September 22, 2020: Member’s Forum – Photographing India’s Golden Triangle with George Hogeman

George Hogeman

George Hogeman retired in 2019 following 31 years as a Consular Officer with the Department of State. His assignments took him and his family to Nigeria, Canada, Tanzania, Afghanistan, China, and India.  He fondly remembers shooting Kodachrome and Ektachrome with a Yashica SLR through the end of the nineties when he switched to digital.

Since 2014, he’s used Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras with a variety of Olympus and Lumix glass. He enjoys landscape, wildlife, and astrophotography.  He and his wife Geri have two adult children. Their son Ted is an independent sound mixer in the greater DC area and their daughter Ellie teaches photography at the University of Chicago.

George’s photos can be seen at




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