Preparation of Images for Nature Visions


Image/Mat Size

There is no minimum print size. Maximum outer dimensions are 16″ x 20″ (including matting). Exception: Panoramas may be up to 24 inches on the longest side. Other than pixel dimensions and sharpening, printed images shall be identical to the digital images submitted for judging.

Photos must be two-dimensional. Three dimensional photo collages are not permitted.


A discreet label affixed to the back of each image is to include the photographer’s name, club affiliation, category in which photograph is entered, and image title. Additional information may be provided (photo description, photo location, photographer bio, price if for sale, etc.) The label’s text will serve to indicate the correct orientation of the photo. (NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT PUT IN A TITLE FOR YOUR IMAGE  ON THE ATTACHED  FILE WITH THE RESULTS, OR THE TITLE IS NOT CORRECT, PLEASE INFORM ME ASAP WITH BOTH THE TITLE THAT IS ON THE ATTACHED AND WHAT THE TITLE SHOULD BE. THIS WILL ALLOW THE CARDS THAT WILL BE MADE UP TO BE CORRECT.)


At the photographer’s discretion a signature may be added to the bottom edge of the mat.


Titles are NOT allowed on the cover window mat or the print (refer to Labels for use of titles).


Framed photos are not allowed.

All mats and backing material must be white. They must also have white cores.

Cover window mats are required. Single matting is preferred. Double matting is permitted. If an image is double matted, both mats must be the same white color and the same texture. Triple matting is NOT permitted. Floating photos (where a white or colored border appears between the print and the cover mat) ARE ALLOWED.


The cover window mat must be securely affixed on all four sides to a firm backing of at least 3/16 inch foam core or similar material. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of the image for consideration. Mat board is unacceptable backing. Borders

A minimum 1.5 inch border (along all sides of the image) is required for photographs up to 8×10 inches. A minimum 2 inch border (along all sides of the image) is required for photographs larger than 8×10 inches. The border need not be the same on all sides.

The above instructions can also be found on the NV website at

Past experience has indicated that the most common problem with prints is that they do not have a firm backing. Please make sure that the backing is firm enough so that they do not come apart during the display. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Additionally, make sure the printing of the image is the best that can be done and that the final print is as close as possible to the digital image you submitted for judging. This has been an issue in the past. Prints that are not of high quality shall be reviewed against the submitted digital image and if there is a wide discrepancy, the image may be removed from the exhibit.

I will be picking up matted images beginning with the meeting this coming Tuesday, Oct. 18, plus the meetings of Oct. 25,  Nov. 1, Nov. 8 and Nov. 15. NO IMAGES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE. I will be reviewing  images for conformity of matting and exhibit rules as they are received and will contact you if they do not meet requirements. If you submit your images at the Nov. 15 meeting, I may not be able to complete the review in time for the expo so the earlier you submit them the better. In addition, please submit your image in the clear envelopes that are used for protecting the image.

Since your image(s) have been juried in, you are required to volunteer to assist in the expo itself. I will be drawing up a volunteering schedule and you will receive more information on this in the days ahead.

Finally, some data….almost 1,000 images were submitted for judging in the nature section with approximately 350 accepted. For the photo arts section, almost 300 were submitted with approximately 150 accepted. As for NVPS, about (if my counting is correct) 107 images for nature and 50 for photo arts were juried in from 46 different photographers in our club…a great showing!

There may be stuff that I forgot to add to this email, but if so I will get back with all of you asap. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or require further information.

Again, congrats to all who were juried in and thanks for participating.


Roger Lancaster, NVPS Rep to Nature Visions.

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