October 20, 2020: Competition with Judge Brenda Tharp – Theme: “A Musician”

Competition Theme: A Musician: The subject must be singular; it may be in a group but DOF, processing etc. should make it obvious that all attention is on one individual. Subjects are confined just to humans!

Brenda Tharp Bio:

Brenda Tharp is a self-taught fine art nature photographer, writer and speaker. She is passionate about photography and is an enthusiastic workshop instructor and tour leader, conducting workshops across the globe and in outstanding locations within the USA. She wrote Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, and her latest, Expressive Nature Photography, and co-authored Extraordinary Everyday Photography. Brenda has been a keynote speaker at B&H Optic Conference, Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association, North American Nature Photographers Association, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and Canadian Artists and Photographers Association, and has presented several webinars. Her fine art photographs are collected by a number of people throughout the world. Brenda also conducts workshops for non-profit organizations, including www.girlswhoclick.org and she is honored to be part of Dewitt Jones’ www.healingimages.org program.

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