September 25, 2018 – Member’s Gallery: Digital – Steve Glintz – Prints – Kieulan Nguyen

Two Hour Images
by Steven Glintz
Steven graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and currently works in Northern Virginia as a software engineer.  For fourteen years, Steven has supported the U.S. Navy and its allies through the development of air defense simulations and trainers and modernizing tactical control systems on-board submarines.  For the past six years, Steven has been supporting the intelligence community.
Steven spends his free weekends with his Nikon D800e capturing landscape, architecture, street, long exposure, and wildlife images.  He also enjoys creating macro and other abstract images in his make shift studio at home.  Post processing involves a combination of Adobe Lightroom for cropping, color, and dynamic range corrections.  He also uses Photoshop for heavy lifting such as focus stacking, photo stitching, and the occasional elimination of unwanted distractions such as dust spots.
Steven has been a member of NVPS for 8 years.  During that time, he has served the club in various capacities ranging from web maintenance, digital competition preparation, backup laptop operator, and lending a helping hand at every meeting.  Besides attending programs and competitions at NVPS, outside influences such as periodicals published by Digital Photographer and Digital Camera World as well as Bryan Peterson’s Understanding Exposure and Learning to See Creatively and Freeman Patterson’s Photographing the World Around You have tutored him through his early years.
Last year, Steven completed his first portfolio on Washington’s National Cathedral.  Two years prior to that, Steven captured images of Western Ireland and the hilltowns of central Italy and Venice.  Fortunately, Steven’s presentation demonstrates the wide variety of photographic opportunities available to local residents of the Washington metropolitan area who do not need to spend a lot of money on travel.  No matter your interest, budding photographers are guaranteed a winning image in less than a two hour drive.

Things I Love by Kieulan Nguyen

Theme description: Kieulan loves to take pictures of macro, architecture and everything else that catches her eye. For the last two years she has explored and experimented with new techniques such as macro on a light box, multiple exposures and very recently she is working on digital painting.







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