October 22, 2019 – Member’s Gallery: “Prints” with Curtis Gibbens; “Digital” with Jim Sinsheimer

“Prints” with Curtis Gibbens

Title: The Wild Side

Curtis Gibbens

Curtis Gibbens

Curtis Gibbens has been taking outdoor photography for over 20 years. His interest sparked the first time he stepped on the boardwalk at Huntley Meadows Park. He did not realize such a wetland environment existed in Fairfax County.

Curtis has many landscape images, but wildlife is his favorite subject. Most of his wildlife images are birds – they are everywhere, from national parks to his back deck.

Curtis enjoys visiting great locations like Yellowstone, Bosque del Apache, and Alaska, but finds the Washington metro area provides many opportunities for nature photography. Mountains are two hours west and the Eastern Shore is two hours east. Curtis’s favorite day trips are Big Meadows in Shenandoah National Park and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland. However, Huntley Meadows Park is still his favorite photographic location today.

Curtis has been a NVPS member for almost 20 years. He gained great knowledge throughout the years such as having an eye for photography, exploring new subjects and locations, and gaining knowledge of his Nikon equipment.

He had an image selected by the North American Nature Photography Association in “Expressions”, 2016. Curtis was the album photographer for an alternative band, “The Mood”. He has also been drafted to take pictures at work and church events, which is when he wishes no one knew of his photography interest. He currently has a government job and can’t wait to retire and to devote more time to photography. Here are some of Curtis’s images.











“Digital” with Jim Sinsheimer.

Title: Architecture and the Urban Landscape

As an architect and design/construction manager for the past 45 years, I’ve been engrossed in the creation of building and interior spaces, mostly within the urban environments of Phoenix, Southern California and lately Chicago. Photography has always been an integral part of my career even from college where we had a small darkroom in the College of Architecture at the University of Arizona back in the early 70’s. I started merely documenting my completed projects, then progressed to construction documentation. Along the way, I realized that there was an artistic bent to be captured if I only looked beyond the basic forms. Images became more expressive and expanded into the urban context itself.   I hope to convey the fascinating opportunities of capturing these types of images in my presentation. 

My introduction to photography was at around 7 years old when my Dad converted a coal bin (we now had gas heat) to his darkroom.  However, my interest really took off in college.  I’ve been a member of NVPS since last year having moved recently to Virginia from Southern California to be with our grandson and his family.  My work has been published in Black and White Magazine, LensWork and will be soon featured again LensWork’s “Seeing in Sixes”.  I have had showings at the California Department of Transportation Headquarters, the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles and currently in a large digital wall at the 71 South Wacker building in Chicago.  For several years, my images have won awards at the Orange County (CA) fair.

I’ve been a Canon shooter forever – I still have my FTB, TL and F1 cameras as “museum” pieces. For the future, I’m working on a portfolio of architectural details to install at the 71 South Wacker digital wall. Travel photography to Europe is also in the plan. Of course, the Willing Warriors project is of foremost importance.



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