October 2, 2018 – Program Meeting: Geometric Abstracts by Greg Holden

Greg Holden is a photographer from Rockville, MD who uses his photography to share with others his visions of the world.

He is an avid hiker and, while most of his photos are from visits to National Parks, some of his best photos are from outings closer to home.

While Greg has enjoyed photographing many beautiful sunrises and grand landscapes, he finds that the little scenes often overlooked by others are the ones that fuel his creativity. Greg is always looking beyond the obvious and photographing the things that others might not even notice…like an acorn sprouting, the patterns made by rust and faded paint on an old automobile, or patterns in the windblown sand of a local beach.

Greg enjoys teaching others and sharing his passion for photography.  He speaks and judges at clubs throughout the MD/VA area.  He also teaches classes through Capital Photography Center (capitalphotographycenter.com).

You can see Greg’s work on his website www.imagesunderfoot.com and follow him on Instagram @imagesunderfoot

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Program Description:

Geometric Abstracts – Greg Holden

 Abstracts are one of Greg’s favorite things to photograph.  To Greg, an abstract is capturing a small part of a larger scene and attempting to offer an alternate perspective.

 Both natural and man-made objects can form the basis for an abstract image.  It really is about learning to see things in different or unusual ways.

 Since Greg is an engineer by trade, he often gravitates to strong lines, shapes and geometric patterns.  Although many people only associate circles, squares and triangles with geometry, there are also many other shapes and curves that can be considered geometric.

 As a child, Greg’s art teacher father showed him a set of French curve stencils, which his father explained could be used to draw every possible curve.  It was this early understanding that shapes can be reduced to a series of lines and curves that stuck with Greg and later influenced his photography.

This presentation will showcase Greg’s continuing quest the see the world around him not as people, places or things, but as a series of shapes, lines and curves.  Greg hopes that his presentation also inspires club members to see things in a new light and to prepare a wonderful set of entries for the December club competition, which he will be judging.

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