September 24, 2019 – Member’s Gallery: “Prints” with Bill Corbett; “Digital” with David Crooks – Print Matting Tutorial – Review My Image


Print Matting Tutorial

Bob and Willa Friedman will do a mini-matting tutorial on Tuesday, September 24, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., before our regular meeting, in the back of the room.  Participants should bring a mat cutter and practice mats if they have them, and be prepared to start promptly at 6:30 p.m..  Bob and Willa will also bring some practice mats.

Member’s Gallery

Birds, Travel & More

Bill Corbett is a bird and travel photographer who enjoys color, action and texture in his pictures.  A photojournalist in college, Bill resumed spending serious amounts of time on photography when digital cameras came along.  He is a Nikon shooter who prefers a long lens and who uses a flash anytime he can. Bill enjoys competing his images at NVPS and making albums from pictures he and his wife Judy take on their travels.    

Bill and Judy recently moved from McLean, where they raised their three kids, out to the Willowsford development in southern Loudoun County.  They spend most of the summer in Delaware, where Bill takes his camera to wildlife refuges regularly. He is just beginning to explore the photo opportunities in Loudoun and west of there.   His main photography goal is to keep on doing what he’s been doing; it is fun.  

Bill is the secretary and a former president of Nature Visions, a member of NVPS for the past ten years, and the winner of a small number of photography ribbons and awards from those two organizations.

Bill is a retired foreign service officer and trade negotiator who served in Washington, Korea and Japan.  Follow him on Facebook for his views on current events; he doesn’t post his pictures there.   




Flying Critters

Photography is David Crooks’ passion and to be able to capture the beauty of nature is the reward.  From his early days of chasing after cardinals in his neighborhood, to visiting  many local and far away, parks, reserves, and other places where “wild life” lives, David pursues his love of photography.

Five years ago, David, his wife, and their dog Sam, moved to Annandale from Leesburg to be closer to work.  He was a member of Loudoun Photo Club for about 5 years and then joined NVPS. He is currently the Webmaster of the NVPS website.

In January 2015, David decided to create a local photography Meetup.  He knew there were many great places to photograph the wildlife along the beltway near his house.  Four and a half years later, the Virginia Beltway Photography Meetup Group has over 1,900 members and he leads about two field trips a month.

Currently David uses a Canon 7D Mark II with a Sigma 50-500mm lens on a gimbal head and tripod.  David has three destinations on his bucket list: Iceland, Cuba, and Costa Rica, in no particular order!

The title of his presentation is “Flying Critters,” a slideshow of his photos of birds and bugs in flight.  Enjoy!

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