Portfolio Project – December 2016 Update

Thinking about doing a Portfolio Project, but looking for an idea?  Get started by taking a look at our three Past Portfolios of the Month, from the 2015-16 season.

Corey Hilz is our Portfolio Project reviewer in 2016-17. Corey will review initial portfolios at our January 31 meeting and final portfolios on May 9.  Well-known to NVPS members, Corey is an outstanding photographer and educator. Corey’s web site is here.

Sign up now for the Portfolio Project by emailing PortfolioProject@NVPS.org.

More information about the Portfolio Project for 2016-17 is available on the NVPS web site.

Get shooting!

The Co-chairs for the Portfolio Project for 2016-2017 are Bill Corbett and Dennis Govoni.

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