September 3, 2019: Dinner with Program Speaker, Lawrence Jackson at Jason’s Deli

Book author and photographer Lawrence Jackson outside his home in Arlington, Va., No. 1, 2018. (Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


We’re about to launch our 2019-2020 NVPS program year….As usual, we start out with Program Night…. Our kick-off speaker will be Lawrence Jackson, former White House photographer during the Obama administration.  

Please join Lawrence and me for dinner at Jason’s Deli on Leesburg Pike before the meeting.  Our informal dinner starts at 5:30pm.  As I’ve said before, our dinners offer an opportunity both to meet and interact with our speakers, as well as other members of our club.  Since our dinners are attended by a small number of members, it is a great opportunity to interact with a small number of people, rather than the 100 or so that are usually at our weekly meetings.  Then, when you go into the big meeting, you will have a number of faces that you recognize and have had a chance to converse with.  Remember, if you don’t know very many of us, most of us don’t know you….. and we would like to…

Dinner starts at 5:30 pm on Tuesday (9/3) at Jasons Deli on Leesburg Pike…. Inside the beltway, in the Idylwood Shopping Center.  

Jason’s Deli
Address: 7505 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043
Phone: (703) 448-5514
Cuisine: Delicatessens · Sandwiches · Desserts
Price: $
Website (menu):

Please let me know ( at by 2 pm on Tuesday that you will be joining us and how many people will be with you.  This is not to lock you into a commitment…. it is to help me get a count so I can organize chairs and tables, hopefully, allowing us to all eat together as a group.  If you find you are able to join us at the last minute, by all means come… If you find at the last minute you are unable to join us, not a problem. Recognize that when people are not part of the count and show up without letting me know, we may not be able to have everyone sit together, so if at all possible, please let me know….  

Hope to see you at Jason’s….

Willa Siegel

NVPS VP for Programs

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