October 13, 2020: Education & Training – A Workflow from Raw to Print with Gary Perlow

This presentation will be an in-depth description of a linear logical approach to photograph editing that will take you from a raw file straight out of camera through Photoshop to printing.  It will be geared to novice and experienced users of Photoshop.  Topics discussed will shed light on what should be done, when it should be done, and why it should be done.

The programs used will be Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, and Photoshop.  The why and wherefore of raw processing will be discussed in depth.  Then we will take a picture into Photoshop and demonstrate the steps to edit non-destructively and get the absolute most out of your picture to produce a “clean” image, before diving into artistic effects, cropping and sharpening.


Gary first picked up a camera about 7 years ago to photograph his daughter’s academic athletic events.  He realized the powerful effect that careful post-processing could have on an image, finding that the marriage of the two, photography and Photoshop, brought a welcome and readily accessible outlet for creativity.  In fact, he enjoys post-processing at least as much as he does taking photographs.

Gary shoots a wide variety of images that hopefully have the potential to arouse an emotional response: portraits, nature, landscapes, architecture, and things.  In coming years, he hopes to get more into creative, imaginative edits and mood-type photography that transcend reality, if ever so slightly.  In the 2019 Nature Visions Expo, he won best landscape, best wildlife, and best in show.  This past year at the club, he won the advanced digital photographer of the year, the advanced color prints photographer of the year, and the advanced versatile photographer of the year.

Gary enjoys talking Photoshop, and would invite anyone at NVPS at any level to discuss anything about post-processing with him.

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