October 23, 2018: Member’s Gallery: Digital – Kevin Linde – Print – Kevin Egan

Kevin Linde

I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and moved to Canada in 1992 where I met my wonderful wife, Debby. In 1998 we moved to Northern Virginia with our 2-year-old son, Ryan. Our second son, Jared, was born in 1999 when we moved into our current house in Fairfax. My boys are now in college, with one at the University of Alabama and the other at George Mason. We also have two dogs that are wonderful photography subjects. I currently work as a physical therapist at my own private clinic, which I founded in 2003, in Fairfax City. I became interested in photography about 13 years ago when I bought my first Canon DSLR. Prior to that I had a Pentax SLR, which I owned for about 5 years prior to switching to digital. I learned the basics with this camera but was never that interested in photography. The change to digital provided instant feedback, which allowed me to learn beyond the basics a lot faster. I also enjoyed the post processing which I am constantly learning to this day. I currently use Canon equipment that I have accumulated over the years. My favorite subject to shoot is motor racing, which is influenced by my interest in the sport. Not far behind is anything else interesting to shoot. The great thing about photography is that you can take a photo of almost anything out there and make it something unique. I have been a member of NVPS for only one year but have enjoyed meeting some wonderful people and some great photographers. I enjoy sharing my photos but also enjoy seeing the great talent of others. I am not sure at this point in time where my photography may take me but until then I will continue to learn as much as I can and will never stop learning.




Prints with Kevin Egan
Kevin has been enjoying the art of photography since his dad allowed him to waste a few rolls of film with his old brownie camera many moons ago.  He was a very active photographer in high school and in the early years of college, but putting himself through college proved an expensive ordeal and he was eventually forced to sell his camera and concentrate on school.

Then an amazing thing happened – the digital sensor was created and the age of digital photography began.  Once the price of digital cameras came down, and the sensors became better, Kevin once again began to dabble in his photographic passion.  Somewhere around 2010, Kevin began searching for a photo club that would afford him a chance to rub elbows with others with the same passion, and he finally found a home here at NVPS!

Kevin loves to try to create digital art, and although he loves to shoot rust and chrome, his interests are not concentrated only in that area.  He loves to shoot waterfalls, landscapes, cityscapes, and streetscapes.

Kevin shoots Canon and has done so for many years, currently learning to make the most of his 5D Mark IV.  

In his real life, Kevin works for US Customs and keeps the IT equipment working for their facilities overseas.  He hopes to be able to retire someday, so that he can concentrate on the important stuff – like photography!

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