Volume 49 - No. 1

Founded 1965 - our 48th Year

September 2013

The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society

Editor: Dan Ward - Email: editor" at "nvps.org

Table of Contents

President's Message
Monthly Program
Education and Training
   Competition Image Use

   This Year's Themes
Members' Gallery
Board of Directors

   Treasurer's Report
Portfolio Project
   Members News
   Exhibition Opportunities
   Workshop Offerings

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Monthly Program: Adams Jones - Canon Explorer of Light


Field Trip: Old Truck Graveyard near Richmond


Education & Training: Chuck Veatch - Anonymous Nature Image Critique


Competition: Judge Josh Taylor - Open theme


Forum -Bob and Willa Friedman - Matting Forum
Gallery Prints- Sandi Croan
Gallery Digital - Timber Gooding


Monthly Program: Check the website


Field Trip C&O Canal and Great Falls (and Billy Goat Trail)

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All meetings for the club year will start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors will open at 6:45 PM for a "meet and greet".

Remember to lock your car and place valuables out of sight. Please remember to take seats immediately when the meeting starts and to silence cell phones.

Please check the website and FotoFax for the club’s policy on weather closings. Check WTOP www.wtop.com or Fairfax County School systems web site for closings. You can also sign up for emails or cell phone alerts: http://www.fcps.edu/news/emerg.shtml

President's Message

September 2013

Greetings and welcome, NVPS members. I am excited about what our new board has in store for you this year. But first let me offer my sincere thanks to the numerous volunteers (both board and non-board members) who are the machinery that run NVPS and make our programs and activities really interesting and special. THANK YOU. I am very lucky to be working with people who are talented, thoughtful and dedicated. It should be a wonderful year for learning and sharing photography ideas, places to photograph and, of course, our images.

September’s Lineup

Let’s talk about September where we will hit the ground running. You will not want to miss a single event this month. Here is a quick summary:

Sept 3 – Adam Jones: An internationally recognized photographer explores the world through his nature, travel, and wildlife images.  He is one of Canon’s legendary “Explorers of Light”. Enough said. I want his job!

Sept 7 – Field Trip to Old Truck Graveyard near Richmond, VA: You will find an endless supply of old abandoned trucks, rust, peeling paint, old truck logos, grills and hood decorations, abstract patterns, textures and geometric shapes. I’ve been here twice and can’t wait to go back on Sept. 7. See a few of my images here taken from this gem of a site.  Email field-trips” at ”nvps.org for more information and to sign up.

Sept 10 – Anonymous Nature Image Critique by Chuck Veatch: In addition to having a very long list of photography related credentials, including past president of NVPS, Chuck is also Chairman of the Board at Nature’s Best Photography. Find out from a master what makes or breaks 25 nature images.

Sept 17 – Competition Night with Josh Taylor: Josh is certainly NVPS’s most popular judge and for good reason – he’s fair, detailed and decisive; he’s a fulltime professional photographer, lecturer, and tour guide with a ton of experience and a 6th sense about what makes a good image. He very well might be the area’s quintessential photography judge. Even if you do not compete, don’t miss this competition. It will  be a great learning experience.

Sept 24 – Members Gallery – Sandi Croan (Prints) and Timber Gooding (Digital): I know these will be spectacular. Sandi and Timber have each received “Photographer of the Year” awards and have a huge collection of award winning material to present. Sandi’s “Tuscan Villa” won “Print of the Year” last year and Timber’s last digital presentation looked like a Hollywood production – I’m not kidding!

Sept 24 – Matting Forum with Bob and Willa Friedman: Here is something practical that each and every one of us needs to know how to do, and how to do it right. Bob and Willa (both past NVPS presidents) will teach their techniques for sizing and cutting mats and how to correctly attach them to your print so they look professional. They will also cover where to buy equipment and supplies without breaking the bank. Good stuff from two people who make and show alot of great prints.

Changes in Competition Rules

By now you have probably heard that new competition rules are in place. The most significant is the formation of a 3rd class. Last year’s “Advanced” class will be split into two classes. You may self-select based on your competition experience. If you are not sure about your competition class, check with Beth Morris or Susan Phillips (competition” at ”nvps.org) well in advance of the first competition for a recommendation. Another change is that except for class 1 (novice), you may only submit one image per category (for example, no more than one digital, one color print and one monochrome print). See the complete set of competition rules here.

Note to prospective members

Joining a camera club is the single most cost effective way to improve your photographic skills. You will learn about great photographic sites and opportunities; how to use todays popular post-processing software; how to create award winning photos, and you meet with other like-minded people who share your passion for making great images. NVPS will have 37 meetings and 11 field trips this year. At $45 for a yearly individual membership, this comes to less than a dollar per event. Feel free to attend a few meetings as our guest and see for yourself. I promise this will be time well spent. NVPS meets every Tuesday from 7:30 at the Dunn Loring Fire House from September to May. Whether you just bought your first camera or you are a seasoned enthusiast or professional, we look forward to meeting you.

Notes to renewing members regarding dues, membership and helping out

Last year, due to a slight drop in membership, NVPS’s expenses exceeded its income. Although we have a reasonable sized buffer to absorb the cost difference, we want to make sure we maintain a minimum sized membership (about 250 members) going forward. Now I have a few small requests to ask that will greatly help NVPS to meet its membership goals this year:

1)      Please pay your dues promptly in September - This will give us a good idea how many returning members we have and how much effort to put forth to increase our membership. Please note that members who compete in monthly competitions must pay their dues no later than October 1 to keep any points received in the September competition.

2)      Tell a friend about NVPS – If you have a friend interested in photography, invite them to sit in at a few Tuesday night meetings to see if they have interest in joining NVPS. Word-of-mouth is a great source of advertising.

3)      Become a field-trip mentor – If you are an experienced photographer, we could use your help on field trips. If you have already been to a planned site, your expertise could be valuable to new or novice members. Also consider being a car-pool contact. Contact Chuck Campbell or Tom Pratuch at field-trips” at ”nvps.org.

Also note that we will be stepping up our efforts to greet new members at the door Tuesday evenings. If you have an interest in being an impromptu greeter (no pressure!), please contact Tami Stieger, our membership coordinator. She could use your help all year, but especially in September-November.

Final words

My goal this year is to continue to make NVPS a great place to learn and share photographic ideas in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. The board has done a magnificent job in finding and selecting presenters, judges and field trips and I commend them on their efforts. I am proud to serve as your president and look forward to seeing you in September and throughout the year. Best regards!

Mike Whalen

NVPS President 2013-2014
email : president”at ”nvps.org

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Now is the time for all good NVPS members to renew your NVPS membership!


Monthly Program

September 3rd - Adam Jones: Canon Explorer of Light

NVPS welcomes members, guests, and members of other photography clubs to come see Adam Jones, Canon Explorer of Light. This internationally recognized photographer explores the world through his nature, travel, and wildlife images. Jones’s award-winning photography is widely published in magazines, posters, calendars, books, and in national advertising campaigns for clients such as Canon, Ford, Eddie Bauer, Miller Beer and Honda.

Adam is recognized worldwide as an outstanding stock photographer with his images represented by Getty Images, Corbis, Visuals Unlimited, Photo Researchers, and Danita Delimont Stock Photography. His work has sold for editorial and commercial uses in over 30 countries. Adam’s publication credits also include: National Geographic Books, Time, Life Magazine, National Wildlife Federation, Audubon, Sierra Club, Disney and hundreds of textbooks.

In 1995, the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest honored Adam by selecting one of his images from over 19,000 entries, as the winner in the “In Praise of Plants” category. Adam has published eight coffee-table books.

In early 2006, Adam was selected to be one of Canon USA’s elite group of acclaimed photographers, “The Explorers of Light”. Canon describes the Explorer of Light program as such: The Explorers of Light program is a group of 50 of the World’s best photographers united in their love and passion for photographic excellence. They share a common desire to contribute back to the industry with a willingness to share their vision and passion with others.

Adam is a popular and respected workshop instructor and lecturer. Adam teaches photography workshops around the world helping students reach their full potential in the exciting world of digital photography. He has taught for Canon, Popular Photography & Imaging, and Maine Photographic Workshops. Adam is noted for his enthusiastic down to earth approach and his ability to communicate effectively with all skill levels

You are invited to join Adam, Jamie Kiechlin and Willa Siegel for dinner before the meeting at Chili’s in Tyson’s Corner at 5:30 PM. In order for us to make reservations for our group, RSVP by 8 pm Monday, September 2nd sending a message to: willas4111" at "aol.com if you plan to join us for dinner.

Willa Siegel

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Education & Training

September 10th - Chuck Veatch - Anonymous Nature Image Critique

Our Education & Training opening night of 2013 will feature a long time friend of NVPS, Chuck Veatch. One of our region’s top photographers, Chuck was a former member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society, and he has frequently spoken at NVPS and judged competitions for us. Chuck has attended workshops with Freeman Patterson and the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Chuck has given presentations and judged contests at the North American Nature Photography Association’s National Convention, the New England Council of Camera Clubs, the Meadowlark Photo Exposition, and other Washington-area camera clubs. He is involved in all aspects of Nature’s Best magazine and Nature’s Best Photography Contests, including photo selection and editing for the exhibits at The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Chuck will conduct a critique of 25 or so nature images submitted by NVPS members. Having judged tens of thousands of images, Chuck will provide invaluable feedback from the point of view of a nature photography competition judge. This critique will be more in depth than what is typically provided at our club competitions. For this reason, we are limiting the number to approximately 25 photos. His feedback will assist members in strengthening images for a portfolio or future competitions.

Members are invited to submit one or two photos digitally and the club will select photos on a first come – first served basis for Chuck to review. Feel free to submit more than one image, as Chuck will offer critiques on as many as time permits. We hope to make the digital images available to Chuck by September 3, so please submit your photo(s) not later than September 1, 2013.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR DIGITAL SUBMISSION OF IMAGES: Please email no more than two (2) images to nvpsimagegallery" at "nvps.org, indicate which image you prefer to have critiqued the most by naming the file starting with and “1_” and the other image with “2_”. Image sizes must conform to the current image sizes dictated by digital competitions (refer to NVPS web site under competition, http://nvps.org/home/?page_id=494. Image(s) will be presented anonymously to both Chuck and the club.

We look forward to seeing your photographs on September 10th!
Education & Training Coordinators
Claire Carroll
George Lafko

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September 17th - Competition - Judge Josh Taylor

Join us in welcoming Judge Josh Taylor for our first competition of the year. Josh has presented photography workshops at the Smithsonian National Orchid Show, U.S. National Arboretum, U.S. Botanic Garden, Brookside Gardens, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, American Horticultural Society Garden School, Adkins Arboretum, and Longwood Gardens.

In addition to being a Canon Camera instructor at Ace Photo, Josh speaks at camera and garden clubs, judges photographic competitions, and exhibits his photographs in gallery shows. He is a member of Garden Writers Association, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, and member and past president of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society. Josh was voted best garden club speaker in 2005 and was a judge for the 2009 Garden Writers Association National Media Awards and the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Nature Photography Expo. Longwood Gardens selected Josh as its Instructor of the Month (October 2010). See examples of his work at:

All are invited to join Josh at Chili’s of Tysons Corner at 5:30 the night of the meeting. If you plan to join us for dinner, please RSVP by 8 pm Monday (September 16th) to competition" at "nvps.org

Editor's note: We like to share competition winning images on the website and include a representative winner from each category in the monthly newsletter, but we cannot do this unless the photographer specifically grants permission. When you win a ribbon in the competition, please remember to grant permission. See the note in the following section for details.

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Competition Image Use

The NVPS Website has a gallery of past Competition winning images at http://nvps.org/gallery/v/competitions/. If your image placed first, second, third or received an honorable mention in a club competition, it is eligible for this gallery.  This is not done automatically; you must specifically provide consent for your image to be included in the gallery.

To have your winning image included in the gallery, email competitionwinners" at "nvps.org and provide the following information:

Your name
Image Category
(digital, color print, monochrome print)
Image Class
(1, 2, or 3)
Competition Date

Digital Winners: Competition image use now should be indicated in the upload program (check box for permission and entry into end of year).  

Print Winners: send a digital version of your print, sized as if it were for digital competition (smaller is ok, but not too small).

The FotoFax newsletter is usually finalized during the weekend immediately following the monthly club competitions.  If your image is a first place winner and you send it in before the Friday following competition, your image will be forwarded to the editor for inclusion in FotoFaxIf you have not provided permission before that deadline, another winning entry may be used.

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Competition Themes

Co-Vice Presidents of Competition Susan Phillips and Beth Morris welcome you all back to a new and exciting year of competition.! We have a new rule structure that can be found under Meetings/Competition/NVPS Rules of Competition. Please read these rules and decide what class you would like to compete. If you are undecided as to what class you belong, Susan and Beth will be available to discuss at the first two meetings of the year and after.

We have three themes this year:

  • “Abandoned And Discarded” October 15th with judge Alan DeFelice
  • “Out Of Place” January 21 with judge Jim Steele
  • ” Famous Places” April 15 with judge Sue Bloom

We also look forward to judges for November 19th–Mary Louise Ravese; December 17– Corey Hilz; February 18–Cindy Hobgood.

Some Competition Reminders:

Images are uploaded the Sunday before competition meeting by 6pm with your username and club password under NVPS Competition upload. All usernames and passwords have been changed. If you do not know your NEW user name and the NEW password, please email competitionsupport" at "nvps.org. Do NOT wait until the last minute to request it.  

All images must have been captured within two years of competition date.

For prints, please make sure the maker, title, class/category, and date of capture are on the back; with arrow indicating this edge up. Neither name nor title should appear anywhere on the front of photo or mat. Mats must be securely attached.

Sign -in the night of competition by 7:15 PM

Make sure your mat size abides by the rules.

All members will be invited to ” before competition dinner” with the judge at Chili’s of Tyson’s Corner starting at 5:30. RSVP emails will go out in advance of dinner for a reservation head count from Beth Morris ( tenfrwrd" at "verizon.net)

Keep in mind competitions are to help us learn and improve our photography. We may not always agree with the results but we will become better photographers through the judges expertise and critiques. And what can more fun than looking at pictures.!

Susan Phillips Co- Vice President of Competiton
Beth Morris- Co- Vice President of Competition

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Sept 24th - Bob and Willa Friedman - Matting Forum

It’s all in the presentation - (or make the passer happy with well-matted photos.)

The September forum will be a demonstration and information on how to mat your prints for competition, framing and display. We will show the techniques we have learned over the years – from measuring to cutting to mounting in the mat.

This presentation will be of benefit if you plan to submit images to Nature Visions. Winning images will not be displayed when your print falls out of the mat! Don’t miss this opportunity.

Willa and Bob Friedman

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Members Gallery

Sept 24th - Prints - Sandi Croan

Sandi Croan is an independent photographer from Centreville who has been living in Northern Virginia since 1978. She specializes in landscape, nature, and travel photography with an eye for capturing the unique and creating fine art for homes and offices.

Sandi has won numerous competitions and awards for her fine art photographs. She has been awarded Photographer of the Year and Print of the Year by the Northern Virginia Photographic Society and won both Best in Show and 2nd Place at the juried Meadowlark Photo Expo in Vienna, VA. Her images have been selected to be put on permanent display at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens and the Joseph Miller Center for the Photographic Arts. She has been juried into numerous art shows including; the prestigious VisArts of Rockville Exhibitions, Fairfax County Council of the Arts Show (Unlocked), and The Fraser Gallery International Photography Exhibition. Sandi was a featured artist in Elan Magazine, and her photograph “Blue Lagoon” was on the cover. She has also had photographs published in other local and national magazines.

Sandi has sold many of her photographs to private, corporate and government clients, and does shows for businesses and other local events. In addition, Sandi has recently/or currently is displaying her art at Broadway Gallery, The Blue Iguana restaurant in Fairfax, Meadowlark Gardens, Cub Run Recreation Center, Trummers on Main Street Restaurant, and the Fairfax County Government Center.

Sandi has been an active member of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society (NVPS) since 2004 and has served in a variety of board positions. She served as President of NVPS for two terms from 2009-2011.  She also is a speaker and serves as a judge for area photographic clubs, competitions and exhibitions.

You can see a sample of Sandi’s work on http://www.sandicroanphotography.com/

Sept 24th - Digital - Timber S. Gooding

A true native of Northern Virginia, Timber Gooding has seen the area grow from beautiful and natural landscapes to the modern and exciting architectural arena it is today. He has been involved in the arts his entire life and recently became involved in photography as a hobby. As a professional makeup artist, he has an eye for color and composition naturally, and has traveled around the world working for Smashbox Photo Studios in L.A. Now, he has moved his talents to behind the camera and enjoys every minute. “I wish I had been into photography during my travels for work, but, now I have an excuse to go back to all the exciting places a second time!"

Timber has acquired many awards from his membership in NVPS, including numerous 1st place images and was honored with the "photographer of the year” for the enhanced print category for the club in 2007-2008, and for advanced prints in 2008-2009, 2010-2011 & 2011-2012! His work also took “Print of the year” in Enhanced Prints in 2010. His work has been juried into MeadowLark Photo Expo, MANPE, and was finalist with an image juried into fotoweekdc(08) exhibit.

Timber really enjoys photographing landscape, architecture, wildlife and abstracts with macro. His interest exceeds in Night Photography, Long Exposures and HDR. His specialty is finding the dramatic in the mundane. “my Nikon D700 is perfect for this type of photography. I shoot to please myself, and, enjoy being in control of my images. If I shoot for anyone else, then it becomes a work!"

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Field Trips

September 7th: Old Truck Graveyard

Our first field trip of the year is going to be held at the old "Truck Graveyard" located in Columbia VA. Whether it is this year's Abandoned and Discarded or next year's Still Life competition theme, this visit will provide ample photo opportunities for both. There are acres of old and abandoned trucks that provide great opportunities for close-up, still life, HDR, abstract photography and more. The estimated drive is 2.5 hours from our area to Columbia, VA which is situated half-way between Richmond and Charlottesville. This field trip will begin at the truck graveyard at 9:00am with no time limit for our visit. Details for carpooling will be coming soon. If you would like to sign up for this trip or have any questions, please contact Chuck Campbell and Tom Pratuch, the field trip coordinators at field-trip" at "nvps.org.

October 19th: C&O Canal and Great Falls (and Billy Goat Trail)

The second planned field trip is to the Great Falls National Park on the Maryland side in October. Many of our members have explored Great Falls from the Virginia side and have produced some wonderful award-winning images. But, now it's time to go over the river and through the woods to explore the Maryland side of Great Falls. At this time of year, we should have great Fall colors as we explore the C&O Canal, Great Falls and for the adventurous people, the Billy Goat Trail and Mather Gorge. The Park Service link is: http://www.nps.gov/choh/index.htm for information about the C&O. There is a fee of $5/vehicle for entry to the park so carpooling is encouraged. Details for carpooling and the meet up location will be coming soon. If you would like to sign up for this trip or have any questions, please contact Chuck and Tom, the field trip coordinators at field-trip" at "nvps.org.

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Board of Directors

A full list of all current Board members and their contact information can be found at: http://nvps.org/home/?page_id=23

Elected Board
President Mike Whalen president" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Programs Jamie Kiechlin jkiechlin" at "asce.org
Co-VP Programs Willa Siegel willas4111" at "aol.com
VP Operations Brian Payne bpayne45" at "yahoo.com
Co-VP Competition Susan Phillips competition" at "nvps.org
Co-VP Competition Beth Morris tenfrwrd" at "verizon.net
Treasurer Tom Brett tombrettphoto" at "cox.net
Secretary/Historian Georgette Grossman ggrossman" at "cox.net

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Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report

The NVPS Board has kept dues at the same level: $45 for individual & $65 for family memberships. Dues may be paid by check [to ''NVPS''] or cash, given to Tami Stieger  [Membership Chair- at first table inside the entrance] at NVPS meetings starting on 3 September, or mailed to Tom Brett at 4216 Wynnwood Drive, Annandale, VA. 22003. You may also pay dues through PayPal, by way of the NVPS website.

You must be an NVPS member to enter images in the September 2013 competition.

During the 2012-13 club year, Board member expenses stayed very close to budget.

Major annual expenditures are $5,265 for the Dunn Loring Fire Department meeting hall rental; $1,886 for Competitions [judge honoraria & meals, monthly & End-of-Year [EOY] ribbons & EOY trophies / plaques]; $867 for Programs [speaker honoraria & meals]; $1,191 for Spudz microfiber cloths as gifts for judges & speakers; $836 for EOY Banquet subsidy; $250 for liability insurance; $149 for Membership; $100 for Education & Training; $45 for PSA membership & $42 for equipment replacement.

The EOY Banquet cost for the hotel meal and hotel support was $4,458 against income of $3,622 at $35 per person; the club paid the $836 subsidy to reduce the EOY fee to $35 per person.

Actual expenses for the club year were higher than income, due to the purchase of items which will cover 3 or 4 years. They were: monthly competition ribbons [$455] and the Spudz gifts [$1,191].

The club treasury current effective balance is $6,753. This will increase as dues are received in September.

Membership numbers [& income] have dropped the past several years. Please encourage your friends to renew or to join NVPS.

Thank you,
Tom Brett, Treasurer

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Portfolio Project

The Portfolio Project is a nine month project starting in September 2013 and running to the middle of May 2014. Club members of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this project. The goal is to help you improve your photography through the creation of a photographic portfolio. Creating a portfolio involves coming up with a theme, crafting an artist statement to define the theme, capturing images that support the artist statement and assembling the images into a presentation. This would be a group of your best images, primarily collected from June 2013 to May 2014 that exemplify your theme and Artist's Statement. These should be images you would be proud to share with others for years to come.

The beginning stages of the project entail picking a theme or concept and writing an Artist's Statement. In the "Artist's Statement" the photographer explains what he or she is trying to accomplish with the project. (See http://nvps.org/main/meetings/portfolio/nvps_portfolio_project_artists/ for more details about what should and should not be in an Artist's Statement.) The photographer makes images over the program year consistent with the statement and edits the body of work down to draft portfolio of approximately 20-25 images. A final portfolio should contain about 12 to 20 images.

In the beginning stages of determining a theme, some members have worked on several themes at the same time. As time passed and their images piled up, they began to become more comfortable with one subject over others. You too may follow this model in your project. It is helpful to write an Artist Statement for all potential portfolio themes.

Each artist will be able to display a draft Portfolio for comment online using the club's website, www.nvps.org. The online version is the working, draft version, and intended to facilitate sharing images and comments throughout the portfolio's development. It also allows participants and other members to see and comment on all draft portfolios as they progress throughout the year. These comments will not only help participants improve their images, but in choosing their best work to be included in the final portfolio.

This experience is an excellent opportunity to create a high quality portfolio to showcase your best work. There is a wealth of information on the web on creating a portfolio. A good starting place is the following link: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/columns/portfolio-8.shtml.

Schedule for the Portfolio Project 2013 - 2014

October 8, 2013: Developing Your Art & Vision Through Creating a Portfolio
January 28, 2014: Preliminary Review with Willa Friedman, Tom Brett and Bill Prosser
May 13, 2014: Final Review with Missy Loewe, Director of the Washington School of Photography

Plus, come to the club at 7 PM on Tuesdays with laptops and images for an open discussion with other portfolio participants.

Ken Barnett and Ginger Werz-Petricka

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Notice: The information about workshops and events not sponsored by or affiliated with NVPS are provided as a informational courtesy to Members. Individuals should review the detailed rules and conditions for contests to determine what impact entering an image has on the photographer's rights and ownership of the submitted images. Review the descriptions of workshops to see whether participation in a particular workshop would actually meet your personal learning goals. NVPS attempts to screen events for legitimacy and quality; however NVPS does not recommend these events and cannot assume responsibility for their ultimate quality. We recommend due diligence and encourage you to share your experience with other club members.

Members' Resources:

Do you need help with a photography problem, but don’t know who to ask? The Members’ Resource Program is here for you. Have you ever been asked “How do you do that?” If so, then consider sharing your knowledge with other club members.

The Members’ Resource area of the club web site http://nvps.org/main/members_resource/ contains a growing set of presentations and ‘how to’ documents created by club members. It contains the Members’ Resource List, which provides the names and email addresses of club members who have volunteered to help club members looking for help on specific technology and technique topics.

Members' News:

Our members routinely receive photo awards and recognition and have images in shows. As FotoFax only comes out monthly, the best place to look for current events is on the website at :


Member News for Bob Friedman

Two of Bob Friedman's images, How Many Zebras and Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial  were accepted as finalists in the Amazon Web Services exhibit, "An AWSome Call for Art."

Member News for Minnie Gallman

Minnie Gallman was a finalist in the Washington Post Travel Photo Contest with her Rainbow on Skye image. The 38 finalists (out of 1,700 entries) are displayed on the Washington Post Website and were published in the Sunday, August 25th Travel section:


Her photo was taken with an iPhone during a trip to Scotland last summer.  She left her Nikon on the bus during a pit stop.  Another case of using whatever camera you have available.

Members News for Mike Kane

Michael Austin Kane moved North and sent us this farewell message:

I have really enjoyed my time associated with NVPS and I will really miss everyone. NVPS is an amazing organization that provides so much for all types of photographers...keep it growing and keep it challenging...the club's future will be great.

Please let me know if you are going to be traveling north to Maine...I know of a few places to shoot great sunrises and a few places to get some awesome "Lobstah"! Au revoir. -- Mike-- michaelaustinkanephoto" at "gmail.com

Member News for Ginger Werz-Petricka

Ginger Werz-Petricka had two images selected for the Washington School of Photography’s “Ties Inseparable” exhibition.  This was a regional, juried exhibition with a patriotic theme. She also had three images represented in the second annual Lubec Photo Workshop Show at the Mulholland Market Gallery in Lubec, Maine earlier this summer.

Member News for Georgette Grossman

One of Georgette Grossman’s images, Down the Fernhole was accepted as a finalist in the Amazon Web Services exhibit, "An AWSome Call for Art."

Member News for Benita Mayo

Benita Mayo had two images juried into the Frederick Camera Clique 27th Annual Juried Show. The exhibition began July 13 and ends September 4, 2013 in the Mary Condon Hodgson Gallery in Frederick MD. She also had two images juried for exhibition at the Washington School of Photography’s exhibition, "Ties Inseparable." This was a regional, juried exhibition with a patriotic theme.

Member News for Paul Herholz

Paul Herholz also had two prints selected for the Frederick Camera Clique annual exhibition. The exhibition began July 13th and ends September 4th at the Mary Condon Hodgson gallery, Frederick Community College, Frederick, MD.

Member News for Judy McGuire

Judy McGuire had two photos published in the Virginia Wildlife Magazine’s Annual Photography Contest Showcase.

Member News for Bob Friedman, Benita Mayo, Carol Tharp, Mike Whalen & MariAnne MacGregor

Bob Friedman, Benita Mayo, Carol Tharp and Mike Whalen and former NVPS member, MariAnne MacGregor will exhibit 17 of the 40 total images at the Washington School of Photography (WSP) landscape exhibit titled: “Living Inspiration – The Land”. Photos will hang in the WSP gallery for the month of September. The opening and reception will be on Friday, September 6, from 6:00PM – 9:00PM and is free and open to the public. The Washington School of Photography is located at 12276 Wilkins Avenue Rockville MD.

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Exhibition Opportunities

Nature Visions - November 8th - 10th, 2013

This is a reminder that registration for the 2013 NatureVisions Expo is now open.

You may now make reservations for the Bryan Peter Peterson one day seminar on November 8, as well as all other Expo workshops. There will be increased seating for the workshops this year, but it is advisable to make your reservations as soon as possible to ensure a place.

If you purchase a two or three day pass, DO NOT purchase lectures separately. Two and three day passes include lectures. If you plan to only to attend the exhibit and selected lectures, passes may be purchased individually online in advance or at the door. At the door prices will be more expensive. Reservations for the lectures are not necessary as there is more than adequate seating.

I will start collecting images on September 17. Final collection will be at the meeting on October 15. As last year, the submission forms will be available online and you will be asked to complete the form prior to submitting your images. There will be further instructions at a later date.

Exhibitor's Guidance for the Nature and Open Exhibits is available on the NatureVisions website http://naturevisions.org/exhibit/exhibit

Bob and Willa Friedman will give a demonstration on how to mat prints at the Member's Forum on September 24. Details can be found on the NVPS website.

John Quigley
NatureVisions Rep

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Claude Moore Early Morning Field Trips during September

Fred Siskind will be leading informal early morning field trips to Claude Moore Park during the next month in search of dew-covered insects (dragonflies/damselflies, butterflies, mantises and anything else that happens to be there).  There are several meadows where these can be found as well as flowers, grasses and webs.

Fred will decide the night before whether conditions are likely to be good for this kind of photography (temperatures in the 50s or less overnight, a decent dew point and the prospect of little or no wind) and notify participants.  Each field trip will be limited to 3-4 people to avoid too much impact on the long grasses and so that Fred will hopefully be able to locate insects for everyone to photograph.

Participants will meet at the visitor's center parking lot at 7:00am or as soon as the gate is opened to permit entry (see below).   Bring insect repellent and wear long pants and boots of some type to keep from getting soaked by the hopefully heavy dew and scratched by some of the thorny plants.  I also bring a big plastic garbage bag to kneel on in wet areas.  A tripod is essential for the slow shutter speeds required and a macro lens or capability is helpful. An external shutter release is also helpful.

Please email Fred at Fsiskind" at "aol.com. If you would like to participate or have any questions, and indicate if you are available during the week or only on weekends.

October 5th & November 2nd - Photography as Art Workshop

In today’s camera club world, much attention is given to hardware, software and technical advances. Sadly, little attention is given to photography as art.

This Photography as Art Workshop will be in two sessions. The first session will be a Keynote digital presentation that covers what is art with definitions and criteria. An assignment will be given to each participant to produce for the second session three matted prints that he/she considers to be art and tell us why. The second session will be the presentation and group discussion of the three images. The objective of this workshop is to encourage participants to strive for art before and when the shutter is pressed and to see and take photographs that are more artistic than usual camera club photography. Session one is Saturday, October 5 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Session two is Saturday, November 2 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The cost for the two sessions is $50. Please make registration check payable to JM Center, 4811 Catharpin Road, Gainesville, VA 20155.

Early registration is encouraged as seating is limited to allow group participation. For further information contact Joseph Miller, email: furnfoto" at "aol.com, cell phone: 703-593-7598.

Light The Night Walk - October 5th

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Light The Night Walk is the nation's night to pay tribute and bring help and hope to millions of people touched by cancer. Light The Night Walk funds lifesaving research and support for people battling cancer. Friends, families and co-workers form fundraising teams and millions of consumers help by donating at retail outlets. These efforts culminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in over two hundred communities each fall across North America. National Capital Area Chapter has three walks in the DC Metro Area:

Northern Virginia will be held on October 5th at Reston Town Center from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Montgomery County will be held October 12th at Rockville Town Square from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Washington, DC Walk will be held on October 19th at Freedom Plaza from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

LLS is currently looking for photographers of all skill levels to come out and capture the true spirit of Light The Night. For their talents, time, and copies of the photos, they will be compensated with marketing incentives, recognition, and photo credit on all photos that are used. Light The Night is a visually stimulating and memorable walk that will give you the opportunity to show case your talents. The time commitment would be from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and potential photographs requested could be team photos, general walk photos,  photos of top participants, and walk site.

For more information, please contact Emily at Emily.Seeger" at "lls.org or by phone at 703-399-2924.

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Workshop Offerings

Speakers and competition judges for NVPS are offered the opportunity to have notices about up-coming tours and workshops in FotoFax for two years after the date of their NVPS program.

Sam D'Amico

Sam was our judge for April 2013. He asked that we post this information: "Thank you to all who extended their hospitality and made me feel welcome. If you're interested here's a post on my website that was inspired by our meeting:" http://samdamico.com/different-point-view/

See Sam's website for more information about his services: Sam D'Amico Photography - Original Photography and Excellent Photography Instruction. Classes held in Washington DC and Online--Introduction To Photography classes start monthly

Corey Hilz

Corey was our speaker for the April 2013 program. He regularly holds workshops on Lightroom, Photoshop and Aperture as well as hosting photo tours. See his website for the current schedule: http://www.coreyhilz.com/

James Steele

Jim provided our 2012 Portfolio Critique and was our competition judge in May 2012. He does individual coaching and tutoring and can be reached at his gallery in the Torpedo Factory or via his blog at: http://jamesdsteele.blogspot.com/

Mollie Isaacs and Mary Lindhjem

Mollie and Mary have been regulars at NVPS and were scheduled for a weather cancelled meeting last year. They are coming back in the Fall. During 2013, they are offering trips to birding sites in North Carolina and Florida, Alaska's Denali National Park and Katmai National Park, Yellowstone National Parks, the Great Smoky Mountains, and Acadia National Park in Maine. All tours include extensive photographic opportunities in the field, as well as personal one-on-one assistance and classroom instruction. See their website for details:
http://www.awakethelight.com/ or http://awakethelight.blogspot.com/

Wayne Wolfersberger

Wayne Wolfersberger is a NVPS member, past President, and our March 2013 Forum speaker. He teaches a number of classes with the Fairfax County Park Authority. The 2013 calendar schedule is available via Wayne's website at: http://www.waynewolfersberger.com/

Steve Gottlieb

Steve was our November 2012 judge. He is Director of Horizon Photography Workshops where he and other instructors offer workshops, mostly on weekends, all year round.

Tony Sweet

Tony was our September 2011 speaker. Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, a charter member of Team Nik, a Lensbaby Guru, and a Bogen mentor. Tony offers a wide variety of other location and software training workshops, as well as individual coaching services. Tony also has an active blog and newsletter. See his website for more details and information: http://tonysweet.com/workshops/

Roy Sewall

Roy was our November 2011 judge and May 2013 Portfolio Critiquer. He offers one-on-one coaching for novice and intermediate photographers, tailored to an individual's specific needs. See more at: http://www.roysewallphotography.com/iWeb/Home.html

Frank Van Riper

Frank Van Riper was our March 2013 judge. In addition to teaching at Photoworks, he offers a variety of acclaimed workshops in great locations. Frank and his wife, Judith Goodman, lead sold-out photography workshops in Italy, Maine and Washington DC. They invite you to join them for low-key, hands-on instruction in some of the world’s most beautiful settings. See their website for the current opportunities: http://gvrphoto.com/wp/?page_id=82

Nikhil Bahl Photography Workshops

Nikhil was our December 2012 presenter and has spoken at the club numerous times in the past. He offers a variety of workshops and coaching events. For more details with his latest workshop updates, visit: www.NikhilBahl.com

Joshua Taylor, Jr.

Josh Taylor is a past NVPS president and is scheduled as our September 2013 Competition judge. His goal in photography is to help you create, capture and refine your vision. Josh is offering fall photography workshops and classes, including Canon camera classes. For a complete listing and registration, visit his website: joshuataylorphotography.com

Joseph Rossbach

Joe was our speaker in February 2012. He has several tour events listed for the next few months, including the Grand Tetons and a Valley of Fire tour. Rossbach details are at: http://www.josephrossbach.com/photography-tours-workshops/

Alexander "Sasha" Vasiljev

Sasha was our March 2013 NVPS program speaker. His company, NATURE & PHOTO TOURS offers a number of photo tours:  http://naturephotographytours.com

David Heagy

David Heagy is a NVPS club member and was the Digital Gallery presenter in November 2012. The Travel Photography Satisfaction class will show novice and experienced photographers how to increase their satisfaction with their travel photos, handle a variety of situations, protect their images and equipment, and use photography to plan their trips. His schedule of classes and more information are at: http://imageryx.com/.

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Want Ads

For Sale

Canon 1Ds Mark III Camera body; low shutter count (around 30,000 out of rated 300,000). Excellent condition with no external marks. Included are all the accessories and original box. Also includes a free L-bracket ($180.00 value) for Arca-Swiss style clamps. Asking $2500.00.
Contact Dennis Govoni at: dngovoni" at "verizon.net

Spudz Microfiber in Flip Pouch
The club has a supply of Spudz.  Great for cleaning your lens and camera. These are a large size, 10x10 inches, and are emblazoned with the club logo!  Don't be fooled by other cheaper models.  These are in the flip pouch. I will be selling them at club meetings for the amazing price of $10/each or $20 for two.
Bob Friedman

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Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC)

The Northern Virginia Alliance of Camera Clubs (NVACC) is an informal entity started in 1997 by Joseph Miller with the assistance of Dave Carter and Ed Funk. Its purpose is to promote communication and cooperation among area camera clubs. NVACC is made up of Member Clubs and Associated Member Clubs.

NVACC publishes a calendar of area member club events that can be found at http://www.nvacc.org/Calendars.html

This Fall, NVACC is hosting a seminar on camera club judging for those who want to become qualified to judge camera club competitions or just want to learn more about what judges look for in competition. More details are listed under the Events section earlier in this newsletter.

NVACC has a free, downloadable series of 25 guide books for photographers, which provide information about nearby areas that camera clubs might wish to visit. See their booklets at:

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Editor's Note

Last year, a club member pointedly asked "what is the point of having a newsletter if all the content is already on the club website?" We do not distribute it in a printed format, only electronically and it is true that almost all the content is on the web - usually before the newsletter comes out. Maybe the club would be better served by periodic short email reminders instead of the current newsletter approach.

Hey, I may be an old dog, but I am willing to learn a few new tricks. If you have suggestions - especially examples of a better approach, please let me know. Even better, if you are willing and interested in exploring a new approach with me, let me know.

Comments, requests and submissions are welcomed. They should be sent to editor" at "nvps.org or given to me at a regular meeting. I test each issue of the newsletter using Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome to ensure the layout and embedded links work correctly. If you encounter a problem reading FotoFax on your system, please let me know.

Newsletter Editor, Dan Ward

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