Volume 44 - No. 2
Founded 1965 - our 44th Year
October 2008
The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society
Editor: Sam Schaen - Email: Editor@NVPS.org


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10/4 Field Trip - Center for Photographic Arts
10/4 Center for Photographic Arts
10/7 Program Meeting
10/14 Workshop
10/21 Competition
10/26 Field Trip - Fall Foliage - National Arboretum
10/28 Members' Gallery/ Forum
10/26 Field Trip - National Arboretum
11/7-9 Field TripChincoteague

All meetings for the club year will start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors will open at 7:00 PM for a "meet and greet".

Please remember to take seats immediately when the meeting starts and to silence cell phones.

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Monthly Program

October 7, 2008
Alan Sislen
Digital Infrared Photography

Have you ever admired those "strange" black and white images with dark skies and light foliage? Have you ever wished you could make interesting landscape images in harsh mid-day sun? Have you been thinking about converting an old DSLR for infrared photography? Do you have an almost insatiable desire to learn about your photographic options? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you'll want to attend Alan Sislen's workshop on digital infrared photography.

Alan is an Associate Artist at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia and a Resident Artist at the Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts (VisArts) in Rockville, Maryland. His work can be seen at the Multiple Exposures Gallery at the Torpedo Factory, at his shared studio at VisArts and at his home studio in Bethesda, Maryland.

Alan is a former board member of the North Bethesda (Maryland) Camera Club. Through juried competitions, in 2006 and 2007 he was named Photographer of the Year – Advanced Color Prints. He was also chosen Photographer of the Year – Electronic Images in 2007. In 2008 he was named Photographer of the Year in Black and White prints. His work has also been included in many juried exhibits throughout the greater Washington, D.C. area. His website is www.AlanSislenPhotography.com

Alan's outline for the evening workshop indicates a comprehensive discussion of technical and aesthetic issues related to infrared (IR) photography. He'll discuss the infrared spectrum, best subjects for IR, shooting IR images with film vs. digital, using a point and shoot digital camera vs. a DSLR, using filters vs. having your digital camera converted for IR, white balance and focus issues when shooting IR, and much more.

Mary O'Neill
VP for Programs
703-548-8669 (H)

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Workshops, Education, and Training

Andy Klein and Bill Prosser
October 14

Andy Klein and Bill Prosser, both certified judges, will critique your photographic images October 14. The workshop will begin at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. Critiques are designed to give you educational feedback on your photographic efforts. We encourage you to submit images that are eligible for the October themed-competition, silhouettes, that were taken on field trips, or that respond to recent program or workshop topics.

In order to give the judges adequate time to discuss individual images, you are limited to three images per person. To maintain the educational intent, if too many images are submitted, we may limit the comments to two images per person in order to ensure sufficient time for each image critiqued.

We hope you will be able to learn about good visual design/composition and other aspects of good photography from observing this critique. You are encouraged to submit images as digital slides or bring film slides, rather than prints, because they are easier for everyone in the viewing audience to see. You may, however, bring prints for critique if you wish. (Binoculars also help one to view prints.)

Please designate your priority preferences—one, two, or three. For images submitted for digital projection, designate the preference first -1, 2 or 3; followed by your name, and title (optional); e.g., 2-Bill Prosser-(Senica Window.) (Please use 1, 2, or 3, not 01, 02, 03.) Please email digital .jpg images no larger than 768 x 1024 pixels to Bill Prosser (prosserwm@aol.com) no later than Sunday evening, October 12. The judges will critique all the 1’s before moving the 2’s. For film slides (and prints) we will have three trays (stacks) designated, 1, 2, and 3 for you to sort you pictures into. If you bring film slides or prints, please arrive several minutes early to get your images in the correct tray or stack.

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Problem Solvers Program

NVPS is planning to start an activity to be called Problem Solvers to help answer member photography questions. We are maintianing a website (http://www.flickr.com/groups/thenvps/) where members can ask questions about photography, software, and equipment. Other members will answer these questions or try to provide guidance about where answers might be found. To make this activity a success we need to identify Facilitators and Problem Solvers. Facilitators will monitor the website to make sure that questions are answered in a timely fashion. They will be assigned specific days or weeks (to be determined) that they will check the website to see that all questions more than a day or two old have been answered, or acknowledged for a later response. If not, the Facilitator will try to find a Problem Solver from the Problem Solvers’ Inventory who will try to help the person with the problem. Problem Solvers are people who have volunteered to help try to answer member questions.

If you are willing to monitor the website a few days a month and be a Facilitator, please contact one of the Workshop Coordinators-Melanie Marts, Bill Prosser, or Ed Ruggiero- that you would be available and how many days a month you would be willing to check out the website for open questions.

If you have certain photographic skills and knowledge that enable you to be a good tutor to beginning photographers and others with problems, please volunteer to be a Problem Solver. The table below is designed to give you a conceptual framework to think about the talents that you have which could be added to the Problem Solvers’ Inventory. For example, Joe Miller has signed up as a Visual Design/Composition Problem Solver. Tom Brett has signed up for Flash, Macro, Black Light, and Nikon; Tom Hady for Black and White Printing. Don’t be shy, add your name to the Inventory list. It is fine, even advisable, to have multiple names for various skills—No one knows everything, everyone knows something.

Think of skills narrowly, dodging and burning, or broadly, PS CS-3. Then, please volunteer to help others to find answers to their photography questions. Contact Melanie, Bill or Ed if you are willing to be a Problem Solver and list what skills you have or types of questions you would be willing to try to help with.

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Examples of Problem Solver's Knowledge Base and Skills



Software (Examples)

Capture - Photograph

Visual Design,
Multiple Exposures, Black Light, IR,
Portraiture, Birds
Wildlife, Flower

Flash/Lighting, Tripods

Capture - Scan

Capturing 3-D Objects


Editing -Conventional Produce/Manipulate
an image for printing or digital use

Those skills allowed for  BW and Color Prints; e.g., Dodging and Burning,  Converting Color to BW, etc.

PS/PE/Corel Draw
Monitor Calibration

Editing - Enhanced  for Enhanced prints and Digital Slides

Those conventional other skills used to prepare Enhanced images; e.g., composites, filters, etc.

PS/PE/Corel Draw

Output- Print/
Digital Image

Color Control, BW and Color printing, Sizing Image, Mounting + Matting,

Papers, Inks,
Projector Calibration,
Archival Supplies



DVD vs Hard-drives

We also welcome your comments about how to improve this request to members to be  Facilitators and Problem Solvers or the Problem Solvers activity.

 If you have any questions or concerns about Workshops, contact

  Bill Prosser
Melanie Marts

Ed Ruggiero


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Reminder: there is a theme for the October Competitions (Silhouettes). A discussion of what constitutes a silhouette can be found in the September issue of FotoFax.

Please do not forget that new competition rules will be in effect (http://nvps.org/main//about/rules-of-compettion/) and that only paid members may enter competitions.

Competition Judge
Warren Standley

Theme: Silhouettes
October 21, 2008

Warren Standley is a Massachusetts native who has been fascinated with photography since the age of 12. He started with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye and moved to 35mm (Miranda, Ashai Pentax, Olympus, and Nikon) to document the world around him. After years with film, including a home darkroom, he is now 100% digital; shooting with a Nikon D200 and a D70. Warren is an eclectic photographer and enjoys shooting people and places. He especially enjoys roaming around new places and capturing unique patterns and lighting situations.

Over the years, he has been active in local photo clubs as a member, president, competitions chair, and field trips coordinator. Warren is currently the editor of the monthly newsletter for the Vienna Photographic Society. He has done several photographic projects with students in Northern Virginia, but is proudest of his involvement in the Columbia Heights West Teen Photo Project, an activity that used photography to motivate at-risk teens to be good citizens by documenting Arlington's rapidly-changing ethnic neighborhoods in photographs and oral history.

He "graduated" from full-time employment and, in January 2007. He and his wife Barb moved to their newly-constructed home in Bentonville (VA) to share the quiet of the Shenandoah Valley with the turkey, deer, coyote, bear, and an occasional cougar that were here long before they arrived.

Please plan on joining Warren for dinner at Chili's at 5:45 prior to the competition (Sandi will send out a separate dinner reminder closer to the date).

If you have any questions, please contact Sandi Croan at pashli@aol.com or Matthew Schmidt at mgs@loreleistudios.com.

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Bill Adams

Bill Adams
Novice Digital
Tulip Shadows

Due in part to a late notice going out to the winners and the newsletter editor needing to finish this issue before heading out of town on a business trip, only Bill Adams' image was received in time to be included.

In future months, please feel free to submit any images that receive a first place award. The images should be sized the same as for Digital Projection categories (i.e., a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels). Submissions should be sent to editor@nvps.org by the Saturday following the competition.


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September Competition Results

Award Photographer Title
Novice Monochrome Prints
1st Lorraine Chickering Canaletto's Canal
Advanced Monochrome Prints
1st Willa Friedman Vermilion Lake
2nd John Dexter Geometry
3rd Marti Belcher Stick Dance
Novice Color Prints
1st Will Haubert Starship Enterprise = Fair
2nd Ursy Potter Tiger Burning Bright
3rd Tom Mangan Apple Blossom Special
HM Lorraine Chickering Black Heart
HM Bill Vanderpool Santorini Afternoon
HM Georgette Grossman Blooming Gerberia
Advanced Color Prints
1st Timber Gooding Nightly at Longwood
2nd Bob Feldman Flaten Island
3rd Stephen J. Gawarecki Pines on the Heath
HM Bill Prosser Man Walking Beach
HM Jenifer Elliott Samarkand Historians
HM John Dexter Painted Boat
HM Marti Belcher The Blue City
Enhanced Prints
1st Fred Gillis Mushrooms
2nd Bill Vanderpool A Perfect Cast
3rd Susan Breen Korean Memorial
HM Susan Breen A Buck at Sunrise
Advanced Slides
1st Amie Tannenbaum On the Wane
2nd Brian Payne Backyard Stream
Novice Digital Images
1st William Adams Tulip Shadows
2nd John Naman Geometry
3rd William Haubert Dorsoduro Canal
HM Tuan Pham First Light
HM Dawn McLaren Surprise Visitor
HM Roger Novack Lotus and Sky
Advanced Digital Images
1st Fred Siskind Dew-covered Eastern-tailed Blue
2nd Bill Prosser Watching the Storm
3rd Scott Musson Two Frogs and One Pad
HM Jan Ponder Through the Leaves
HM Emi Wallace Playa de Guayanes
HM Kathy Udell View of Regenberg

Sandi Croan
Co-VP Competitions
Matthew Schmidt
Co-VP Competitions

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Field Trips

Center for the Photographic Arts
Gainesville VA
Oct 4, 2008

10:00 - 12:30 p.m.,
( 9:15 a.m. car pooling from Dunn Loring)

Note: Sign-up is required as attendance may be limited

Joe Miller will host a NVPS field trip to the Center for the Photographic Arts in Gainesville VA.    Joe will lead us through many of the images from the permanent collection and discuss "How To Look at a Photograph".   In viewing the images, some of factors that will be discussed could include eye movement, balance/imbalance, harmony, color, tone, contrast, rhythm, placement, spacing, separation, flaws, exposure, light, dominance, mood (e.g. feeling, emotion, mystery), story telling, composition, craftsmanship, creativity, content, and total presentation.

Directions will be provided for those who plan to drive directly to the Center for the Photographic Arts. We would like everyone to be present when we start promptly at 10:00 so please allow plenty of time to reach the location. For those that wish to car pool from Dunn Loring, please let me know.

Please do not bring food and drink inside the Center.

Participants may sign up by sending email to gerry.abbott "at" cox.net
or at the NVPS meetings.  Please include cell phone and email address.

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Fall Foliage Trip
National Arboretum
Oct 26, 2008
8:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
(7:30 a.m. car pooling from Dunn Loring)

The Arboretum covers 446 acres and contains 9.5 miles of winding roadways.  In addition to fall foliage, the plants of interest in October include firethorn in fruit, hibiscus, autumn crocuses, water-lilies, crapemyrtles, viburnums in fruit, conifer foliage and cones, dogwoods in fruit, boxwood, herbs, annuals, ornamental grasses, native witch-hazels, fall blooming camellias, toad-lilies, chrysanthemums and others.

There will also be a special Autumn Bonsai Exhibit on display from 10:00 a.m.  (also free). Bonsai – trees growing in containers – go through the same annual cycle as trees growing in the ground.  

The Arboretum was established in 1927 by an Act of Congress and  is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service. Their mission is to serve the public need for scientific research, education, and gardens that conserve and showcase plants to enhance the environment.

More information can be found at http://www.usna.usda.gov/index.html

The Arboretum is located in northeast Washington, DC, 2.2 miles from the Capitol. It is bordered on the west by Bladensburg Road, on the north by New York Avenue, and on the south by M Street. Visitor entrances are located on New York Avenue and on R Street. The Arboretum remains open until 5:00 PM

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Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge
Chincoteague, VA
Friday evening, November 7th through Sunday noon, November 9th

There will be Group dinners on Friday and Saturday night

Additional trip details will be forthcoming at www.NVPS.org; but mark your calendars for the NVPS autumn weekend field trip to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.   The trip coincides with peak waterfowl migration and should also offer photo opportunities for local wildlife, including the Sika Elk and the Chincoteague ponies.  There are beaches, dunes, forests, salt marshes and freshwater areas that offer numerous photographic possibilities.  Also, there is a lighthouse and other seaside items of interest.

Additional information about the NWR can be found at http://www.fws.gov/northeast/chinco/introduction.htm
Chincoteague lodging is reasonably priced at this time of year.  

If you have any questions or suggestions about any of the field trips, please call or email:

Gerry Abbott
gerry.abbott "at" cox.net
703.967.9677 (mobile)

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October 28
Judging Famous Paintings by Camera Club Criteria
Joe Miller

It is never pleasant when a judge is critical of our images when they are entered in a camera club competition, and we soon learn that judges have certain reasons to dislike images. OUT is a dreaded word. What would a camera club judge say if some famous paintings were entered in a camera club competition? On the October 28 Forum night, Joe Miller will "judge" well known paintings from famous painters (from Cezanne to Wyeth and from Dali to da Vinci) using camera club criteria. It will be a fun evening to hear OUT to a Rembrandt, a Picasso or a van Gogh when camera club criteria are used.

Gayle Dennis

Members' Gallery

Digital Projection
Paul Simmons

Paul will be displaying a digital slideshow of images collected at Brookside Gardens and the Washington Mall.  Paul enjoys all types of outdoor photography particularly flower photography. 

Paul has developed his photographic skills by shooting a lot of images, reading photographic magazines and books, and attending NVPS.  He feels his NVPS experience has been the biggest help in improving his images.

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Melanie Marts

Melanie became interested in photography as a hobby about 3 years ago, when she purchased a 7 -
megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera with a nice macro feature. She loves flowers and started out practicing on the ones in her garden. She quickly realized that camera's shortcomings, and two years ago purchased her first SLR, a Nikon D80, which she is still using.

She joined NVPS in April of 2007 in order to learn and is glad she did. She loves many types of photography, macro, landscape, architectural, flowers, design or subject based, but she especially loves to make photos with reflections in them. She especially likes water shots with reflections. Thanks to NVPS, and practice, practice, practice, she thinks she has become a better and more creative photographer and is looking forward to many more years of participation in the club.

Luella Murri

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Changes to the By-Laws Pass
Sept 16th, 2008

A ballot vote was taken on the evening of Sept 16th, 2008 to consider the proposal to change the By-Laws of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society. During the NVPS summer transition board meeting, a motion to modify the definition of a quorum that was approved to be brought before the membership for a vote.  The proposal was to lower the requirement for a quorum from “not less than one-third of the entire membership” to “not less than 15 percent of the entire membership”. 

The reason for this recommendation was to address the difficulty we had with establishing a quorum for the election of officers and for the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and the rules of Competition in May 2008. 

Of the 133 paid members as of Sept 16th,2008, 60 ballots were cast by members in good standing or who were current with their dues, which constituted a quorum under the By-Laws as approved on May 20, 2008.  A change to the By-Laws requires a simple majority and 57 votes were in favor of the change, 2 were opposed and 1 voted present.  8 invalid ballots were cast by members who had not yet paid their dues.

An updated version of the Constitution and By-Laws of NVPS can be found on the NVPS website here.

Scott Musson
NVPS Past President and Web Manager
smusson “at” mindspring.com

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Member News

Sandi Croan

Sandi Croan will be a featured artist at both Broadway Gallery and Meadowlark Gardens in October. Please join Sandi at Broadway Gallery for an artists reception on Saturday, October 4th from 5 - 8 PM. Info available at www.broadwaygalleries.net. Her work will be featured for the month of October at the Fairfax gallery and at the Alexandria gallery in November for Fotoweek. Her work will also be on display in a solo show at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens from October 8th through November.

Sandi Croan

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Photographers of Northern Virginia

Repeat programs of Photographers of Northern Virginia are now being shown on a regular basis on Fairfax Public Access Channel 30 every Monday at 3:30 p.m. and every Friday at 3 p.m. They will no longer be shown on Channel 10.

The October schedule is as follows:

Sept 29 & Oct 3 Carlisle Small
Oct 6 & 10 Lloyd Wolf
Oct 13 & 17 Ed Ruggiero
Oct 20 & 24 Chip Clark
Oct 27 & 31 Jim Tetro

The schedule can also be found on the NVPS website (http://nvps.org/main/upcoming/tv_program_photographers_of_no/).

Luella Murri

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NVPS Executive Board 2008-2009

The elected and appointed board members for the 2008-2009 club year can be found at http://nvps.org/main/about/board-members/.

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FotoWeek DC

FotoWeek DC, the first annual celebration of photography in the nation's capital, will take place November 15-22, 2008. It will bring together photographers, museums, universities, and others involved in the profession across the metro D.C. area. FotoWeek DC will feature a photography contest and juried exhibition open to professional and amateur photographers, along with gallery openings, lectures, educational workshops, portfolio reviews, book signings, and special offers on photographic services and merchandise from local area retailers. The week-long celebration will culminate in a gala awards ceremony hosted by FotoWeek DC sponsor National Geographic, recognizing area photographers across several genres, including photojournalism, commercial, fine art, amateur, and student photography.

For more information on FotoWeek DC, please visit www.FotoWeekDC.org.

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5th Annual Fall Wildlife Festival
October 11, 2008

The Friends of the Potomac River Refuges to ask for your involvement in the 5th Annual Fall Wildlife Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 9 am to 3 pm to take place at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The festival, sponsored by the Friends of the Potomac Refuge Refuges (www.foprr.org) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is part of the National Wildlife Refuge Week celebration.As in years past, the festival will feature artists, craftsmen, children's activities, live wildlife shows, environmental education exhibits, and hay rides.

There is a $50 fee for vendors and we ask, that due to our limited supply, that you bring your own table, chairs and tent. In return, we can guarantee that you will have a highly visible space among the other vendors and exhibitors.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration. If you are interested in participating in the festival, please feel free to contact me at my personal email address kobedog@hotmail.com or Annette Baker-Toole, President of Friends of the Potomac River Refuges at: info@foprr.com or call 703-408-5269.

Lisa Graham
FOPRR Outreach Committee Member

Annette Baker-Toole
President of Friends of the Potomac River Refuges

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Exhibition Opportunities

Friends of Banshee Reeks

Friends of Banshee Reeks, Inc., announces their first photo contest, Banshee Reeks: Nature’s Oasis.

Banshee Reeks is a 700-acre of nature preserve that is operated by Loudoun County Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services. It is supported by the Friends of Banshee Reeks, Inc., a volunteer, nonprofit organization.

Photographic opportunities abound in forested, hillside, meadow, wetland and streamside landscapes. Banshee Reeks is open on weekends (8 am – 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday). This contest runs September 1, 2008 to April 16, 2009. Cash and gift certificate prizes will be awarded. Guidelines are available on-line at www.bansheereeks.org

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Gallery West National Juried Show

Gallery West will be sponsoring its 12th Annual Juried Show in February.  The prospectus is at www.gallery-west.com

It will be held at Gallery West in Alexandria Virginia from February 4th to March 2nd 2009. The Juror is Joey P. Mánlapaz.  Entries must be submitted on CDs. There is a fee of $35 for 1-3 images. The deadline is November 20, 2008. Total awards will be  $1000. 

Linda Bankerd, Show Chair
(703) 549-6006

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Workshops and Tours

Christine Kent Bowles (CKB Photography)

October 18, 2008 Backyard and Trail Standard Workshop: Basic nature photography workshop for beginner to intermediate photographers; includes classroom instruction, photo shoots in the backyard and on the trail, and a personal photo critique by e-mail. Held in Ellicott City, MD on Saturday, October 18, from 9 am to 4 pm. Cost is $70 per person.
November 2, 2008 Water Photography Workshop: This workshop focuses on how to photograph flowing water and reflections and is appropriate for intermediate level photographers; includes classroom instruction, a water photo shoot in a state park, and an online group photo critique session. Held in Ellicott City, MD on Sunday, November 2, from 12-5 pm. Cost is $90 per person.

Christine Bowles

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Jim Clark

November 12-16 Autumn on the Easter Shore: Nature Photography Workshop – Chincoteague, Virginia. Workshop will focus on photographing at the national wildlife refuge and seashore, and the village of Chincoteague. Workshop begins on the evening of November 12 and will end at noon on November 16. Tuition Cost: $795. Lodging: Hampton Inn at Chincoteague. Assisting will be creative photographer Bruce Haley. Workshop Registration at Adirondack Photography Institute: www.adkpi.org

Jim Clark      

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Henderson Fine Art
Colleen Spencer Henderson

Oct 13 – Oct 29 Photoshop Essentials Learn simple and effective methods to easily and consistently edit and print your photographs.
Oct 31- Nov 2 Print on Canvas Learn something new. Be creative. Experiment. Learn how to print images on canvas, stretch canvas, and add a varnish protective coating.
Nov 3 – Nov 12 Layers and Layer Masking Learn to master Photoshop’s most useful and important editing feature, layers and layer masking.
Dec 1 – Dec 8 Raw Files This class provides a solid foundation in RAW files: what they are, why they are useful, and how to process your RAW images quickly and efficiently.

Colleen Henderson

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Alaska Photography Cruise

Aug 7 - 14, 2009 Photography Cruise from Seattle, Washington to Alaska on. Stops include Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria BC. Rates start at $1,190 per person.

Lisa Glover

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Costa Rica Photo Tours

January 11-20, 2009 March 1-10, 2009 10 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
January 23-29, 2009 7 Day Panama photo tour $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
February 1-8, 2009 8 Day Cartagena, Columbia photo tour. $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
March 13-19, 2009 7 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.

Additional information about itineraries can be obtained by contacting Frank Scott.

Frank Scott

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Nature Photography Workshop
Smithsonian Institute and George Mason University

October 25-26, 2008 The Smithsonian Institute in partnership with George Mason University is offering a weekend Nature Photography Workshop in Virginia to be held at theNational Zoo’s Conservation and Research Center (CRC), Front Royal, Virginia. Instructor: Bob Tope, Managing Editor, Nature’s Best Photography. Cost: $700


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Workhouse Arts Center

The long awaited Workhouse Arts Center at the old Lorton prison has finally opened. It has artists studio's of all types including photography. They also offer classes. Check out the web site for more information. Classes start Sept 29th. http://www.workhousearts.org/

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Loudoun Photography Club
Contact: Mary Austin-Keller at info@loudounphotoclub.com or 703-435-8907
Website: www.loudounphotoclub.com
: NEW!  The George Washington University Virginia Campus, Ashburn (see website for directions)
Program: 10/9, “Backyard Bird Photography” with Jack Nevitt
Competition: 10/23 – Official Competition, Theme = “Abstract”
Field Trip: TBD, see website or yahoo group discussion list

Manassas Warrenton Camera Club
Contact: Andy Jezioro president@mwcc-photo.org
Website: www.mwcc-photo.org .
Meetings: Held on the 1st and 3rd Thurs. at 7:30 pm, Manassas City Hall, Old Town Manassas, or as indicated.
Program:  October 2, 2008 - Guest Speakers Shirley & Patrick Collins; Topic:  Nature
Competition:  October 16, 2008 – Theme:  Junk, Tools & Machinery; Judge:  Ellis Rosenberg

McLean Photography Club
Contact: Bruce Copping at (703) 725-9331 or bcopping@gmail.com
Website: www.mcleanphoto.org
Meetings:  Held on the 2nd Wed. at 7:30 pm (meet & greet at 7:15 pm), at the McLean Community Center, or as indicated.
Program:  TBD, October 8th, 7:30
Competition:  November 12th, 7:30

Reston Photographic Society
Ellis Rosenberg at 703-855-4008 or erosenberg@cox.net
: Held the 3rd Monday of the month 7:30-9:30 pm at the Reston Community Center – Lake Anna
Program:  On Monday Oct.20th we will meet at the Reston Library 11925 Bowman Towne Rd. Reston 20191. We will have a members showcase. Please bring your images on a CD, DVD, or memory stick, JPEG only and under 1 meg file size. Please bring your mounted prints also.
Competition:  Our PhotoArt expo will be hung on Sept 29th  at RCC Lake Anne. Entry forms due by Sept 26th. See web site for details.

Vienna Photographic Society
Contact:  Mary Jane Fish at (703) 281-9743 or fishsfotos@aol.com or Mike Stevens at 703-619-1605 or mike@stevenslink.net
Website: www.vps-va.org
: Held on the 1st and 3rd Wed. at 7:30 pm in the main lecture hall of the Thoreau Middle School, 2505 Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA.
Program: Wed, 10/1 @ 7:30 pm… Joseph Rossbach presenting “An Insider’s View of West Virginia”
Competition:  Wed, 10/15 @ 7:30 pm… non-themed competition… judge <tba>
Field Trip: Fri-Sun, 10/17-19… Exploring the Highland Scenic Byway in West Virginia… for more information, contact Martin Fish at fishmp@aol.com or Terry Goplerud at Terrygoplerud@yahoo.com

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For Sale

TrekPod - designed to be a Walking Stick, Monopod or Tripod. Asking Price is $50.00 Contact Glenn Bernstein, gbernstein@aol.com.

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