Volume 44 - No. 1
Founded 1965 - our 44th Year
September 2008
The Newsletter of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society
Editor: Sam Schaen - Email: Editor@NVPS.org


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9/2 Program Meeting
9/9 Workshop
9/13 Field Trip - Wolf Sanctuary
9/16 Competition
9/23 Members' Gallery/ Forum
9/30 Workshop
10/4 Field Trip - Center for Photographic Arts
10/26 Field Trip - National Arboretum

All meetings for the club year will start at 7:30 PM at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. The doors will open at 7:00 PM for a "meet and greet".

Please remember to take seats immediately when the meeting starts and to silence cell phones.

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Monthly Program

September 2, 2008
Ian J. Plant
Beyond the Rule of Thirds: Composing Landscape and Wildlife Images

Ian J. Plant will be our NVPS Program speaker for September 2, 2008. Ian has been photographing the natural world for fifteen years and is known for his dramatic and evocative landscape and wildlife images. His work has appeared in a number of books and calendars, as well as national and regional magazines, including Outdoor Photographer, National Parks, Blue Ridge Country, Adirondack Life, Wonderful West Virginia, and Chesapeake Life, among others. His sixth and most recent book is the critically acclaimed Chesapeake: Bay of Light. An Exploration of the Chesapeake Bay's Wild and Forgotten Places. Ian's work has also appeared in five books of the Wonder and Light series. Ian is co-owner of Mountain Trail Press, a publisher of nature photography books and calendars. Ian also leads photo workshops and tours through Mountain Trail Photo. For more information, and to see more of Ian's work, visit http://www.mountaintrailphoto.com.

Ian'stalk is titled, Beyond the Rule of Thirds: Composing Landscape and Wildlife Images. The venerable "Rule of Thirds" is often the first composition guideline that photographers learn, but too often it is also the last. Ian will present a program about the art of landscape and wildlife composition, discussing several techniques that will allow you to take your photographs beyond the Rule of Thirds. Ian will show images from around the country to illustrate the techniques he discusses. Ian will also have available copies of his books and calendars for sale and signing.

Lowepro Camera Bag Raffle

A Lowepro Primus AW backpack will be raffled at the meeting. Joe Miller won it at the End of Year Banquet. Alas, Joe cannot use this and has kindly donated it to the club. Anybody that would love to own this and can use it is eligible for the giveaway. The giveaway will take place at the first NVPS meeting on Tuesday, September 2nd. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!!! If the name that is drawn out of the bowl is NOT present, another name will be drawn. To be eligible, you must send an email to Sandi Croan (Pashli@aol.com) expressing your desire to enter no later than Sunday, August 31st at 6pm. Please put your full name somewhere in the email and simply state "I want it" or something similar.

Mary O'Neill
VP for Programs
703-548-8669 (H)

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Message from the President

Tom Brett

We welcome you to NVPS '08-'09. This will be an exciting and active NVPS year. We will be treated to wonderful speakers, competitions, photographic presentations, field trips, education sessions, exhibits, and other learning experiences. You will be encouraged, provided with educational opportunities, and challenged.

This will be the 44th year for NVPS and we will maintain the club's outstanding reputation as one of the very best photography clubs in the region. NVPS is a very active club with activities to challenge and appeal to the many "tastes" and skill levels of our members. We are intent on encouraging and helping less- experienced photographers to increase their skills.

We are very fortunate to have a Board of very talented volunteers, with a good mix of prior Board experience and "new" Board members. As you know, all Board members are volunteers. Please strongly consider volunteering to serve in one of the unfilled positions, which include: Secretary [who had to resign as a result of job workload increase], Exhibits Coordinator, Meadowlark Coordinator, and [not a board position, but appreciated by all] Refreshments Coordinator.

Congratulations to the many fine photographers who "graduated up" from Novice to Advanced level, based on their demonstrated higher skills during competitions last year. Congratulations also to Scott Musson for being a great President last year and for completing & analyzing the masterful Members Survey, for revamping & publishing the Board Member Guide and his many other initiatives.

We greatly look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, 2 September, at Dunn Loring Fire Station as we kick-off another exciting year. I am very honored to follow in the footsteps of so many wonderful former NVPS presidents.

Tom Brett
NVPS President

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Workshops, Education, and Training

September 9, 2008
Presentation Skills

September 30, 2008
Novice Night
Bill Folsom

September is 2-fer Month. We will start a new program year of workshops. Monthly workshops will be held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Dunn Loring Fire Station. They start at 7:30 PM. Special workshops will be held two fifth Tuesdays:  September (Novice Night) and , provisionally, March (Portfolio Critique). Workshops are organized to promote hands-on opportunities to learn about photography skills, techniques, and equipment. Two workshop-field trip combinations will support Competition themes: (January-Rhythm, and April-Architecture). The workshop provides “how-to” lessons followed by a field trip to provide in-the-field practice and instruction. This is followed by Competition judging to provide feedback on success. Again this year we will sponsor a Portfolio Project (described below).

September 9, Presentation Skills Six ribbon winners from last year  will lead a workshop on preparing prints and digital images for competition and display. Following a break, several smaller break-out sessions will provide members an opportunity to get questions answered and share tips.

September 30, Novice Night Bill Folsom will speak about the important features of camera and photographic techniques. After his presentation several stations will provide photo-making opportunities plus answers to questions about cameras and general photographic techniques.

Finally, we are working to establish a “Help Desk--Problem Solvers” program to connect members with questions to members with answers. We plan both specific person to person referrals and online Q & A’s.

NVPS 2008-9 Portfolio Project

NVPS will be repeating last year’s popular Portfolio Project in 2008-9. This is a nine month project starting in September and running through May. The current schedule for this project is outlined below (with more details to follow as the year progresses):

  • There will be a Portfolio Project station at the Novice Night program on September 30th. This station will have examples of last year’s portfolios and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions.
  • This year’s project coordinator, Ed Knepley, will give a brief presentation on the project and answer questions for 10 minutes before the October 14th workshop/critique.
  • Portfolios will be critiqued at the NVPS meeting on the 5th Tuesday of March 2009.
  • The final printed portfolios will be submitted in mid-April 2009 for judging.
  • The May workshop will be devoted to the Portfolio Project. At this meeting each portfolio will be available in printed form for NVPS members to view and discuss with the artist. Also, each portfolio will be presented in slideshow form and the judge will make observations during the slideshow. Finally, awards will be presented. This workshop was one of the highlights of the 2007-8 club year and we expect it to be so again.

A portfolio will contain 12 images and include an “Artist’s Statement” in which the photographer explains what he or she is trying to accomplish.  Portfolios may be bound in an album or contained loose in a traditional portfolio box. The physical characteristics of the portfolio up are to the photographer. You are free to choose the type and size of portfolio that best reflects your content and/or style. 

At the photographer’s option, portfolio images can be posted at club’s website for critiquing during the portfolio’s development. The online critiques will be conducted only by judges who have completed Joe Miller’s judging course. Details on posting to the website for this project will be available in September.

The project goal is to create a printed portfolio of your best images starting from April 2008 (this provides a full 12 months for those who select themes with a seasonal flair).  These are the images you would be proud to share with others for years to come.

Please feel free to contact the project coordinator at any time with questions and suggestions concerning the portfolios.

Ed Knepley

 If you have any questions or concerns about Workshops, contact

  Bill Prosser
Melanie Marts

Ed Ruggiero


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On Tuesday, September 16th we will kick off our first competition of the 2008-2009 season with Jill Bochicchio as our judge. Please plan on joining Jill for dinner at Chili's at 5:45 prior to the competition (Sandi will send out a separate dinner reminder closer to the date).

Please do not forget that new competition rules will be in effect (http://nvps.org/main//about/rules-of-compettion/) and that only paid members may enter competitions.

Competition Judge
Jill A. Bochicchio   

Ranked among photography’s top professionals, Jill A. Bochicchio has crafted a reputation for creativity and excellence. The Maryland Professional Photographer’s Association (MDPPA) named her Photographer of the Year for five consecutive years.  Kodak Corporation honored her with four Gallery Awards for Photographic Excellence.

Her outstanding fine art and commercial photographs have appeared in MDPPA’s Traveling Loan Collection, the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Loan Collection and Masters Loan Collection, and private art exhibits. Her photographs have also been exhibited at Epcot in Florida.

Her portraits of individuals, families and business leaders throughout the region are widely recognized for their warmth and artistry. She recently photographed the FDA Director for a magazine cover, as well as a magazine cover for Chiefs of Police. In addition, Ms. Bochicchio has been the official photographer for the National Philharmonic Orchestra for the past 17 years.

Ms. Bochicchio has earned both a professional Master of Photography degree and a Craftsman degree. She served as President of the MDPPA in 1988 and Chairman of the board in 1989. Her articles have appeared in several photography magazines and she is a popular speaker before amateur and professional photographic organizations.

Her studio, Bochicchio Photography is located in Rockville, Maryland. Jill’s website is: www.bochicchiophotography.com

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Promotions from Novice to Advanced Class

The Competition Team would like to congratulate all of the fine photographers who were promoted from Novice to Advanced class in the '07 – '08 camera club year:

Monochrome Prints Oleg Volons
Jeff Suhanick
Color Prints

Oleg Volons
Melanie Marts
Timber Gooding

Digital Projection Vivian Luu
Oleg Volons

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Rule Changes

Rule changes were made in the following 3 areas:
"The total number of images each member may enter in any one monthly competition is limited to three (3); no more than two (2) of these entries may be submitted in any single Class/Category in which they are eligible."
"Any member who submits more than the maximum allowed total entries in any one monthly competition will forfeit ALL points for that month."
"Subject matter, theme, and artistic presentation are the choice of the photographer.  However three of the monthly competitions will have an assigned topic or theme and all competitions will have a time constraint.  All elements of competition entries must have been captured within two years of the monthly competition date."
PLEASE NOTE: the most important changes from previous years are:

  1. Number of total entries changed from four (4) to three (3); number of entries per category; and consequences for submitting improperly (see above);
  2. Two year time limit for capture of all elements for ALL competitions.

For complete competition rules, please see the Rules of Competition on the NVPS website.  Copies will also be available at club meetings.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Matthew Schmidt at mgs@loreleistudios.com or Sandi Croan at pashli@aol.com.

Common Competition Errors

There are several errors in competition submissions that seem to occur every year, so the Competition Team thought they would provide some quick reminders of the more common errors.

Print Size

Prints can be up to 40” wide, but cannot be taller than 20”.  This means that a 16” x 24” mat cannot be used in a portrait format, only in landscape format.  This restriction is because the light box that we use for competitions only has 20” of clearance between the print shelf and the upper light box.

Digital Image Size

Digital images must be no wider than 1024 pixels and not taller than 768 pixels.  This size restriction exists because it is the largest native resolution of the club's digital projector and larger (or smaller) images will be scaled either by the projection software (PowerPoint) or by the projector itself.  In both cases the scaling algorithm will cause significant errors in the display of the image.
The images must also be less than 1 MB in size on the disk and in JPEG format so that they can easily be downloaded and imported into PowerPoint.

Print Mounting

Prints must be securely mounted with a mat and backing.  Prints also need an arrow that can be read in the dark of the stage that indicates which side is the top of the print.  Prints also need to have the image maker's name and the image name on the back. No names or writing can be on the front of the mat.
In past years the competition teams have had significant trouble displaying prints that are not well mounted and separate during the process of being moved.  The purpose of mounting is protect the prints from damage and to display them in a professional manner.
Although you can use any color mat or even double or triple mats, typically judges prefer plain white mats for prints.  Fortunately there are twenty-one (21) shades of white so there is a good deal of flexibility in choosing a “white” mat for your print.

Photographer Classes and Categories

We have two (2) classes and five (5) categories for the purpose of competitions.  The two (2) classes are Novice and Advanced.  The five (5) categories are Color Prints, Monochrome Prints, Enhanced Prints, Slides and Digital Projection.
A single photographer cannot be in both classes of any one category simultaneously.  We had a couple of instances last year where photographers attempted to enter four (4) images in the digital competition by calling two (2) Novice and two (2) Advanced.

Membership Dues

To enter images in competition the competitor must be a member in good standing, meaning that membership dues must be paid prior to the start of the competition.

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Guidance for October Themed Competition — Silhouettes

The October 21st competition will be a themed competition with the subject of “Silhouettes.”  The definition of Silhouette for this competition was defined two years ago by the Theme Committee as:

"May include any subject where the predominate images are in silhouette, usually achieved through backlighting.  Images may show rim lighting, but by definition, silhouettes do not show any detail."

The guidance below indicates the current competition team's interpretation of that definition as it will be applied to images submitted for October's competition.


A silhouette is defined as an outline or object that appears dark against a lighter background. It may include any subject where the predominate subject(s) is (are) in silhouette, usually achieved through backlighting.

The next two images would be acceptable for this competition, and the third would be eliminated because it contains too much detail in the lighted portions of the subject (hands and face.

Example of a Traditional Silhouette (acceptable)

Silhouette on Beach

Copyright © Sandi Croan Photography

Example of a Non-Traditional Silhouette (acceptable)

Copyright © Oleg Volons

A beautifully seen backlit photo that would not qualify as a silhouette (not eligible:
Unacceptable as Silhouette
Copyright © Hector Contreras (Heco)
See more of Hector's work at Better Photo.

Please remember that all elements of your submitted images must have been captured within 2 years of the competition date. As in all competitions, you may submit a maximum of 3 entries with no more than 2 entries in any one category.

If you have any questions, please contact Sandi Croan at pashli@aol.com or Matthew Schmidt at mgs@loreleistudios.com.


Sandi Croan
Co-VP Competitions
Matthew Schmidt
Co-VP Competitions

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Proposed Changes to the By-Laws,
To be Voted on September 16, 2008

The following proposal to change the By-Laws of the Northern Virginia Photographic Society was made at the NVPS summer transition board meeting and was approved to be brought before the membership for a vote.  The proposal is to lower the requirement for a quorum from “not less than one-third of the entire membership” to “not less than 15 percent of the entire membership”. 

The reason for this recommendation is to address the difficulty we had with establishing a quorum for the election of officers and for the changes to the Constitution and By-Laws and the rules of Competition.  The vote to amend the By-Laws which requires a simple majority will be held at the NVPS competition night on September 16.

Current definition of a quorum:

Article VII.  Definition of a Quorum

A quorum of the general membership for the purpose of voting on Society business shall consist of not less than one-third of the entire membership. The Secretary/Historian shall determine if a quorum is present whenever a question arises requiring a vote.

Proposed definition of a quorum:

Article VII.  Definition of a Quorum

A quorum of the general membership for the purpose of voting on Society business shall consist of not less than 15 percent of the entire membership. The Secretary/Historian shall determine if a quorum is present whenever a question arises requiring a vote.

Scott Musson
Past President and Web Site Manager at NVPS
smusson “at” mindspring.com

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Field Trips

The Wolf Sanctuary of PA
Lititz PA (near Lancaster)

Saturday, Sept 13, 2008
Departure Time: 11:00 a.m.
Photo shoot: 2:00 until 5:30 p.m.

Sanctuary Donation: $35 per person (normal price is $75 pp)

Mark your calendars now for the next NVPS Fieldtrip which be held on Saturday, September 13th.   The club will be visiting The Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania for a private photo shoot of the wolves in their sanctuary home.   The sanctuary will collect a $35 fee per person upon arrival and their staff will be on-hand to provide information and answer your questions.  

Wolf Sancturary

The sanctuary is located at 465 Speedwell Forge Rd. Lititz, PA 17543.  Lititz is a small town just north of Lancaster in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Car pools will be formed and depart from Dunn Loring Fire Station at 11:00a.m.  (please park on the street).   It would also be possible to meet us at the sanctuary in case you wanted to spend the morning in the Amish country of Lancaster county.  

Sanctuary parking is near the photo shoot location so walking should be kept to a minimum. We will be outside throughout the afternoon (2:00 to 5:30) so please dress for the weather. Also, consider bringing snacks/drinks since food and beverages may not be available.  

Please email me at gerry.abbott@cox.net to sign up for the trip. Please include cell phone and email address. For those signing up, please let me know if you would be willing to drive.  I can provide the drivers with detailed driving instructions.


Sanctuary photographic considerations:  As you might expect, the wolves are fenced in and this will pose some challenges for your photographic technique. Generally, the use of wider apertures, longer lens and manual focus will permit you to capture good images. Camera position needs to be relatively close to the fence (but not too close as there are wolves in there!).  As the wolves will not be far away, you will have the opportunity to capture close-up images of the wolves as well as some interaction among themselves. In some cases, you will need to take care to have your subject (the wolf) be sufficiently away from the fence in order to focus.  Tripods are permitted but you may find that hand holding the camera to be more practical. I was told that ladders would also be permitted but you would need something like an 8 ft. ladder to gain any height advantage (step stools would not offer much benefit).  As a reference, here is a link to another wolf sanctuary in New Jersey. http://www.lakotawolf.com/Serious_Photo.htm

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Center for the Photographic Arts
Gainesville VA

Saturday, Oct 4, 2008
Departure Time: 9:15 a.m. (car pooling from Dunn Loring)
Program: 10:00 until 12:30 p.m.

Note: Sign-up is required as attendance may be limited

Joe Miller will host an NVPS field trip to the Center for the Photographic Arts in Gainesville VA.    Joe will lead us through many of the images from the permanent collection and discuss “How To Look at a Photograph”.   In viewing the images, some of factors that will be discussed could include eye movement, balance/imbalance, harmony, color, tone, contrast, rhythm, placement, spacing, separation, flaws, exposure, light, dominance, mood (e.g. feeling, emotion, mystery), story telling, composition, craftsmanship, creativity, content, and total presentation.

Directions will be provided for those who plan to drive directly to the Center for the Photographic Arts. We would like all participant to be present when we start promptly at 10:00 so please allow plenty of time to reach the location. For those that wish to car pool from Dunn Loring, please let me know.

Please do not bring food and drink inside the Center.

Participants may sign up by sending email to gerry.abbott@cox.net or at the NVPS meetings.  Please include cell phone and email address.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call or email me.

2008/2009 Tentative Field Trip Schedule

These field trip locations, dates and times are tentative.  Please watch for official announcements on the website.  Participants may sign up at the NVPS meetings or by sending email to gerry.abbott@cox.net .

Sept 13
(Sat; 11:00 AM departure)
 The Wolf Sanctuary of PA  ($35/pp; rain date would be Sept 14th)  (near Lancaster PA)
Oct 4
(Sat; 10:00 AM)
Joe Miller’s Center for the Photographic Arts – Gainesville VA  ( Attendance may be limited)
Oct 26  (Sun AM) National Arboretum (DC)
Nov 7 -> 9
(Fri evening)
Chincoteague (VA)
Dec 6 (Sat AM) Conowingo Dam/Susquehanna St Park (MD)


Jan 17 (Sat AM) Longwood Gardens (PA)
Mar 14 (Sat PM) National Building museum (DC)
April 2 ->5th
(Thurs evening)
Charleston (SC)
April 11 (Sat AM) Bull Run (blue bells)   (VA)
May 2 (Sat AM) G. Richard Thompson WMA and Sky Meadows St Park   (wildflowers, etc.) (VA)
July 11 (Sat AM) McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area (sunflowers, etc.)   (near Seneca MD)
July 12 (Sun AM) Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (DC)

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Kenilworth Photos

On July 13th, several NVPS members met at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to photograph the lotus plants, lilies, and other subjects. Below are some pictures taken that day.

Judy McGuire
Judy McGuire

Gerry Abbott
Jerry Abbott - Kenilworth


Sam Schaen
Sam Schaen

Willa Friedman Willa Friedman

Bill Prosser
Bill Prosser


Bill Prosser


Jan Ponder
Jan Ponder


For a larger version of any of the above images, click on the image.

Field Trip Coordinator:
Gerry Abbott
703.967.9677 (mobile)

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Forum and Members' Gallery

Dave Carter
A Tribute

The September NVPS Forum and Members Gallery will be a tribute to Dave Carter, long time member of NVPS, who died June 29. Dave was an excellent photographer, teacher, writer and judge. Dave loved images, and he never saw an image he couldn't say something positive about. For years he was an active photographer, and he encouraged and influenced many area photographers. At the Forum some of Dave's friends will present images as a tribute to Dave, and Members Gallery will be a presentation of Dave's work, his vision and his eye for photography.

Gayle Dennis

Technology News

HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Josh Taylor

For about six months, I have immersed myself in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography to the extent it became almost a distraction. HDR imaging technology has solved one of the biggest problems faced by photographers, especially digital photographers. Before HDR, it was almost impossible to capture a scene with a wide range of tones in a single image.  With HDR imaging software, photographers can digitally capture a greater range of tones by combining a number of exposures into one image, thus maintaining detail in both the shadow and highlight areas of the photograph. The multiple exposures are processed in Photoshop or, by the most preferred method, using Photomatix software. The processed HDR image is then “tone mapped” to look like a realistic photograph or to look like a graphic illustration. The “grunge” look is another possible outcome achieved by tone mapping the same image multiple times.  Mostly, I go for the “grunge” look with unrealistic colors bordering on the surreal. I often apply Alien Skin filters as well.

HDR can sound complicated and a bit intimidating, but one of the best resources I’ve found is the book by Farrell McCollough, Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range: Digital Photography. The text and accompanying illustrations take the mystery out of HDR photography. The information in the book is easy to comprehend and will take the photographer through each step in the HDR imaging process, including shooting the initial multiple exposures through post-processing techniques. This book is a valuable resource for the beginner as well as the seasoned professional. Happy HDR shooting!!!

Josh Taylor, Jr.

Quick Review: Adobe Lightroom 2
John Naman

Adobe released Lightroom Version 2 on July 29, 2008. Lightroom is a really simple and fast way to organize and deal with a collection of photos. And it is non-destructive: you can "fix" a photo and not destroy the original. I think of it as Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw on steroids, because I can bring in a gaggle of images (JPEG, RAW, TIFF and PSD), quickly sort the winners from the losers, make some non-destructive changes, and then edit in Photoshop (or any other editor) if needed. Or just output a collection of JPEGs for the web or email.

Adobe aimed Lightroom at pros, such as wedding photographers, who need to put together an album ASAP and put it on the web or CD for their clients. From camera to a web album in ten minutes is possible. Or you can do some quick prints, say 4x6s, for people to look at. Then, for camera club competition (or the "real" wedding photo), click and do the usual post processing in Photoshop, Elements, Corel, etc.

So what is special about Lightroom 2? I am delighted to have dual monitor support: I keep the catalog of images on one screen and one large image to deal with on my primary screen. (I also edit in Photoshop with the picture separate from all the tools). The rest of the upgrade includes improved views, keywording, develop tools (a gradient tool and local adjustment brush, non-destructive!), and even better print and web options. For more details, the nice people at NAPP have launched a free Lightroom 2 Learning Center! Be sure to check it out. http://www.photoshopuser.com/lightroom2

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is $299 (or $99 if you are upgrading from Lightroom 1.x. A 30 day trial Available; If you are a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) you can get a 15% discount off any Adobe product from the Adobe Store website. Students/teachers/academics get the full product for about $99, i.e. the upgrade price.

John Naman

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Member News

Dave Carter

Shortly after Dave's passing, several remembrances from NVPS members were placed on the NVPS web site. They can be found at: http://nvps.org/main/featured/david_carter_19382008_nvps_mem/

The following is from one of Dave's former students.

If it weren't for Dave Carter, I wouldn't carry my camera with me almost everywhere I go. I wouldn't stop, sometimes in midstep, while going about my daily business and think about how I would crop an image in the few cases when I don't have my camera at my side. If it weren't for Dave Carter, I wouldn't be studying visual perception and aesthetics in the psychology PhD program at UC Berkeley, and it's no stretch to say that without him, I probably wouldn't be in graduate school of any kind at all.

When I took Dave's Psychology, Photography, and Visual Arts class, I hadn't much idea of what I wanted to do with my life.

Dave Carter

More than that, I felt conflicted about my two majors -- psychology, and digital art & photography -- and had resigned myself to the fact that at the end of my undergraduate career, I would have to decide which one I liked more, and pursue it at the expense of the other. Over the course of that semester, Dave showed me how mistaken I was. He showed me that not only did I not need to choose one of my two passions when deciding what to do with my life but that the union of the two was important and worthwhile to both fields, and could lead down an exciting path of academic research and artistic endeavor.

Dave taught me far more than how to compose a photograph, or how to appreciate all of the things that psychology and photography have to learn from each other. I often tell people that in his unique hybrid of a psychology and art class, he didn't teach "how we see," he taught "how to see." He taught me to appreciate the visual beauty in the environments we see everyday. To stop now and then, forget the name of what it is we are looking at, and just take in the breathtaking colors, shapes, and textures that surround us. He taught me to look at the world with new and creative eyes, and I consider myself blessed to have known him as both a professor and a friend.

I cannot effectively convey with words either my gratitude to Dave for what he taught me, or my sadness to know that he is no longer with us. But it is some small comfort to know that he lives on in the minds -- and more rightly to say, in the eyes -- of those countless students and colleagues whom he taught to see.

Jonathan Gardner

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Update on NVPS Founder Sil Horwitz

NVPS is starting its 44th year as a club. Sil Horwitz was the first President and founder of NVPS. He's now 92 years old, is still very active, altho he has been slowed by some medical challenges, and thrives in Florida. (He has always been an NVPS member. NVPS owes him great gratitude for his work and the example he set. We send our congratulations on his many accomplishments.

In his response to Tom Brett's invitation for him to attend our 2 Sep. meeting, he sent this update:

"I'm 92 and....still active in photography (I'm president of the Central Florida CC - www.centralfloridacc.org ) and still lecturing on various aspects of photography. (If you click on my "personal page" in the signature below, you can get an idea!) I not only was one of the first to recognize that digital photography was the way of the future before that was universally recognized, but gave a lecture at an NVPS meeting long ago that it was, indeed, true photography. Some NVPS members may still recall that.

As much as I would like to, it is not possible for me to attend the opening NVPS meeting of the year. Unfortunately, my doctors insist that I do not travel alone more than 25 miles - I do still drive and would love to make the trip to Virginia; but it just isn't possible.

Anyway, as the founder and first president of NVPS, I thank you for the invitation and hope you can say a few words at the meeting to offer my sincere regrets."

Sil Horwitz, FPSA

Submitted by Tom Brett


Photographers of Northern Virginia

Repeat programs of Photographers of Northern Virginia are now being shown on a regular basis on Fairfax Public Access Channel 30 every Monday at 3:30 p.m. and every Friday at 3 p.m. They will no longer be shown on Channel 10.

The September schedule is as follows:

Sept 1 & 5 Tom Hady
Sept 8 & 12 Steve Miller
Sept 15 & 19 Mary O'Neill
Sept 22 & 26 Chuck Mauro
Sept 29 & Oct 3 Carlisle Small

The schedule can also be found on the NVPS website (http://nvps.org/main/upcoming/tv_program_photographers_of_no/).

Luella Murri

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NVPS Executive Board 2008-2009

The elected and appointed board members for the 2008-2009 club year can be found at http://nvps.org/main/about/board-members/.

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Photographic Society of America
Portland Meeting

August 31 - September 6 2008

In March, I told about the PSA Conference tours, but the details of the programs had not been released. Now they have, and here are a few instructional programs that caught my eye: “Rust, Rubbish and Reflections–finding unusual compositions in unlikely places,” “Studio Portraiture–Mysteries Revealed,” “Mylar Magic (Workshop),” “Nemo and Friends” (how to do underwater macro photography!), “Digital Black and White Photography,” “A 101 Tutorial on HDR (High Dynamic Range),” “F8 and Be There: Strategies for Being in the Right Place at the Right Time.”  PSA Meeting

Then there are a range of shows, including award winning essays in the Color Projected Image Division (used to be the Color Slide Div.) and the Nature Division, a variety of programs in the Photo Travel Division and the Photojournalism Division’s Photo Story winners.  All the Divisions will be showing winners and accepted works from their sections of the 2008 PSA International Exhibition.

For more about the conference, go to http://www.psa-photo.org/.  Take time to look at the slide show.  Then find the logo for the conference (shown above) and click on “Conference Details.”

Tom Hady
PSA Representative for NVPS

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Exhibition Opportunities

Gallery West National Juried Show

Gallery West will be sponsoring its 12th Annual Juried Show in February.  The prospectus is at www.gallery-west.com

It will be held at Gallery West in Alexandria Virginia from February 4th to March 2nd 2009. The Juror is Joey P. Mánlapaz.  Entries must be submitted on CDs. There is a fee of $35 for 1-3 images. The deadline is November 20, 2008. Total awards will be  $1000. 

Linda Bankerd, Show Chair
(703) 549-6006

29th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography 2008

Photographers around the world are invited to submit entries to the 29th Northern Counties International Salon of Photography. ALL sections in this event will be carried out under the patronage of both FIAP and PSA with the addition this year of patronage by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).    Medals and Awards have been granted by all three patrons in addition to the NCPF awards. 

There will be five sections:

  • Monochrome Prints
  • Colour Prints
  • Open Projected Images (Dual Projection – both Slides & Electronic Images)
  • Nature Slides
  • Photo-Travel Slides

Closing date for all entries is September 27th 2008

Full details of all the rules and conditions of entry, together with Entry Forms can be found in the “International Exhibition” at: http://www.ncpf.org.uk

David Coates

5th Annual Fall Wildlife Festival
October 11, 2008

The Friends of the Potomac River Refuges to ask for your involvement in the 5th Annual Fall Wildlife Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2008 from 9 am to 3 pm to take place at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

The festival, sponsored by the Friends of the Potomac Refuge Refuges (www.foprr.org) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is part of the National Wildlife Refuge Week celebration.As in years past, the festival will feature artists, craftsmen, children's activities, live wildlife shows, environmental education exhibits, and hay rides.

There is a $50 fee for vendors and we ask, that due to our limited supply, that you bring your own table, chairs and tent. In return, we can guarantee that you will have a highly visible space among the other vendors and exhibitors.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration. If you are interested in participating in the festival, please feel free to contact me at my personal email address kobedog@hotmail.com�or Annette Baker-Toole, President of Friends of the Potomac River Refuges at�info@foprr.com or call 703-408-5269.

Lisa Graham

FOPRR Outreach Committee Member

Annette Baker-Toole
President of Friends of the Potomac River Refuges at�

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FotoWeek DC

FotoWeek DC, the first annual celebration of photography in the nation's capital, will take place November 15-22, 2008. It will bring together photographers, museums, universities, and others involved in the profession across the metro D.C. area. FotoWeek DC will feature a photography contest and juried exhibition open to professional and amateur photographers, along with gallery openings, lectures, educational workshops, portfolio reviews, book signings, and special offers on photographic services and merchandise from local area retailers. The week-long celebration will culminate in a gala awards ceremony hosted by FotoWeek DC sponsor National Geographic, recognizing area photographers across several genres, including photojournalism, commercial, fine art, amateur, and student photography.

FotoWeek DC is pleased to invite all photographers in DC, Virginia and Maryland to enter a Juried Competition. The deadline is Sept. 22.

For more information on FotoWeek DC, including how to enter the FotoWeek DC professional and amateur photography competition, please visit www.FotoWeekDC.org.

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Workshops and Tours

Costa Rica Photo Tours

January 11-20, 2009 March 1-10, 2009 10 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
January 23-29, 2009 7 Day Panama photo tour $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
February 1-8, 2009 8 Day Cartagena, Columbia photo tour. $2549.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.
March 13-19, 2009 7 Day Costa Rica photo tour. $2495.00 per person double occupancy. $300.00 single supplement.

Additional information about itineraries can be obtained by contacting Frank Scott.

Frank Scott

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McLean Photography Club
Contact: Bruce Copping at (703) 725-9331 or bcopping@gmail.com
Website: www.mcleanphoto.org
Meetings:  Held on the 2nd Wed. at 7:30 pm (meet & greet at 7:15 pm), at the McLean Community Center, or as indicated.

Program:  September 10, 7:15 - short tips & techniques session preceeds main program… Main program, 7:30 - Review/critique of a library of PSA (Photographic Society of America) photos, courtesy of Manuel Hernandez and Bill Prosser

Competition:  November 12th

Reston Photographic Society
Ellis Rosenberg at 703-855-4008 or erosenberg@cox.net
: Held the 3rd Monday of the month 7:30-9:30 pm at the Reston Community Center – Lake Anna

Program:  The new meeting place for Sept. and Oct will be the Reston Library located at 11935 Bowmantown Rd Reston Va 20190. The Sept. meeting will be held on Monday Sept 8th from 7:30 to 8:45. The Speaker will be Walt Calahan who has put together an inspirational Talk based on his 30 years of photography which has been widely acclaimed by area photo clubs.  It is called "Mastering the Box: Expanding Your Creative Vision."  Also check out Walt’s web site www.walterpcalahan.com.  This promises to be an exciting and informative presentation and we urge everyone to attend.

Competition:  The entry form for our October photo show at RCC Lake Anne” PhotoArt” is on the web site. The deadline for sending in entry forms is Sept 26th. They are also accepted at the hanging on Sept 29th for an extra entry fee of $5.00. This is our big member’s only show so please try and participate.

Vienna Photographic Society
Contact: Mary Jane Fish at (703) 281-9743 or fishsfotos@aol.com  or Warren Standley at (540) 635-6721 or editor@vps-va.org .
Website: www.vps-va.org
: Held on the 1st and 3rd Wed. at 7:30 pm in the main lecture hall of the Thoreau Middle School, 2505 Cedar Lane, Vienna, VA.
Program:    Wednesday, 9/3, Alan Sislen presents “A Workshop on Digital Infrared Photography”
 Wednesday, 9/17, open (unthemed) with judge ##################

Field Trip: Saturday, 9/13, 3:30-9:00 p.m., Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Fells Point, for more information, contact Martin Fish at fishmp@aol.com