October 1, 2019 – Program: Abstract Photography with Don Rosenberger


Don Rosenberger sold all his camera gear and walked away from photography, but that was back in 1983.  He picked up a camera again in 2005 and has spent most of his weekends and vacation time trying to make up for those years he walked away.  

Since 2005 he has worked with and been mentored by a great group of well known and some not so well known photographers.   Today Don is still driven by the passion and the urge to always create something better and constantly strives to take his work to the next level.  

Don served on the board of Nature Visions for 4 years before co-founding Road Runner Photography Tours in 2013.  After 6 years of incredible adventures at Road Runner, he resigned in order to spend more time pushing his skills into new areas of photography.  

Presentation Description

In this presentation Don will detail his journey into shooting abstracts, discuss influences and provide suggestions for further study.   By using slower shutter speeds and camera motion we can create a new body of work that allows us to depart from reality. Abstract photography allows to take our art form into a more expressive direction.   With a little practice, you may also find this to be a compelling form of expression.  

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