Volume 49 – No. 6.2

Founded 1965 – our 48th Year

February 2014

The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society

Editor: Dan Ward –Email: editor" at "nvps.org

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President's Message
Monthly Program
Education and Training
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   Competition Image Use
Members' Gallery
Board of Directors

Portfolio Project
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   Exhibition Opportunities
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Monthly Program: Jeff Mauritzen – National Geographic Assignments

Education & Training Bryan Mangan – Africa Beyond the Camera

Field Trip: Marine Corps Museum - Quantico

Competition: Cindi Hobgood – Out of Place

Forum – Dan Ward - Serendipity
Gallery Prints – Lea Schlosser
Gallery Digital – Patricia Deege – Africa

Monthly Program: Ed Knepley - Abstracts

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To protect our members from email spam, personal email addresses in this newsletter have "@" replaced with " at " Please remember to substitute the "@" when attempting to contact any of the people.

All meetings for the club year will start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors will open at 6:45 PM for a "meet and greet."

Remember to lock your car and place valuables out of sight. Please remember to take seats immediately when the meeting starts and to silence cell phones.

Please check the website and FotoFax for the club's policy on weather closings. Check WTOP www.wtop.com or Fairfax County School systems web site for closings. You can also sign up for emails or cell phone alerts: http://www.fcps.edu/news/emerg.shtml

President's Message

February 2014

This winter has been colder and snowier than most and I hope many of you have been able to take advantage of the pretty white landscapes, frozen waterfalls or frosty windows and icy plants. The DC monuments are particularly attractive in snow as are many statues, and headstones like those in Arlington National Cemetery. Let's not forget that museums and Botanical Gardens are open for business in winter and the crowds are minimal compared to the busy summer months.

The February field trip will be to the Marine Corps Museum on February 15, in Quantico, VA. And, no need to wait till spring to capture great flower pictures. For example, look into the US Botanical Gardens next to the Capitol building (http://www.usbg.gov/), Lewis Ginter Garden in Richmond (http://www.lewisginter.org/), the Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore (http://www.rawlingsconservatory.org/) or Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA (http://longwoodgardens.org/). I also see that our friend and accomplished photo instructor, Josh Taylor (http://www.joshuataylorphotography.com/ ), has a "Photographing Orchids" workshop planned for February 28 at Longwood Gardens. Check the websites for directions, hours and ticket prices. I believe all of these gardens are tripod friendly, but call first to get details.

Final Thoughts
The great thing about photography is that it knows no season. Winter is as good a time as any to get out and make beautiful images. Take advantage of these unique conditions that will be over-and-done-with in just a few short weeks. Soon the signs of spring will be upon us as a new cycle begins. When out shooting, look for unique opportunities and be open to try something different or learn something new. Look for that Out of Place composition to submit in February's themed competition.

Mike Whalen

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Monthly Program

February 4th: Jeff Mauritzen – National Geographic Assignments

Jeff Mauritzen has recently completed an extensive shoot for National Geographic Kids, photographing wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, and the Galapagos for a recently published Animal Encyclopedia. His travels have immersed him in vivid landscapes and dramatic situations in nearly 50 countries around the world. Whether capturing 360-degree panoramas of wildlife along an African savanna or photographing sharks in the Pacific depths, Jeff's work expresses an unwavering passion, respect, curiosity, and awe for the natural world.

Locally, Jeff shoots a mix of editorial and commercial work and has been the principal photographer for the official visitor guide books for Washington, DC, Fairfax County, Prince William County and Manassas.

When not a shooting assignment, Jeff travels and lectures as a Naturalist and Photography Expert for National Geographic Expeditions and Smithsonian Journeys. In 2014 he will be leading expeditions to the volcanoes and jungles of Costa Rica, Australia's wild northwest as well as the ruins of Machu Picchu and Darwin's "living laboratory" in the Galapagos Islands.

Jeff also volunteers in local wildlife and photography associations. He is the DC/South chapter president for the American Society of Picture Professionals and also volunteers his photography with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy.

This presentation will feature wildlife and landscape images from the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania, Maasai Mara, Galapagos Island and Costa Rica. Jeff will be sharing images and stories from his first assignment photographing wildlife for a National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia as well as work taken on his recent trips to Costa Rica as a Photography and Naturalist Expert for National Geographic Expeditions.

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Education & Training

February 11th: Bryan Mangan – Africa Beyond the Camera

Bryan Mangan is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer and enthusiastic hobby photographer. Over a twenty-year military career, he often carried a camera with him during training and military operations in the United States, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Shooting from helicopters and armored vehicles, in jungle rain and mud and desert dust and sand, he captured Marines performing their daily activities, and occasionally making history.

During a two-year assignment in Nairobi, Kenya, he made dozens of trips to game parks and destinations in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya. He took thousands of pictures of African wildlife, and came away with many pointers and recommendations for photographers traveling to East Africa. "Africa Beyond the Camera: Practical Advice to Maximize Your Safari Experience" provides suggestions and advice to take full advantage of your photographic opportunities while on Africa's great plains.

Bryan Mangan describes himself as an advanced amateur photographer, not a pro. He acknowledges that some members may have better pictures than his, but he is fairly certain that no one in the club will have spent as much time watching African wildlife! From 2010 to 2012 he worked for the U.S. Marine Corps out of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, and travelled to Kenya's game parks on multiple occasions. While there he learned quite a few things about finding animals and working with African guides.

If you'd like to see some of his work you can go to his website (www.namesgoat.smugmug.com) (Password: Nairobi) which has some examples of the pictures he will use for the presentation.

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February 18th: Competition – Judge Cindi Hobgood – Out of Place

Susan Phillips and Beth Morris, Co-VPs of Competition are pleased to welcome Cindi Hobgood with the competition theme Out of Place. This was originally scheduled as the theme for the January Competition and was shifted to February due to the weather cancellation.

For more than 25 years, Cindi traveled the world scouting film and television locations for major Hollywood studios, thus the name of her Washington based photo tour company, SCOUT Photo Expeditions!

Location scouting for the entertainment industry sent Cindi and her camera to more than 20 states and 10 countries where she found the perfect stage for the boy to kiss the girl, the battle to be waged, or the child to romp in the jungle. During the scouting process Cindi would photograph hundreds of locations in countless ways in order to translate a "sense of place" to the directors, production designers, and cinematographers on a given project.

Cindi scouted locations for more than 160 projects, including Separate But Equal, The Patriot, Jungle Book, The Notebook, Dear John, The Amazing Race and Wheel of Fortune; working for Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Disney, New Line Cinema, HBO, United Artists, Republic Pictures, and Sony among others. Cindi worked for some of the most highly recognized and established producers and directors in the industry.

An award-winning photographer, Cindi studied photography at UNC Chapel Hill in the Radio, Television, Motion Picture department. She went on to study at Savannah College of Art and Design and after Hurricane Hugo, headed to California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography.

In recent years she is known for using the iPhone as a creative tool and has been recognized internationally for her distinctive style of art. She has exhibited her work at various galleries across the United States, garnering numerous awards, most notably The Mobile Photo Awards, winner of the "Perfect Photo" Category, The Best Mobile Photography and Art Images of 2013 and has given workshops and presentations at numerous events as wide ranging as corporation functions to the National Conservation Lands Foundation. She currently leads workshops across the country, an upcoming workshop in Italy and teaches at Montgomery College.

Cindi Hobgood is a member of Destination DC (the Washington, DC Convention and Tourism corporation) and Women Photojournalists of Washington.

Editor's note: We like to share competition winning images on the website and include a representative winner from each category in the monthly newsletter, but we cannot do this unless the photographer specifically grants permission. When you win a ribbon in the competition, please remember to grant permission. See the note in the following section for details.

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Monthly Competition Results

The full results from each month's competition can be reviewed on the NVPS website at: http://nvps.org/home/?cat=7

There was no Competition in January due to Weather.

Competition Image Use

The NVPS Website has a gallery of past Competition winning images at http://nvps.org/gallery/v/competitions/. If your image placed first, second, third or received an honorable mention in a club competition, it is eligible for this gallery.  Images are not posted automatically, you must specifically provide consent for your image to be included in the gallery.

To have your winning image included in the gallery, email competitionwinners" at "nvps.org and provide the following information:

Your name
Image Category
(digital, color print, monochrome print)
Image Class
(1, 2, or 3)
Competition Date

Digital Winners: When you upload your image for the competition, you can check the box to grant permission for it to be posted if it wins.  

Print Winners: send a digital version of your print, sized as if it were for digital competition (smaller is ok, but not too small).

The FotoFax newsletter is usually finalized during the weekend immediately following the monthly club competitions.  If your image is a first place winner and you send it in before the Friday following competition, your image will be forwarded to the editor for inclusion in FotoFaxIf you have not provided permission before that deadline, another winning entry may be used.

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February 25th: Dan Ward - Serendipity in Photography

In the documentary "Eye on the Sixties," photographer Rowland Scherman laments that even relatively inexpensive cameras have the accumulated wisdom of Ansel Adams built into the camera. It is increasingly easy for anyone to take a good photo and much more difficult for dedicated photographers to distinguish their work via technical skill alone.

NVPS newsletter editor, Dan Ward, is our February Forum Speaker. He will talk about role of serendipity in photography - the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time to capture a special image. Scientist Louis Pasteur said "Chance favors the prepared mind." Dan will share examples of ways some photographers consistently increase their odds of getting "a lucky shot" and include a few of his luckiest captures.

Dan's first formal photography lesson was a few hours of coaching on how to use a fully manual Rolleflex Twin Lens Reflex. Appointed the head photographer for his high school, he quickly learned the exciting challenge of trying to capture fast moving events using a fully manual camera, light meter, potato masher flash, and plus-x film. Useable photos were usually the result of anticipating what would happen next and zooming with his feet to where the best vantage point would be. While he experiments with other types of photos, he still prefers taking candid images and will often be found out and about with a single 50mm f/1.4 lens, stalking the next "interesting" view.

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Members Gallery

February 25th: Prints – Lea Schlosser

Lea Schlosser's introduction to photography came in middle school when she had to choose between taking home economics or media arts. So naturally she chose media arts and was hooked. She found it more enjoyable to spend the school day outside taking pictures of her friends than sitting inside a stuffy classroom.

In high school, Lea blew her first paycheck on a Pentax P3 film camera. Several years later Lea's dad encouraged her to go digital. She refused, as her film camera worked just fine. So he bought her one. Again, Lea was hooked and used that camera until a fateful water balloon fight with her brother ruined her little Sony digital. She then took the plunge and upgraded to a more serious digital camera and eventually a DSLR.

Over the years Lea has mainly taken pictures of family, friends and when traveling. However, shortly before joining NVPS in 2010, she started to become more serious about photography and expanded her subject matter. Her print presentation will include abstract pictures taken over the last few years. Most of the images were taken on her tabletop setup using a lightbox. However, there are a few "found" abstracts.

February 25th: Digital – Patricia Deege – Africa

Patricia Deege has been a member of NVPS for at least ten years. She began serious photography in 1995, when she joined the Vienna Photographic Society and took photography courses with Fairfax County Continuing Education. She currently considers herself a very serious amateur. Primarily, Patricia likes to shoot nature, but will attempt any kind of photography. Recently, she has experimented with infrared and with making video clips for the first time with her latest Nikon camera. She uses Nikon digital equipment, a D7000, a D200 as backup, and a D70 converted for infrared. Patricia also has a small Panasonic point and shoot with a great Leica lens.

Patricia worked for nine years in the International Monetary Fund as an Administrative Assistant in their Asian Department. She retired in 1987 to get married and moved to California for three years. On returning to Virginia, now with three children, she subsequently worked many jobs for temporary companies and in the Community Liaison Office of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo where she and her family were stationed for four years with the Agency for International Development. Her family has now expanded to include three wonderful daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.

Patricia's photographic goals are simple: to continue improving her craft, to enjoy the photographic journey - wherever it may lead her, and to share her love of this fascinating hobby with anyone who cares to look at her work.

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Field Trips

February 15th: Marine Corps Museum - Quantico

The National Museum of the Marine Corps is a lasting tribute to U.S. Marines--past, present, and future. Situated on a 135-acre site adjacent to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, the Museum's soaring design evokes the image of the flag-raisers of Iwo Jima and beckons visitors to this 120,000-square-foot structure. World-class interactive exhibits using the most innovative technology surround visitors with irreplaceable artifacts and immerse them in the sights and sounds of Marines in action.

Field Trip Information:
We plan to meet near the main entrance at 9:00am, Saturday morning, Feb 15th. Carpooling is encouraged. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to field-trips@nvps.org and let us know if you plan to drive yourself, if you need a ride, or if you can drive others in a carpool. A sign-up sheet will also be available at our NVPS meetings on Feb 4th and 11th.

General Museum Hours of Operation: Open 9:00am to 5:00pm
Cost: Admission and Parking are free. Museum parking for handicapped visitors and oversized vehicles is available.
Address and Directions:
National Museum of the Marine Corps
18900 Jefferson Davis Highway
Triangle, VA 22172

The National Museum of the Marine Corps is located in the town of Triangle, VA just off I-95, 36 miles south of Washington, D.C., and 76 miles north of Richmond, VA.
From I-95 heading south, take Exit 150A to Route 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway); turn right (south) onto Route 1; travel approximately ¼ mile; the Museum’s entrance is on the right.
From I-95 heading north, take Exit 150 (Jefferson Davis Highway); turn right (south) onto Route 1; travel approximately ¼ mile; the Museum's entrance is on the right.

Photography Policy: The National Museum of the Marine Corps encourages you to take photographs and video during your visit. Flash photography is NOT allowed in the vicinity of the Iwo Jima flag, and the area is posted accordingly. The Museum reserves the right to post other areas as needed to ensure that fragile objects are protected. Repeated use of your flash in crowded conditions may disturb other visitors. Please respect your fellow Museum visitors.

Photographers using tri-pods or similar devices should be respectful of others. On especially busy days, the Museum may restrict use of such devices to ensure visitor safety and the flow of foot traffic throughout the galleries.

An audio tour is available for rent in the Museum Store and there is a food available to purchase in the diner or pub.

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Board of Directors

A full list of all current Board members and their contact information can be found at: http://nvps.org/home/?page_id=23

Elected Board
President – Mike Whalen president" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Programs – Jamie Kiechlin jkiechlin" at "asce.org
Co-VP Programs – Willa Siegel willas4111" at "aol.com
VP Operations – Brian Payne bpayne45" at "yahoo.com
Co-VP Competition – Susan Phillips competition" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Competition – Beth Morris tenfrwrd" at "verizon.net
Treasurer – Tom Brett tombrettphoto" at "cox.net
Secretary/Historian – Georgette Grossman ggrossman" at "cox.net

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The Portfolio Project is a great way to develop your skills and present your work in a non-competitive environment. And the review is a great way to get in depth feedback and suggestions on how to improve your images. Complete instruction for getting started can be found on the club website under Meetings / Portfolio Project.

You need to be a part of the project in order to see this year's images in the NVPS Photo Gallery section of the club. Sign up now! And to receive updates on the project from us please drop your email address off with Ken Barnett at the meeting next week.

Ginger Werz-Petricka and Ken Barnett

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Notice: The information about workshops and events not sponsored by or affiliated with NVPS are provided as an informational courtesy to Members. Individuals should review the detailed rules and conditions for contests and gallery shows to determine what impact entering an image has on the photographer's rights and ownership of the submitted images. Review the descriptions of workshops to see whether participation in a particular workshop would actually meet your personal learning goals. NVPS attempts to screen events for legitimacy and quality; however NVPS does not recommend these events and cannot assume responsibility for their ultimate quality. We recommend due diligence and encourage you to share your experience with other club members.

Members' Resources:

Do you need help with a photography problem, but don't know who to ask? The Members' Resource Program is here for you. Have you ever been asked "How do you do that?" If so, then consider sharing your knowledge with other club members.

The Members' Resource area of the club web site http://nvps.org/main/members_resource/ contains a growing set of presentations and "how to" documents created by club members. It contains the Members' Resource List, which provides the names and email addresses of club members who have volunteered to help club members looking for help on specific technology and technique topics.

Members' News:

Our members routinely receive photo awards and recognition and have images in shows. As FotoFax only comes out monthly, the best place to look for current events is on the website at :

Member News for Claire Carroll

Congratulations to Claire Carroll who had an image voted as animal photo of the year for 2013 on thePixoto website: http://www.pixoto.com/awards/5316670046339072 .

Member News for Tuan Pham

Congratulations to Tuan Pham for his upcoming public presentation Beauty of Things Insubstantial, Insignificant and Untouchable, which will be held at the US National Arboretum on February 8th.

A 5-Saturday workshop will follow in the Spring, also at the National Arboretum. The workshop will be called In Search of Artistic Personality. In both events, Tuan says he will share the wonder and joy of visual discovery, and review the teachings of Ancient Masters on Wise Attention. Tuan suggests anyone with a camera, even a phone camera, can enjoy the lessons which are applicable in seeing nature as well as human nature. He invites us to share this news with friends.

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Exhibition Opportunities

4th Annual Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit

Last year, the 3rd Annual Joseph Miller Abstract Photography Exhibit had 489 entries from 117 photographers including some from two foreign countries. Attendees have compared this show with the best work ever seen at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. This year's exhibit is scheduled for May 2 - 25, 2014. Details are available on the NVACC website at: http://nvacc.org/home/abstract-exhibit/

Entries are being accepted between now and February 26, 2014. A $25 entry fee is required to submit up to three (3) images for jurying, and with a supplemental fee of $25, up to three (3) additional images can be paid. No more than six (6) images will be accepted per photographer. See the NVACC link for full details.

2014 Juried Photography Exhibition at the Verizon Gallery

The Richard J. Ernst Community Cultural Center will be partnering with the NOVA Annandale Student Arts Club and Porch View Studios to present The 2014 Juried Photography Exhibition at the Verizon Gallery February 24th,through March 24th. Peggy Ferric, Professor at George Mason University, will be the juror.

Details are available at:

Important Dates & Eligibility:
The 2014 Photography Exhibition is open to all photographers residing in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Any Photographic technique and process is eligible except video. Work must have been completed within the past two years.

* December 8th, 2013 through January 28th, 2014 – On-line entry
* January 31, 2014 – Email notification of jury results
* February 23, 2014 – Receiving 10AM – 12 Noon
* February 24, 2014 – Exhibit Opens
* March 1, 2014 – Lightroom Overview with Eliot Cohen in the Ernst Center Forum 1:00 – 5:00PM
* March 1, 2014 – Reception & Presentation of Awards 5:30PM – 7:30PM
* March 24, 2014 – Exhibit Closes
* March 26, 2014 – Pick-up unsold work 5:00 – 8:00PM

Cash prizes will be awarded for Best in Show ($500), Second Place ($300) and two (2) Honorable Mention awards of $125 each in vendor merchandise.

You may submit up to three (3) digital images of your original work for a non-refundable entry fee of $30, which must be paid during the digital entry process.

Entry Procedure:
Only digital entries are accepted. Your image must be a JPG (.jpg) 1280 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi. Submit your application on-line at:

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Workshop Offerings

Speakers and competition judges for NVPS are offered the opportunity to have notices about up-coming tours and workshops in FotoFax for two years after the date of their NVPS program.

Nikhil Bahl Photography Workshops

Nikhil Bahl was our December 2012 presenter and has spoken at the club numerous times in the past. He offers a variety of workshops and coaching events. For more details with his latest workshop updates, visit: www.NikhilBahl.com

Sam D'Amico

Sam D'Amico was our judge for April 2013. He asked that we post this information: "Thank you to all who extended their hospitality and made me feel welcome. If you're interested here's a post on my website that was inspired by our meeting:" http://samdamico.com/different-point-view/

See Sam's website for more information about his services: Sam D'Amico Photography  Original Photography and Excellent Photography Instruction. Classes held in Washington DC and Online – Introduction To Photography classes start monthly

Alan DeFelice

Alan DeFelice was our October 2013 judge. He is a professional photographer who has done raptor photo workshops at Nature Visions. For several years Alan has been a partner with Virginia Digital Photo Safaris.

Steve Gottlieb

Steve Gottlieb was our November 2012 judge. He is Director of Horizon Photography Workshops where he and other instructors offer workshops all year round. The Horizon Summit on March 1- 2 in Wilmington, DE, has lecturers covering travel, landscapes, PhotoShop, history, flash, glamour, animals, new equipment, and more. There will be portfolio reviews, a glamour shoot, personal Lightroom and equipment instruction, and an opportunity to talk to the instructors and meet people who share your passion for photography. Plus you can check out the great Wilmington International Exhibit of Photography. More details are on the Horizon website:

David Heagy

David Heagy is a NVPS club member and was the Digital Gallery presenter in November 2012. The Travel Photography Satisfaction class will show novice and experienced photographers how to increase their satisfaction with their travel photos, handle a variety of situations, protect their images and equipment, and use photography to plan their trips. His schedule of classes and more information are at: http://imageryx.com/.

Corey Hilz

Corey Hilz was our speaker for the April 2013 program and was our December 2013 judge. He regularly holds workshops on Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture as well as hosting photo tours. See his website for the current schedule: http://www.coreyhilz.com/

Don Johnson

Don Johnson was our speaker for the October 2013 program. He specializes in zoo photography and does guest lecture at photo clubs throughout the area. He sells his zoo/animal photos on his website and has done workshops at Nature Visions. See his website for details: www.sunspotimages.com

Adam Jones

Adam Jones was our Program speaker in September 2013. He is a popular and respected workshop instructor and lecturer. Adam teaches photography workshops around the world helping students reach their full potential in the exciting world of digital photography. He has taught for Canon, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Maine Photographic Workshops.

Adam is noted for his enthusiastic down to earth approach and his ability to communicate effectively with all skill levels. A listing of his current workshops can be found here on his website:

Joseph Rossbach

Joseph Rossbach was our speaker in February 2012. He does one-day workshops, educational photo tours, individual coaching and other learning events. Details are available at: http://www.josephrossbach.com/photography-tours-workshops/

Roy Sewall

Roy Sewell was our May 2013 Portfolio Critiquer. He offers one-on-one coaching for novice and intermediate photographers, tailored to an individual's specific needs. See more at: http://www.roysewallphotography.com/iWeb/Home.html

Alan Sislen

Alan Sislen was our November 2013 speaker. He specializes in color, black and white and infrared landscape photography. Alan provides individual instruction, classes and workshops on a wide variety of topics. See more at: http://alansislenphotography.com/index.php

James Steele

James Steele was our scheduled judge for the weather-cancelled competition in January 2014. He does individual coaching, tutoring and custom printing support. He can be reached at his gallery in the Torpedo Factory or via his blog at: http://jamesdsteele.blogspot.com/

Joshua Taylor, Jr.

Joshua Taylor is a past NVPS president and was our September 2013 Competition judge. His goal in photography is to help you create, capture and refine your vision. Josh is offering fall photography workshops and classes, including Canon camera classes. For a complete listing and registration, visit his website: joshuataylorphotography.com

Frank Van Riper

Frank Van Riper was our March 2013 judge. In addition to teaching at Photoworks, he offers a variety of acclaimed workshops in great locations. Frank and his wife, Judith Goodman, lead sold-out photography workshops in Italy, Maine and Washington DC. They invite you to join them for low-key, hands-on instruction in some of the world's most beautiful settings. See their website for the current opportunities: http://gvrphoto.com/wp/?page_id=82

Alexander "Sasha" Vasiljev

Sasha Vasiljev was our March 2013 NVPS program speaker. His company, NATURE & PHOTO TOURS offers a number of photo tours:  http://naturephotographytours.com

Wayne Wolfersberger

Wayne Wolfersberger is a NVPS member, past President, and was our October 2013 Digital Members Gallery speaker. He teaches a number of classes with the Fairfax County Park Authority. The 2014 calendar schedule should be available soon via Wayne's website at: http://www.waynewolfersberger.com/

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Want Ads

For Sale

Slide Trays

1. Twenty-three Sawyers (GAF) 100 slide capacity rotary trays. (They cannot be used in Kodak slide projectors.)
2. Polaroid Model 250 kit with camera, case, Portrait Kit #581A, Close-up Kit #583A, Flash #268, and Self-timer #192.

I'm trying to find them a good home, rather than being sold on eBay.

Bob Golden - email: helaineandbob" at "verizon.net

Canon 1Ds Mark III

Camera body; low shutter count (around 30,000 out of rated 300,000). Excellent condition with no external marks. Included are all the accessories and original box. Also includes a free L-bracket ($180.00 value) for Arca-Swiss style clamps. Asking $2500.00.
Contact Dennis Govoni at: dngovoni" at "verizon.net

Bronica Etrsi

Medium format film camera with two lenses (normal and wide-angle).
Contact Erwin A. Siegel, for details and pricing, or make offer. All in mint condition.
Erwin A. Siegel, ex NVPS Editor and member.
home: 703-960-6726
cell: 703-407-0408
email: ErwinEAS" at "verizon.net

Spudz Microfiber in Flip Pouch

The club has a supply of Spudz.  Great for cleaning your lens and camera. These are a large size, 10x10 inches, and are emblazoned with the club logo!  Don't be fooled by other cheaper models.  These are in the flip pouch. I will be selling them at club meetings for the amazing price of $10/each or $20 for two.
Bob Friedman

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Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC)

The Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC) is an informal entity started in 1997 by Joseph Miller with the assistance of Dave Carter and Ed Funk. Its purpose is to promote communication and cooperation among area camera clubs. NVACC is made up of Member Clubs and Associated Member Clubs.

NVACC publishes a calendar of area member club events that can be found at http://www.nvacc.org/Calendars.html

NVACC has a free, downloadable series of 25 guidebooks for photographers, which provide information about nearby areas that camera clubs might wish to visit. See their booklets at:

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Editor's Note

As always, if you encounter any problems reading FotoFax, please let me know.

Newsletter Editor, Dan Ward

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Copyright 2014 by the Northern Virginia Photographic Society and its Contributors. The contents of this FotoFax are copyrighted. No material herein may be reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the Editor or the material's contributor. All photographs are copyrighted by the photographers who have granted permission for NVPS to use their image in FotoFax and/or on the NVPS website, but otherwise retain all rights to their image.