October 23, 2018: Member’s Forum – “Portugal” with Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell will provide an interactive presentation on his Aug 2018 trip to Portugal.  Chuck has been shooting with Canon cameras for over 40 years and to his wife’s relief, he finally got rid of almost all of his old cameras and other useless gear.  Anyone need a good 1-megapixel digital camera? Chuck has been a member of NVPS for 9 years and has been a coordinator or Co-VP for a variety of NVPS Board positions including Field Trips, Education and Training, and Competitions.  This year Chuck is the Mentor Program Coordinator. He joined NVPS because of the wonderful education opportunities the club provides. To augment his education, Chuck completed the Professional Program at the Washington School of Photography where they focused multiple classes on flash, studio lighting and portraiture.   He currently focuses on event and portrait photography, but loves to travel. In this Forum presentation Chuck will present images and describe his recent trip to Portugal. For NVPS members who have been considering visiting Portugal, this presentation may provide some inspiration and ideas on what to see and experience in this wonderful, picturesque country.


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