Sam Schaen Recieves the Joe Atchison Award for Outstanding Service to NVPS

Sam Schaen

Sam Schaen

The Joe Atchison Award is a service award presented to an individual who has performed outstanding service to the club over a period of many years. It is not given every year. In our 50 year history it has been given to only 8 individuals (Erwin Siegel, Greg Gregory, Ed Funk, Joe Miller, Andy Klein, Sherwin Kaplan, Bill Prosser, and Tom Brett).

Sam became a member of NVPS in 2003. He has held a variety of positions including President, Fotofax Editor, NVACC Contact, VP of Operations, DB Manager, Web Manager, and Special Advisor to the President. He has done workshops, galleries, and forums. As the nominating committee pointed out, when something needs to be done, Sam comes through!

  • He converted our membership system from a stand-alone software program to a multi-user web-based system.
  • He created the electronic version of our newsletter, Fotofax.
  • And, as special advisor to subsequent Presidents, he has been described as the “Voice of Reason” when dealing with delicate personnel issues and By-Law questions.

Whatever job he undertakes, Sam leads by example, convincing others of the need to give back to our organization. Sam always has the best interest of NVPS at heart.

For these reasons, we present the Joe Atchison Award for Outstanding Service to NVPS to Sam Schaen.

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