Portfolio Project 2017-2018 – Why you Should Join

What is the Portfolio Project, what does it entail, and why should you join?

What It Is: It is a multi-month exploration of a photographic theme chosen and refined by YOU during the club year.

What It Entails: You choose a theme, craft an artist statement, capture and select your best 10 to 15 images, and then present them to the club during an interim critique on January 30, and during a final critique on April 10.  Along the way, as you get feedback, you can adapt your theme, sharpen your artist statement, and substitute new and better images.

Why You Should Do It: This is a self-assignment, designed by you, that provides expert feedback that will help you improve the photography skills YOU care most about.

What Else You Need To Know Now: The Portfolio Project is NOT a competition. All club members of all skill levels can participate.  Start shooting NOW and keep building and refining your portfolio and its theme all year.  Shooting for your portfolio will test and strengthen your ability to pre-visualize and capture images that fit your theme.  Your portfolio may include some older images, too.

Possible Themes: The sky is the limit.  The 2016-2017 Portfolio Project included a wide variety of themes: Barcelona Doors; Birds; Lunchtime at L’Enfant Plaza; Landscapes; Textures, Lines and Patterns; Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens; The T-Shirt Collection; Inside the Magic (Computer) Box; Liquid Blossoms; Bridges; Windows from Many Places; Beauty in the Old; Taking Portraiture to New Levels; Hands at Work and at Play; Flowers; Washington Monument – By Day and By Night; Kid’s Play; Travel Ban Protest; The Monarch – Lifeline for a Disappearing Icon; Heavens Above; Portraits; Wall Art; and Colorful Abstracts.

To see those Portfolios and many more from the past eight years of the NVPS Portfolio Project, visit the club gallery here.

Sign-Up and Image Upload  Instructions: Can be found here on the NVPS website.

Tips on Creating an Artist’s Statement: Can be found here on the NVPS website.

We hope you will sign up for this fun and educational activity! For more information, contact this year’s coordinator, Kieulan Nguyen at portfolioproject@nvps.org.

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