Volume 44 - No. 3
Founded 1965 - our 44th Year
November 2008
The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society
Editor: Sam Schaen - Email: Editor@NVPS.org


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11/4 Program Meeting
11/7-9 Field Trip to Chincoteague
11/11 Workshop
11/18 Competition
11/25 Members' Gallery/ Forum

All meetings for the club year will start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors will open at 7:00 PM for a "meet and greet".

Please remember to take seats immediately when the meeting starts and to silence cell phones.

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Monthly Program

November 4 , 2008
Don Johnson
Zoo Photography

Over the years, Don Johnson has had a number of his photographs published. In February 1997, Popular Photography, billed as “the world’s largest imaging magazine,” selected one of his photographs for its Your Best Shot column. He has also produced cover photographs for The AOPA Pilot magazine and Ballooning: The Journal of the Ballooning Federation of America. In addition, Mr. Johnson had three of his images published in the fall 2006 issue of Nature’s Best magazine, one of which appeared on the cover of the issue. Another photograph in the issue was selected as the top Zoo and Aquarium photograph of the year. Two of his images from the magazine, including the winning Zoo and Aquarium image, were displayed at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History.

Mr. Johnson is a past President and an active member of the Gaithersburg Camera Club, located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, as well as a former President and current member of the Frederick Camera Clique, a photography club located in Frederick Maryland. He is also a member of the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) Photography Club.

Don Johnson has photographed in over 45 zoos in North America. In his talk on Zoo Photography, Don will discuss how to produce wonderful animal images by simply going to the zoo—a great place for a photographer. Don will also discuss options for photographing through glass, through a fence, and how to use a flash in a zoo setting, when appropriate. He will also tell some interesting stories about the animals that he has photographed in a captured setting, while detailing how he captured a number of his images. Don's work can be viewed on his web site: www.sunspotimages.com.

Don will be joining interested members for dinner at 6:00 pm at Chili's—if you're planning to attend, please rsvp to Mary at mary.m.o'neill@gsk.com

Mary O'Neill
VP for Programs
703-548-8669 (H)

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Workshops, Education, and Training

Portrait Photography
Fred Chitty
November 10, 2008

The NVPS workshop for November 11th at the Dunn Loring Fire Station will cover portrait photography.   Fred Chitty will present the workshop and cover Portrait basics, Posing, Wardrobe, Photographic KEY, Lighting Basics and Fill Flash for Environmental Portraits.  Following the presentation he will demonstrate a portrait session to show effects that different lighting set ups will make.  NVPS members will have the opportunity to try it themselves, using Fred's lights and their own cameras.  You can even bring your own model or photographic subject.

If there are any questions, please contact one of the Workshop Coordinators:

  Bill Prosser
Melanie Marts

Ed Ruggiero



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Competition Judge
Barbara Southworth
November 18, 2008

Based in Alexandria, VA and Stonington, Maine photographer Barbara Southworth has a passion to be outdoors and a vision rooted in the woods and waters of the east coast. Noted particularly for panoramic images and masterful prints, her work is featured in private, institutional and corporate collections, exhibitions and installations, including Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge’s Herbert H. Bateman Center in sizes up to 30 feet long.  

She believes we owe a debt of gratitude to all who work to sustain whole communities and places through private and public conservation. Her goal is “to communicate as truly as, and as much as is visually possible, the whole experience, the ineffable sense, of being bound to a place through its trees and plants, rocks and waters.”  Maine is her muse.

She leads classes and workshops combining hiking and photography independently and for the Smithsonian and Northern Virginia Community College, and offers digital imaging classes and consulting.

Please plan on joining Barbara at Chili's for some informal socializing before the competition at 6:00 PM.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandi Croan at pashli@aol.com or Matthew Schmidt at mgs@loreleistudios.com.

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October Competition Images

Below are some images that received a first place award in the October competition. Clicking on one of the pictures will display a larger version. First place winners in future competitions may be submitted to editor@nvps.org. Submitted photos should have maximum width and height of 1024 pixels and 768 pixels respectively. Images should be sent to editor@nvps.org by the Friday following the competition.

Novice Color Prints
Curtis Gibbens
Leesylvania Fishing Pier




Advanced Color Prints
Willa Friedman
Acacia at Sunset




Advanced Digital Projection
Jan Ponder
Alice in Wonderland


Novice Digital Projection
Jason Dalton
Looking to the Dawn


Enhanced Prints
Susan Breen
Buck at Sunrise


October Competition Results

Award Photographer Title
Novice Monochrome Prints
1st Carson Zimmerman Ren Fest Drummer
2nd Lorraine Chickering Big Kahuna
3rd Pat Lonergan Trees in Sulfer Mist
Advanced Monochrome Prints
1st Oleg Volons Loneliness of Rose
2nd Chuck Bress Oxford Couple
Novice Color Prints
1st Curtis Gibbens Leesylvania Fishing Pier
2nd Seton R. Droppers Dark Star 2007
3rd Bill Vanderpool Windmill at Sunset
HM Seton R. Droppers Capital Sunrise
Advanced Color Prints
1st Willa Friedman Acacia at Sunset
2nd Timber Gooding A New Day
3rd Bill Prosser Bombay Hook Silhouette
HM Emi Wallace St. John Sunset
HM Minnie Gallman Canadian Morning
Enhanced Prints
1st Susan Breen Buck at Sunrise
2nd Fred Gillis Balanced at Sunset
3rd Will Haubert Long May It Wave
Advanced Slides
1st Amie Tannenbaum Feathers
2nd Amie Tannenbaum Dancing Men
Novice Digital Images
1st Jason Dalton Looking to the dawn
2nd Gayle Dennis Bonaire Buoys
3rd Dawn McLaren Paraglider Over Arizona
HM Charles Rusnak Couple at Lake Como 1
HM Dawn McLaren Yosemite Overlook
HM Jim Carlson Washington Monument
HM John Moore PhotographerAtDawn
Advanced Digital Images
1st Jan Ponder Alice in Wonderland
2nd Frarzin Emami TimeSquare
3rd Susan Breen The Surfer
HM David Biehler Silhoutte Convoy
HM Oleg Volons Woman
HM Sam Schaen Pantanal Sunset


Sandi Croan
Co-VP Competitions
Matthew Schmidt
Co-VP Competitions

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Field Trips

Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Chincoteague, VA
Friday evening, November 7th through Sunday noon, November 9th

The NVPS autumn weekend field trip will be to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.   The trip coincides with peak waterfowl migration and should also offer photo opportunities for local wildlife, including the Sika Elk and the Chincoteague ponies.  There are beaches, dunes, forests, salt marshes and freshwater areas that offer numerous photographic possibilities.  Also, there is a lighthouse and other seaside items of interest.  Additional information about the NWR can be found at http://www.fws.gov/northeast/chinco/introduction.htm

Please contact Gerry Abbott regarding Chincoteague lodging possibilities as well as any other questions/suggestions that you may have regarding the field trip.Information was published in the October FotoFax

Chincoteague lodging is reasonably priced at this time of year. A group dinner on Friday and Saturday night.

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the field trips, please call or email:

Gerry Abbott
gerry.abbott "at" cox.net
703.967.9677 (mobile)

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November 25
Entering International Exhibitions
Tom Hady

Have you ever wondered about entering your images into international exhibitions? NVPS member Tom Hady has been entering prints and slides in international exhibions for more than 25 years and has had his images exhibited well over 1000 times! He enjoys putting his work up against that of photographers from around the world and believes there are many in NVPS who might enjoy it too. On the November 25 Forum night, he will talk about what these exhibitions are, why you might want to enter and the "nuts and bolts" of entering them--how to find out about them, how to enter and what images do well.

Gayle Dennis

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Members' Gallery

Digital Projection
Bob and Willa Friedman

Bob and Willa Friedman have been actively photographing for the last three years.  Bob had a darkroom when he was growing up, while Willa came to photography very suddenly after they were married.  After graduating from college, Willa was an instructor at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.  She was given a choice of several assignments as a summer project.   These included cleaning small animal cages and filing old paperwork.  One choice was photographing wildlife in city parks.  She chose the photography and was handed an SLR camera and a light meter.  Over the following weekend, Bob taught her enough to have a photo published in a fourth grade social studies textbook. 

Bob continued to pursue his hobby with a dark room in their home, and supported the hobby by photographing weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.  Eventually with pressures of work and children, the darkroom became a storage closet.

As they approached retirement, they both drifted back into photography and have taken courses in the basics of photography as well as several workshops, most recently in Kingston, New Brunswick with Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant.  They continue to study Photoshop with Eliot Cohen.  Willa and Bob are both shooting digitally and use Nikon equipment.  They do their own printing on an Epson photographic printer 

Both have had photographs juried into the Meadowlark Photo Expo.  They have also exhibited at Hendry House in Arlington, VA and the Fairfax County Government Center.  Willa has a photograph in the permanent collection of the Joseph Miller Center for the Photographic Arts and won second place in a contest run by the JCRC to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel.  Bob has a photo in the 2009 Burke and Herbert Bank calendar.  They will have a show of some of these photos at Temple Rodef  Shalom in January 2009. 

Bob shoots scenery, wildlife and the grandchildren.  Willa tends to include architecture, city life and wild flowers as well.  A selection of their images may be seen on their website, www.willaandbobphotography.com.

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Dale Williams

Dale Williams was introduced to photography in the mid-1940s by his grandfather who, with his Kodak folding camera, tripod, light meter and black cloth, took those reversed images from the frosted glass and made black and white prints. Other than some experimentation with "drugstore cameras" during the early teen years, Dale's interest in photography lay dormant until he entered the military after college and was stationed on Europe. Photographing military sites was part of his duties and the desire to record the beautiful scenery, culture and architecture reawakened his interest.
In his spare time, Dale has worked as a freelance writer and photographer with articles and photos published in numerous technical and travel magazines. In his later years, subject matter has varied, but is mostly concentrated on nature, scenery and images that tell a story, as seen by the photographer/artist. Many of his photos can be seen on his website at www.fdwphotoart.com.

Luella Murri

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Member News

Bob Friedman and Ed Ruggiero

Bob Friedman and Ed Ruggiero had photos selected for the Burke and Herbert Bank 2009 calendar. Their photos were selected from over 125 submitted.

Sandi Croan

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Photographers of Northern Virginia

Repeat programs of Photographers of Northern Virginia are now being shown on a regular basis on Fairfax Public Access Channel 30 every Monday at 3:30 p.m. and every Friday at 3 p.m. They will no longer be shown on Channel 10.

The October schedule is as follows:

Nov 3 & 7 Hillary Rubin
Nov 10 & 14 Dennis Tarnay
Nov 17 & 21 Victoria Restrepo
Nov 24 & 28 Bob & Willa Friedman

The schedule can also be found on the NVPS website (http://nvps.org/main/upcoming/tv_program_photographers_of_no/).

Luella Murri

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NVPS Executive Board 2008-2009

The elected and appointed board members for the 2008-2009 club year can be found at http://nvps.org/main/about/board-members/.

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NVPS Web Site

NVPS Member Web Site Links

Did you know that you can have your photography website linked to the NVPS web site?  Just send your request to webadmin@nvps.org and we’ll add your web site to the Members Web site section.  Please note that you must be a member in good standing with your dues paid in full for the year.  Also note those who are currently listed and have not paid their NPVS dues by Nov 15, 2008 will be removed from the NVPS.

Show off your photography website to other members by requesting a link to your site!

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Wanted, Good Articles on Photography Written by You!

We’re always looking for member authored articles for the f-Stop section of the website.  Contributions should be submitted to webadmin@nvps.org, and of course must be related to photography in some way.  Submit your article and you’ll help other learn what you already know!

Scott Musson
Web Master - NVPS

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New PSA Website

The website address for PSA has changed to http://www.psa-photo.net. Please adjust your bookmark to the new address. This change will also apply to official PSA email addresses. The domain name at the end of each email address will change to psa-photo.net. For example, the PSA President can now be reached via email at prespsa@psa-photo.net. The previous website address is no longer affiliated with PSA. If you have questions you can contact PSA Headquarters.

Photographic Society of America
3000 United Founder's Blvd, Suite 103
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
Website: www.psa-photo.net
Phone: 405-843-1437

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Camera Donations Sought

The photography teacher at Mount Vernon HS is looking for donations of film cameras. Usually, there are 3 or 4 kids who cannot afford film cameras in her classes each year. This year because of the economy, there are almost 20 kids. The teacher, Ms. Stevens, lets the kids "check out" film cameras that have been donated to the classroom and she is very short this year, causing kids to have to share the few cameras that she has. It is a great classroom program where the kids spend half of their time learning the art of developing their own photos and the other half learning the fine points of digital. If you have any old film cameras that you would like to donate, contact, Lee Braun at 703-623-0301 or leebraun2@aol.com. She is more than willing to come to you to pick them up. If you have any questions for the teacher please contact her at Kathi.Stevens@fcps.edu.

Bill Vanderpool & Nancy Dubiell

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Windsor International Photo Seminar

On the weekend of November 14 15 16, a photo seminar will be held. This year we have Freeman Patterson, Daryl Benson and Charles Needle For more information, see https://www.internationalphotoseminar.com.

Don Martel
Chair WIPS 2008

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FotoWeek DC

FotoWeek DC, the first annual celebration of photography in the nation's capital, will take place November 15-22, 2008. A notice was in the October FotoFax (http://www.nvps.org/main/docs/fotofax/2008/2008-10.html#FotoWeek). Also, more information can be found at: http://www.FotoWeekDC.org

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Wide Asleep
Photography Exhibit at theEmbassy of the Czech Republic
Michael Borek

Czech-American photographer Michael Borek's work ranges from the playful fairytale-like balloon sailing over Prague to an ominous scene from a Santa Fe railway depot that is evocative of a David Lynch movie.

Embassy of the Czech Republic
3900 Spring of Freedom, NW
Washington, DC 20008

Reception: Thursday, November 6; 7-9 PM

Exhibition Opportunities

Friends of Banshee Reeks

Friends of Banshee Reeks, Inc., announces their first photo contest, Banshee Reeks: Nature’s Oasis.

Banshee Reeks is a 700-acre of nature preserve that is operated by Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services. It is supported by the Friends of Banshee Reeks, Inc., a volunteer, nonprofit organization.

Photographic opportunities abound in forested, hillside, meadow, wetland and streamside landscapes. Banshee Reeks is open on weekends (8 am – 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday). This contest runs September 1, 2008 to April 16, 2009. Cash and gift certificate prizes will be awarded. Guidelines are available on-line at www.bansheereeks.org

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George W. Glennie Nature Interclub Exhibition

NVPS has been invited to participate in the 29th annual George W. Glennie Nature Interclub Exhibition, which will be held by the Merrimack Valley Camera Club, North Andover, MA on March 28, 2009.   While this digital-only showcase event is conducted as an interclub activity, awards for individual images will be presented as well.
In 2008, the invitation area was expanded beyond the New England boundaries with great success; 52 clubs participated.    For the 2009 Exhibition, the invitation area will be enlarged again.  The intent is to provide many more clubs with the opportunity to participate in this premier event.  The increased spectrum of Nature specimen is a goal, as well.
For the first time, a Best Wildlife Award will be presented.  “Best Of” and Merit Awards will be presented in each the following categories: Amphibians, Birds, Botany, Insects, Land and Seascapes, Mammals, Marine Life, Reptiles.  
Each club may submit ten (10) images, which conform to the PSA Nature definition and guidelines for the manipulation of Nature images.  An individual may submit no more than two (2) images, even through more than club.  

Visit www.glennie-exhibition.com to view last year’s results. In order to participate, NVPS needs one or more volunteers to coordinate selection and submission of images. Please contact Tom Brett if you are willing to serve as the coordinator.

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Prince William Forrest Photo Contest

Every year in October, we host a photography contest to choose the photo that will be on the annual pass to our park, Prince William Forest Park. We are a unit of the National Park Service located next to Quantico Marine Corps Base off of Exit 150B on I-95.

I wanted to ensure that your members knew about our contest. This year's theme is wildlife. The photos have to be taken in our park. We hang them in our visitor center and let people vote on them. The winner gets an annual pass to the park and a framed plaque with the photo. Our rules and regulations can be found on the front page of our website at http://www.nps.gov/prwi. Please disregard the Oct 17th deadline, we've extended it to Nov. 15th.

Laura Cohen, Chief of Interpretation
Prince William Forest Park
703-221-7181 (visitor center)
703-221-7183 (office)
703-221-3258 (fax)

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Gallery West National Juried Show

Gallery West will be sponsoring its 12th Annual Juried Show in February.  The prospectus is at www.gallery-west.com

It will be held at Gallery West in Alexandria Virginia from February 4th to March 2nd 2009. The Juror is Joey P. Mánlapaz.  Entries must be submitted on CDs. There is a fee of $35 for 1-3 images. The deadline is November 20, 2008. Total awards will be  $1000. 

Linda Bankerd, Show Chair
(703) 549-6006

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Workshops and Tours

Joseph Rossbach

November 21-23 Chincoteague Virginia Photo Workshop Chincoteague, VA $525.00

Joseph Rossbach

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Corey Hilz

October 26 Nikon D60/D40x/D40
Location: Ashburn VA, 12:30 - 4:30pm, $99/$125
Learn about all the buttons, dials and menu options of the Nikon D60/D40x/D40 in an easy to understand manner. This class teaches you how to take advantage of what your camera’s capabilities and use it to capture the best pictures.
November 2 Nikon Flash Photography: Using the Creative Lighting System
Location: Ashburn VA, 12:30 - 4:30pm, $149
This class focuses on using Nikon external flash units and covers flash functions, using multiple flash units wirelessly and accessories for controlling the light.
November 8 HDR and Helicon Focus Workshop
Location: Arlington VA, 12:30-4:30pm, $100
Learn about two techniques that expand the creative possibilities for your photography: HDR photography for greater shadow and highlight detail and Helicon Focus to create unlimited depth of field. This workshop combines demonstrations and photographing to help you learn how to take the photos and use the software.
November 9 Introduction to Photoshop Elements
Location: Vienna VA, 10:00am – 2:30pm, $100
Learn how to adjust, enhance and manipulate your photographs. From demonstrations and hands-on practice you’ll learn how to crop, straighten, selectively lighten and darken, remove unwanted elements, resize, make selections and more.
November 16 Introduction to Digital Photography
Location: Vienna VA, 10:00am – 12:00pm, $50
Learn the basic functions of your digital camera. Topics and camera functions that will be covered include white balance, ISO, memory cards, focusing, exposure modes, image quality and histograms.
November 16 Nikon D90/D80
Location: Ashburn VA, 1:00 – 5:00pm, $99/$125
Learn about all the buttons, dials and menu options of the Nikon D90/D80 in an easy to understand manner.  This class teaches you how to take advantage of what your camera’s capabilities and use it to capture the best pictures.
November 21-23 Chincoteague Weekend Workshop
Location: Chincoteague VA, $525
Spend a weekend photographing landscapes, wildlife and macro subjects on Chincoteague Island. The workshop also includes lectures, critiques and demonstrations.

Corey Hilz Photography

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Christine Kent Bowles (CKB Photography)

November 2, 2008 Water Photography Workshop: This workshop focuses on how to photograph flowing water and reflections and is appropriate for intermediate level photographers; includes classroom instruction, a water photo shoot in a state park, and an online group photo critique session. Held in Ellicott City, MD on Sunday, November 2, from 12-5 pm. Cost is $90 per person.

Christine Bowles

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Jim Clark

November 12-16 Autumn on the Easter Shore: Nature Photography Workshop – Chincoteague, Virginia. Workshop will focus on photographing at the national wildlife refuge and seashore, and the village of Chincoteague. Workshop begins on the evening of November 12 and will end at noon on November 16. Tuition Cost: $795. Lodging: Hampton Inn at Chincoteague. Assisting will be creative photographer Bruce Haley. Workshop Registration at Adirondack Photography Institute: www.adkpi.org

Jim Clark      

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Henderson Fine Art
Colleen Spencer Henderson

Nov 3 – Nov 12 Layers and Layer Masking Learn to master Photoshop’s most useful and important editing feature, layers and layer masking.
Dec 1 – Dec 8 Raw Files This class provides a solid foundation in RAW files: what they are, why they are useful, and how to process your RAW images quickly and efficiently.

Colleen Henderson

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Alaska Photography Cruise

Aug 7 - 14, 2009 Photography Cruise from Seattle, Washington to Alaska on. Stops include Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria BC. Rates start at $1,190 per person.

Lisa Glover

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Costa Rica Photo Tours

January 11-20, 2009 March 1-10, 2009 10 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
January 23-29, 2009 7 Day Panama photo tour $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
February 1-8, 2009 8 Day Cartagena, Columbia photo tour. $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
March 13-19, 2009 7 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.

Additional information about itineraries can be obtained by contacting Frank Scott.

Frank Scott

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Manassas Warrenton Camera Club
Contact: Gene Wells (703) 330-5835 or ewellsjr@verizon.net
Website: www.mwcc-photo.org .
Meetings: Held on the 1st and 3rd Thur. at 7:30 pm, Manassas City Hall, Old Town Manassas, or as indicated.
Program:  The Magic of Photoshop by Andy Jezioro
Competition: Nature; Judge:  Warren Standley

McLean Photography Club
Contact: Bruce Copping at (703) 725-9331 or bcopping@gmail.com
Website: www.mcleanphoto.org
Meetings:  Held on the 2nd Wed. at 7:30 pm (meet & greet at 7:15 pm), at the McLean Community Center, or as indicated.
Program:  Competition, see below.
Competition:  November 12, Wed., 7:30 at the Community Center.  Charles Neenan will be our guest judge.

Reston Photographic Society
Ellis Rosenberg at 703-855-4008 or erosenberg@cox.net
: Held the 3rd Monday of the month 7:30-9:30 pm at the Reston Community Center – Lake Anna
Program:  On Monday Nov 17th we will have Alan Sislen giving a program on digital infrared photography

Vienna Photographic Society
Contact: Mary Jane Fish at (703) 281-9743 or fishsfotos@aol.com  or Warren Standley at (540) 635-6721 or editor@vps-va.org .
Website: www.vps-va.org
: Held on the 1st and 3rd Wed. at 7:30 pm in the main lecture hall of the Thoreau Middle School, 2505 Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA.
Program: Wednesday, November 5th… Walter P. Callahan presenting “Mastering the Box… Expanding Your Creative Vision”
Wednesday, November 19th… The competition is themed “Tools of the Trade” with Bill Prosser as judge.
Field Trip: to be announced… watch the VPS web site and newsletter

The NVACC November Calendar is posted on www.NVACC.org

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For Sale

Tamron Di II lens - AF18-250mm F/3.5-6.3, LDAspherical (IF) MACRO. This lens is for a Canon digital camera and has a 62 mm filter size. The lens is used but you can't tell it. It is in the box. Includes a lens hood, UV Filter, Circular Polarizer, and case.$175 . Louise Ransom, RJWagons@aol.com

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