these or any other items you can email us at competition@nvps.org or competitions@nvps.org

Beth and Jamie


December 16th: Judging by Roy Sewall

There is no theme for December's Competition Night, December 16th.

Roy Sewall spent most of his youth in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines; his State Department family’s home base was the Washington, D.C., area. Roy has a BS in Physics from Case Institute of Technology in Cleveland and a MS in Engineering Science from Penn State. He returned permanently to the Washington area in 1969 and worked for several major technology corporations for over 30 years.

Roy’s interest in photography evolved from extensive travel in six continents. In 2001, he started his transition to full-time photographer. He always found the Washington area to be one of the most photogenic locations in the world. Roy’s first photography book, Our Potomac, from Great Falls through Washington, D.C., was published in 2005; it was inspired by his affection for hiking and bicycling along the river and the adjacent Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Canal. The book has led to numerous lecture and slide show engagements with local organizations, and established him as one of the leading photographers of the Potomac River and C&O Canal.

In 2007, Roy became the first Chair of the Board of Directors for the C&O Canal Trust, a non-profit friends group for the National Park Service. In 2013 he joined the Board of Directors of the Potomac Riverkeeper. Roy has done extensive photography work for river- and C&O Canal-related government and non-profit organizations, as well as private and commercial clients. 

Roy’s second book, Great Falls and Mather Gorge, was published in 2009. In addition, he was a guest on WETA’s TV program Great Views of Washington D.C., the lead photographer in the Best of D.C. 2009 publication, in the feature articles in the 2009/2010 D.C. and 2012/2013 Virginia Where Guestbooks, the lead still photographer in The Nature Conservancy’s 2011 video The Potomac Gorge, and a featured guest on Montgomery Community Media TV in 2012.
After completing Great Falls and Mather Gorge, Roy turned to the creation of large fine art prints.  He has developed diverse bodies of work for exhibitions that include unusual foreign and domestic landscapes, old European architecture, historical re-enactment, and abstracts. In addition, he offers both private and group instruction to novice and intermediate photographers, and in 2014 became an instructor for the Capital Photography Center.

But his foremost passion is his ongoing project called “Mysterra” that conveys mystery, illusion, fantasy, and sensuality.

The Co-VPs for Competition for this year are Jamie Kiechlin and Beth Morris.

Competition Themes for 2014 – 2015

Here are the Competition Themes and the dates for the remaining themed competitions.

No theme, Time limtation is waived - January 20, 2015

Still-Life - February 17, 2015

For this theme, a still-life is defined as an artistic arrangement or collection of non-moving inanimate objects, either natural or man-made. The arrangement can be arranged by the photographer or someone else such as in a store-front window of flower bouquet. Please, no architectural subjects such as buildings or bridges, people, landscapes or moving objects for this theme. The still-life must be the main subject of the image.

Street Photography - May 19, 2015 

For this theme “street photography” is defined as a photograph featuring 1) the human condition or 2) the relationship or interaction between people and their surroundings. A street photo example could be a candid, semi-candid or spontaneous (but not staged) photo of a person (or persons) in a public, private or open place doing something other than posing for you to take their picture.

Editor's note: We like to share competition winning images on the website and include a representative winner from each category in the monthly newsletter, but we cannot do this unless the photographer specifically grants permission. When you win a ribbon in the competition, please remember to grant permission. See the note in the following section for details.

November Competition Results

The full list of competition results is available on the NVPS web site at http://nvps.org


Class 1
1st Place – Kirk Andrew Johnson, Next Stop…Capitol South
2nd Place – Joy Brathwaite, In Honor
3rd Place – M.Paula Newman, Soft Petals
HM – Betty Jean (BJ) France, Natural Patriotism
HM – Bill Millhouser, Autumn Waterfall
HM – Eric Brent Ottinger, Hedge
HM – Robert Granger Benson, Pensive Clown

Class 2
1st Place – David Heagy, Easter Island Sunset
2nd Place – John R Eppler, Hummingbird with Trumpet Flower
3rd Place – Claire Louise Carroll, Silversword
HM – Michael Steven (Steve) Wilcox, Monarch on Goldenrod
HM – Thomas Pratuch, Colors

Class 3
1st Place – Mike Whalen, Dewdrops
2nd Place – Amie Tannenbaum, Golden Loop
3rd Place – Emi Wallace, Fence At Appomatox
HM – Kieu-Hanh Vu, Trees and Harvest Moon
HM – Vivian Luu, Having Breakfast


Class 1

1st Place – Geoffrey Parker, Pot Man
2nd Place – Granger Benson, Acadian Sunrise
3rd Place – Eric Ottinger, Early Morning Scull
HM – Andrew Savino, Agave Cactus

Class 2

1st Place – Ginger Werz-Petricka Crossing, The Grand Canal
2nd Place – Jim McDermott, Acadian Reflections
3rd Place – George Karamarkovitch, Jockey's Move

Class 3

1st Place – Bob Friedman, Ahmed and Two Camels
2nd Place – Caesar Sharper, Heron Reflection
3rd Place – Dennis Govoni, The Light at the End
HM – Sandy Croan, Cheetah Stalking
HM – Bill Corbett, Wet Kit


1st Place – Jay Heiser, Patio Furniture
2nd Place – Tami Steiger, Let's Go Fishing
3rd Place – Tom Brett, Sand Fence
HM – Kip Holdridge, We'll Walk Together
HM – Ginger Werz-Petricka, St. Maria Della Salute
HM – Kevin Egan, Domes of the Grand Mosque

Some winning images from November:

Class 1 Digital - 1st Place
Kirk Andrew Johnson
Next Stop…Capitol South

Class 2 Digital - 1st Place
David Heagy
Easter Island Sunset

Class 3 Digital – 1st Place
Mike Whalen

Class 1 Print – 1st Place
Geoffrey Parker
Pot Man

Class 2 Print – 1st Place
Ginger Werz-Petricka
Crossing the Grand Canal

Class 3 Print – 1st Place
Bob Friedman
Ahmed and Two Camels


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Competition Image Use

The NVPS Website has a gallery of past Competition winning images at http://nvps.org/gallery/v/competitions/. If your image placed first, second, third or received an honorable mention in a club competition, it is eligible for this gallery.  Images are not posted automatically, you must specifically provide consent for your image to be included in the gallery.

To have your winning image included in the gallery, email competitionwinners" at "nvps.org and provide the following information:

Your name
Image Category
(digital, color print, monochrome print)
Image Class
(1, 2, or 3)
Competition Date

Digital Winners: When you upload your image for the competition, you can check the box to grant permission for it to be posted if it wins.  

Print Winners: send a digital version of your print, sized as if it were for digital competition (smaller is ok, but not too small).

The FotoFax newsletter is usually finalized during the weekend immediately following the monthly club competitions.  If your image is a first place winner and you send it in before the Friday following competition, your image will be forwarded to the editor for inclusion in FotoFaxIf you have not provided permission before that deadline, another winning entry may be used.

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Portfolio Project Update

Hopefully the cold snap hasn't frozen everyone's fingers and you can still to take pictures for your portfolio. 

I have gotten a couple of questions recently, such as, do you need an Artist Statement by the review in January?  Yes, you do.  The Artist Statement lays out your purpose and intent.  Go back to our posting from January 2013 and read the excellent article on creating a statement.  Also, look through the gallery of past portfolios and see what other people have said about their pictures.  You can always change the statement later as you develop your concept further, but the statement is the outline of your concept, it not only tells the reviewers what you had in mind, but it can act as a guide in choosing the best images for the final portfolio.

To answer another question that has been asked, the first review will be a projected presentation only, You don't need books or prints for now. 

And lastly, if you aren't ready to join the project now, no worries, You can join the project up to the beginning of April, but I hope you don't wait that long. We would like to have you join our group and hear your input.

Happy Shooting!  Ginger

Ginger and Ceasar
The following is from a presentation on the portfolio project. You can also download this presentation by clicking on this link: Portfolio Handout 9-30-14

This year’s co-chairs for the project are Ginger Werz-Petricka and Ceasar Sharper.

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Field Trips

December 13: D.C. at Night

D.C. at Night,  Saturday, December 13th, 2014

"Have you ever wanted to create beautiful night photos but it was completely dark when you found the right spot and subject? Well the bluehoursite.com web site will help you by calculating the best time frame for taking stunning blue hour pictures. If you don't know what is "blue hour" then you're in the right place. It refers to the time after the sun goes below the horizon and the sky goes into deep blue for a while. This is the best timing to take photos"*

Let's meet at 4:00 PM at the parking lots near the Jefferson Memorial, directions below.

Sunset is 4:47PM. The blue hour is from 5:04 to 5:42 pm

What to bring?  Besides a camera, a tripod is a must. A cable realease is helpful for long exposures.

Mike and Bob

Directions:  Take I-395 North.  As you cross the 14th Street bridge get in the right lane and exit to Southwest Freeway at the end of the bridge.  Stay in the right lane and take the first exit to Potomac Park (Park Headquarters), exit 2.  Turn right at the first stop sign (Buckeye Drive).  Then turn right at next stop sign, Ohio Drive.  Go to the second parking lot on the right.

* http://www.bluehoursite.com/

Date Location
December 13 Night Photography in DC
January Luray Caverns, Luray, Va.
February  Udvar-Hazy Center, Air & Space Museum, Chantilly, Va.
March Return to the Antique Trucks, Columbia, Va.
April 15-19 (Tentative) Overnight to New York City
May Eastern State Penitentiary, 2027 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia, Pa. 

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Board of Directors

The following is the list of our elected officers for program year 2014-2015. A full list of all current NVPS Board members and their club contact information can be found at: http://nvps.org/home/?page_id=23

Elected Board
President Georgette Grossman president" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Programs Tami Stieger programs" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Programs Willa Siegel programs" at "nvps.org
VP Operations Kevin Egan operations" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Competition Jamie Kiechlin competition" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Competition Beth Morris competition" at "nvps.org
Treasurer Tom Brett treasurer" at "nvps.org
Secretary/Historian Fran Bastress secretary" at "nvps.org

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2014 NatureVisions Nature and Fine Arts Exhibits 
Members of the NVPS fared very well at this year's NatureVisions. Sandi Croan's image Sossusviei 427 was selected by the judge's panel as Best in Category for Landscapes and winner by popular vote of the People's Choice Award for the Nature exhibitTerry Luettinger's image Aspen Glow- Fall Colors in Colorado was selected by the judges as Best in Category for the Flora category. Kevin Egan's image The Corner of Headlight and Vine was voted the People's Choice Award for the Fine Arts exhibit.

Here is the list of images by NVPS members selected for the Nature People's Choice and traveling exhibit.

Birds Category Hi There Marilyn Gaizband
Flora Category Aspen Glow, Fall Color in Colorado Terry Luettinger
Landscapes Category SossusVlei 427 Sandi Croan
Landscapes Category Ribbon of Light Beth Morris
Landscapes Category Chincoteague Sunrise Curtis Gibbens
Landscapes Category DeadVlei 607 Sandi Croan
Landscapes Category Desert Razzle-Dazzle Frances Bastress
Macro Category Grumpy Stanley Bysshe
Water Category Oregon Coast Susan Phillips
Wildlife Category Fine, you can sit on my eye if you wish Jeff Hancock
Wildlife Category Bath Time Claire Carroll

Here is the list of images by NVPS members selected the Fine Arts People's Choice award and the traveling exhibit.

Fog on Severn River Tuan Pham
Icelandic Church with Gate Michael Whalen
At the Corner of Headlight & Vine Kevin Egan
Ghana Village Wall Michael Whalen
The Gathering Storm Roger Lancaster

Twenty-nine, NVPS members had 99 images juried for the thirteenth annual NatureVisions Nature Photo Expo exhibit. In addition, twenty-eight members had 36 images juried for the Fine Arts exhibit.
In the Nature exhibit Stanley Bysshe led with eight images juried followed by Sandi Croan with seven, Marilyn Gaizband with six and Susan Phillips, Sam Schaen Ceasar Sharper, Dennis Govoni and Claire Carroll with five; and Fran Bastress, Kevin Eagan, Curtis Gibbens, Jim Norman, Tuan Pham, Willa Siegel, and Ginger Werz-Petricka with four. Members could submit up to ten images for the Nature exhibit. More than 1,100 images were submitted
In the Fine Arts exhibit Claudia Copeland, Georgette Grossman, Kip Holdridge, Mike Whalen, Robert Skerman, Susan Phillips, and Tom Brett had two images each juried. Members could submit two images for the Fine Arts exhibit. over 250 images were submitted for judging

For the first time images were submitted digitally and judged on line by a three-panel judge for the Nature exhibit and a single judge for the Fine Arts exhibit. Mollie Isaacs, Mary Louise Revese, and Alan Defelice were the Nature judges and Jim Steele judged the Fine Arts.

NatureVisions 2014 was held at the Hylton Performing Arts Center, George Mason University, Prince William Campus, 10960 George Mason Circle in Manassas November 14 -16.  Award winning nature photographer and author, Rick Sammon was this year's Expo keynote speaker.
Submitted by:
John Quigley
NatureVisions Rep

Sandi Croan
Sossusviei 427
Best in Category for Landscapes
Terry Luettinger
Aspen Glow – Fall Colors in Colorado
Best in the Flora category
Kevin Egan
The Corner of Headlight and Vine
People's Choice Award for the Fine Arts exhibit

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Notice: The information about workshops and events not sponsored by or affiliated with NVPS are provided as an informational courtesy to Members. Individuals should review the detailed rules and conditions for contests and gallery shows to determine what impact entering an image has on the photographer's rights and ownership of the submitted images. Review the descriptions of workshops to see whether participation in a particular workshop would actually meet your personal learning goals. NVPS attempts to screen events for legitimacy and quality; however NVPS does not recommend these events and cannot assume responsibility for their ultimate quality. We recommend due diligence and encourage you to share your experience with other club members.

New NANPA National Capital Area Meet-up started

The North America Nature Photography Association (NANPA) is sponsoring a Washington Area focused on wildlife, landscape and macro photography. NVPS member John Eppler is one of the four co-organizers for the meetups. The meetup is expected to have a minimum on one event each month focused on nature, that may include tours to natural areas or lectures to increase exposure and learning of nature photography. Photographers interested in nature photography are encouraged to  join the meetup (membership in NANPA is not required). The first meetup has been scheduled for Friday, November 28, 2014 called “Breakfast Bell for the Eagles” at Conowingo Dam in Maryland. For more information, please go to: http://www.meetup.com/NANPA-Nature-Photography-Group-of-the-National-Capital-Area/

North America Nature Photography Assn. (NANPA) Summit

February 19 – 22, 2015, in San Diego, Calif. - The North American Nature Photography Association holds summits that focus on learning and networking for amateur and professional photographers. Several seminars are offered with professional photographers, such as, Frans Lanting, Dewitt Jones, Nevada Wier, Flip Nicklin, Steve Winter and many more. You will have to opportunity to meet legendary photographers, learn new techniques, improve your business practices and support nature conservancy all at the same time. There are schedule photo walks in the chaparral and the San Diego Zoo. For more information go to: http://www.naturephotographysummit.com

ArtSpace Herndon 2015 Fine Art Photography Competition

ArtSpace Herndon invites  photographers from Virginia, DC, Maryland, and West Virginia to  participate in the /2015 Fine Art Photography Competition. The competition is open to fine art photographers aged 18 or older working  in any medium (digital or analog, color or monochrome), and using any printing technique. Fine Art Photography of any subject is welcome; 
there is no required theme for entries.

Finalists for the Competition  will make up the 2015 Fine Art Photography Exhibition at ArtSpace  Herndon in the Nelson J. and Katherine Friant Post Gallery. The exhibit  will run from February 24 through March 22, 2015. Finalists will be
notified via email. $800 in cash prizes will be awarded at the judge’s discretion.

Entry deadline is January 20, 2015, at 2 p.m.Visit The ArtSpace Herdon web site for details.The competition’s judge is Carla Steckley.

Bryan Peterson is coming to Baltimore!

A popular speaker at NatureVisions this year, award winning photographer, contributing magazine editor, and book author Bryan Peterson will be giving an all-day seminar on the Art of Seeing on Sunday, February 8, 2015, at the Doubletree Hotel  Baltimore BWI Airport. This seminar, presented by the Creative Photography Society, will be the only seminar given by Bryan in Maryland, Pennsylvania, D.C., or Delaware during 2015.  For more information or to register: http://CreativePhotographySociety.com. The registration fee is $99. For further information, see Info@CreativePhotographySociety.com

Register before January 1, 2015 and your name will be automatically entered into a drawing for a 100% refund of the seminar admissions fee!

Members' Resources:

Do you need help with a photography problem, but don't know who to ask? The Members' Resource Program is here for you. Have you ever been asked, "How do you do that?" If so, then consider sharing your knowledge with other club members.

The Members' Resource area of the club web site http://nvps.org/main/members_resource/ contains a growing set of presentations and "how to" documents created by club members. It contains the Members' Resource List, which provides the names and email addresses of club members who have volunteered to help club members looking for help on specific technology and technique topics.

Members' News:

Our members routinely receive photo awards and recognition and have images in shows. As FotoFax only comes out monthly, the best place to look for current events is on the website at:

John Eppler

John Eppler has an image of a blue poppy taken at Longwood Gardens has been selected for publication in the North American Nature Photography Association’s Currents Magazine 2015 Showcase Edition.

Fred Siskind

Fred Siskind  had a photo of a parasitized tobacco hornworm in the 2014 GRIT Guide to Homestead DIY Projects.  GRIT publishes magazines focused on rural America.

David Heagy

Member David Heagy was selected by American Automobile Association Travel to lead a 10-day eastern Caribbean Photography Cruise from March 3 to 13, 2015, aboard the Grandeur of the Seas leaving from Baltimore, Md. If you are interested, contact David at: 703-790-2600.

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Exhibition Opportunities

Washington School of Photography (WSP)

Located within WSP, the Washington Gallery of Photography hosts monthly gallery shows, open to the public, and consisting of work from mid-Atlantic Photographers. They hold regular gallery receptions, hosted on the first Friday of each month. See details on their calendar at: http://www.washingtonschoolofphotography.com/

Mason District Supervisor's Office Photography Exhibit

The office of Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross has offered NVPS their walls to show our work.  The supervisor likes to have art on the walls in the center which is on Columbia Pike in Annandale.  It isn't a very large space, and we can hang about three dozen pictures.  We have the area from approximately March 1 through May 31, 2015.  Supervisor Gross likes images of the local area.  So, there is still time to photographic some great places in  Fairfax County.  More information will follow as we work out the details. — Willa Friedman, Coordinator of Exhibits Other than Nature Visions

Fifth Annual Joseph Miller Juried Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries for the Fifth Annual Joseph Miller Juried Abstract Photography Exhibit will be accepted starting December 27, 2014, and the deadline for submission of entries is February 25, 2015. If the four previous Joseph Miller Annual Juried Abstract Photograhy Exhibits are any gauge, this fifth exhibit will show examples of outstanding abstract photographs and should not be missed by serious photographers and anyone interested in art.

Further information, including a definition of abstract photography and a calendar of important dates can be found on the www.NVACC.org website. Click on Abstract Exhibit. 

Last year there were 421 entries received from 101 photographers in four states and South Africa and 116 were in the exhibit. Several hundred folks visited the exhibit. All the comments were positive and praised the quality and variety of the images in the exhibit. Sales exceeded expectations and one image was sold twice (two different buyers). 

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Workshop Offerings

Speakers and competition judges for NVPS are offered the opportunity to have notices about up-coming tours and workshops in FotoFax for two years after the date of their NVPS program.

Jim Steele

Jim Steele was our judge for the September 16 Competition Night and provided the portfolio critique in our May 2014 meeting. He does individual coaching, tutoring and custom printing support. His work can be seen in Studio #343 in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria or on his web site, http://www.photographybysteele.com/. He can be reached in his gallery in the Torpedo Factory or via his fascinating blog at: http://jamesdsteele.blogspot.com/

Nikhil Bahl Photography Workshops

Nikhil Bahl was our December 2012 presenter and has spoken at the club numerous times in the past. He offers a variety of workshops and coaching events. For more details with his latest workshop updates, visit: www.NikhilBahl.com

Sue Bloom

Sue Bloom is scheduled as our April 2014 judge and has the following upcoming workshops scheduled:
French River Cruise – Oct 12 - 25 – Contact Sue for availability details.
See her website for additional information and events: www.suebloom.com .

Sam D'Amico

Sam D'Amico was our judge for April 2013. He asked that we post this information: "Thank you to all who extended their hospitality and made me feel welcome. If you're interested here's a post on my website that was inspired by our meeting:" http://samdamico.com/different-point-view/

See Sam's website for more information about his services: Sam D'Amico Photography  Original Photography and Excellent Photography Instruction. Classes held in Washington DC and Online – Introduction To Photography classes start monthly

Alan DeFelice

Alan DeFelice was our October 2013 judge. He is a professional photographer who has done raptor photo workshops at Nature Visions. For several years Alan has been a partner with Virginia Digital Photo Safaris. Learn more at: http://www.virginiaphotosafari.com

Jennifer (JJ) Fearrington

Jennifer Fearrington conducted a sensor cleaning workshop in our 2nd E&T Meeting in April 2014. JJ was the sensor cleaning tech at Penn and Calumet Camera stores for a number of years and is also a professional photographer who does individual photographic instruction as well as providing professional sensor cleaning services. Learn more at: http://jenniferphoenixphoto.com

David Heagy

David Heagy is a NVPS club member and was the Digital Gallery presenter in November 2012. The Travel Photography Satisfaction class will show novice and experienced photographers how to increase their satisfaction with their travel photos, handle a variety of situations, protect their images and equipment, and use photography to plan their trips. His schedule of classes and more information are at: http://imageryx.com/.

Corey Hilz

Corey Hilz was our November 2014 judge and was our March 2014 Education and Training speaker. He regularly holds workshops on Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture as well as hosting photo tours. His schedule of upcoming workshops and tours is listed at: http://www.coreyhilz.com

Don Johnson

Don Johnson was our speaker for the October 2013 program. He specializes in zoo photography and does guest lecture at photo clubs throughout the area. He sells his zoo/animal photos on his website and has done workshops at Nature Visions. See his website for details: www.sunspotimages.com

Adam Jones

Adam Jones was our Program speaker in September 2013. He is a popular and respected workshop instructor and lecturer. Adam teaches photography workshops around the world helping students reach their full potential in the exciting world of digital photography. He has taught for Canon, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Maine Photographic Workshops.

Adam is noted for his enthusiastic down to earth approach and his ability to communicate effectively with all skill levels. A listing of his current workshops can be found here on his website:

Missy Loewe

Missy Loewe was our judge in May 2013. She is the Director of the Washington School of Photography (WSP) and would like NVPS members to be aware of various upcoming workshops, which can be found by looking at: http://washingtonartworks.com/

Karen L. Messick

Karen L. Messick was our May 2014 speaker and talked about Impressionism in Photography. She conducts occasional workshops and offers personal tutoring and in the field training on a variety of subjects at an hourly rate of $40.00. More details are available on her website at: www.karenlmessickphotography.com Karen is also a regular instructor for the Capital Photography Center, where she hosts fieldtrips and workshops on iPhone photography. http://capitalphotographycenter.com

Victoria Restrepo

Victoria Restrepo was our judge in February 2013. She has an interesting blog and conducts a variety of workshops including a very cool summer photography workshop for kids in late July. Future workshops and learning events are listed on her website at: http://photography.victoriarestrepo.com/portfolio/photography-workshops/

Roy Sewall

Roy Sewell was our May 2013 Portfolio Critiquer and is scheduled as our December 2014 Competition judge. He offers one-on-one coaching for novice and intermediate photographers, tailored to an individual's specific needs. See more at: http://www.roysewallphotography.com/iWeb/Home.html

Joshua Taylor, Jr.

Joshua Taylor is a past NVPS president and was our October 2014 Competition judge. His goal in photography is to help you create, capture and refine your vision. Josh is offering fall photography workshops and classes, including Canon camera classes. For a complete listing and registration, visit his website: joshuataylorphotography.com

Alexander "Sasha" Vasiljev

Sasha Vasiljev was our March 2013 NVPS program speaker. His company, Nature and Photo Tours, offers a number of educational and travel tour opportunities:  http://naturephotographytours.com

Wayne Wolfersberger

Wayne Wolfersberger is a NVPS member, past President, and was our September 2014 Forum speaker. He teaches a number of Nature Photography Classes available through Fairfax County Parks and other locations. See his web site: http://www.waynewolfersberger.com/

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For Sale

Nikon D7000 Battery Grip

Nikon D7000 battery grip made by Neewer – Asking $5 (prefect condition in original packaging). Also, Yongnuo YN-468-II Speedlite for Canon TTL – Asking $25 (prefect condition, barely used, comes in cloth bag). Contact member Chris Langford at ctlangford@yahoo.com (11)

Canon EOS Rebel T3

Canon EOS Rebel T3 with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens – Asking $250. Comes with a nice “Case Logic” DSLR case, battery, charger, SD 32GB card, small USB cable, body and lens cover.   Rarely used and mint condition; shutter count 1405. Contact member Chris Langford at ctlangford@yahoo.com (11)

Spudz Microfiber in Flip Pouch

The club has a supply of Spudz.  Great for cleaning your lens and camera. These are a large size, 10x10 inches, and are emblazoned with the club logo!  Don't be fooled by other cheaper models.  These are in the flip pouch. I will be selling them at club meetings for the amazing price of $10/each or $20 for two.
Bob Friedman

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Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC)

The Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC) is an informal entity started in 1997 by Joseph Miller with the assistance of Dave Carter and Ed Funk. Its purpose is to promote communication and cooperation among area camera clubs. NVACC is made up of Member Clubs and Associated Member Clubs.

NVACC publishes a calendar of area member club events that can be found at http://www.nvacc.org/Calendars.html

NVACC has a free, downloadable series of 25 guidebooks for photographers, which provide information about nearby areas that camera clubs might wish to visit. See their booklets at:

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Editor's Notes

We corrected an error in the November FotoFax. For the October 21 competition, the correct winner is Claudia Copeland with her photo“Daisies in Drops”. Version 3.2 of the November FotoFax is correct but we wanted to ensure that anyone who looked at the original version and not any later version received the correct information.

Newsletter Editor Alan Goldstein

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