October 15, 2019 – Competition Results with judge Kristi Odom – Theme: Low-Perspective

Judge Kristi Odom

The winning images for 2019-2020 can be seen in the NVPS Gallery here: 


Competition Results for October 15, 2019 with judge Kristi Odom
Theme – Low Perspective
Class 3 – Color Prints
1st Place Stan Bysshe Eagle Tiff
2nd Place Mike Whalen Sittin Pretty
3rd Place Tom Brett Driver & Assistant Driver
HM Judy Guenther Old Stairs In Lyon
Class 3 – Digital
1st Place Wayne Guenther Ready For Happy Hour
2nd Place David Crooks Metro
3rd Place Alan Goldstein On The Rocks
HM Gary Perlow Viennese Tunnel
HM Mike Whalen Work Around
Class 3 – Monochrome Prints
1st Place Tom Brett Wanaka Tree
2nd Place Wayne Guenther Circular Logic
Class 2 – Color Prints
1st Place Tim Brown Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse On The Rocks
2nd Place Kathryn Mohrman Looking Up From The Mihrag
Class 2 – Digital
1st Place My-Linh Tran Get In My Belly
2nd Place Brenda Wilson Autumn Light
3rd Place Tana Ebbole Steps To Travel
HM Kathryn Mohrman Pink Pillar
Class 2 – Monochrome Prints
1st Place No Awards Not enough entries
Class 1 – Color Prints
1st Place John Murray Aim High
2nd Place Rebecca Colegrove Bloom Where You Are Planted
Class 1 – Digital
1st Place John Murray Down Under The Manhattan Bridge
2nd Place Kevin Linde Dreamy Waterfall
3rd Place Art Rose Soaring
HM Ed Short Wat Arun Thailand
Class 1 – Monochrome Prints
1st Place No Awards Not enough entries
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