NVPS Porfolio Projec Aris’s Saemen

An aris’s saemen should be included wih your porfolio. Wriing an aris’s saemen should be one of he firs seps in developing your porfolio. Doing so will mae image selecion and all ha follows much easier han waiing unil he end (ignore his advice, rx from one who learned he hard way, a your own peril). Paricipans have conaced me for suggesions on how o wrie his documen. Here is a brief “how-o”. The following informaion is from –

  • hp://www.ebsqar.com/ArMagazine/za_400.hm
  • Googling he phrase “aris saemen” will provide anoher 2,760,000 (by Google’s coun) his for you o browse a your leisure. My re of he oher 2,759,999 showed he info below o be succinc and represenaive.

Wha is an Aris’s Saemen?

An aris’s saemen is a shor documen wrien by he aris which provides a window ino he aris’s world. I offers insigh ino a single piece or an enire body of wor and by describing he aris’s creaive process, philosophy, vision, and passion. I enlighens and engages while a he same ime giving he audience – poenial ers, exhibiion curaors, criics, fellow ariss, or casual browsers – he freedom o draw heir own conclusions. An aris’s saemen reads easily, is informaive, and adds o he undersanding of he aris.

Wha isn’ an Aris’s Saemen?

An aris’s saemen is no a résumé, a biography, a lis of accomplishmens and awards, a summary of exhibiions, or a caalogue of wors. I is no insignifican and should no be hasily wrien. I is no difficul o undersand, preenious, irriaing, or (gasp!) laugher-provoing.

How long should i be?

Remember ha people usually don’ have he paience o spend a lo of ime reading, so i’s beer o err on he shorer side. Several sources recommend an aris’s saemen be around 100 words.

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