September 26 2017: Member’s Gallery – Joy Brathwaite (Prints) and Kathryn Mohrman (Digital)

Joy Brathwaite (Prints)


Joy Brathwaite

Joy Brathwaite is a Washington D. C wedding and event photographer. Joy started photography in July 2013 with a Nikon D3000. Shortly after picking up the camera, she was invited to join NVPS by a work colleague. Through NVPS she has met great photographers and learned various photographic techniques, from whom and which she credits with improving her photography in those initial years.


Currently, Joy shoots with a Nikon 750, primarily using the 70 – 200mm/f4 to photograph flowers when not photographing events. Whether photographing flowers or events, Joy enjoys taking images that are vibrant, energetic and colorful. Going forward, Joy is looking forward to working with her wedding and event clients to capture all their precious moments.
























Kathryn Mohrman (Digital)

Kathryn Mohrman

About ten years ago I bought an intermediate camera with a fixed zoom lens to take on safari in Botswana.  In addition to its point-and-shoot simplicity, the camera had manual adjustments so I decided to learn how to go beyond automatic settings.  I bought Photography for Dummies and tried to wrap my mind around aperture, shutter speed, ISO and the rest.  I took a weekend workshop in Tucson with Arizona Highways to use my newfound knowledge, and I was hooked. The last two years as a member of NVPS have added to my photographic education.


In my pre-retirement life, I was a teacher ranging from sixth grade to PhD students; I also spent years as a college and university administrator.  Now post-retirement, I have the flexibility to spend more time on photography.  Since I love to travel, I’ve combined my wanderlust with opportunities to take photos in such fabulous locations such as Bhutan, Morocco, and southwestern China.


I’m eager to try all kinds of photography, including macro and abstracts, but I am most attracted to travel and street images.  For years I’ve used a Canon 6D full frame DSLR, but increasingly I grab first for my Olympus mirrorless camera.  I love the light weight, but I also appreciate the smaller size when walking around in markets, temples, and street venues.


The future?  I want to keep traveling as long and my legs and my retirement budget hold out.  I would like to try my hand at travel writing as a way to share my experiences with others, but mostly I enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful memories through photography.



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