Mentor Program


Bill Millhouser – Mentor Coordinator

Ron Taylor – Mentor Coordinator

Welcome to the NVPS Mentor Program. The purpose of the program is to provide NVPS members an opportunity to receive individual or small group personalized training on a variety of topics.  Some of those topics are (1) how to use your camera controls, (2) how to take better images using principles of composition, lighting, etc., (3) how to use image processing software and (4) how to prepare images for competition, printing and matting.

In order to participate in the program members must have paid their annual dues.  Begin by emailing a Mentor Coordinator at mentor-2019″at” for your copy of the Mentor Capability spreadsheet that identifies their expertise, location, etc.  Identify what you would like to learn and select one potential Mentor from the spreadsheet.  Contact the Mentor Coordinator for your selected Mentor’s contact information, and discuss with the Mentor what you would like to accomplish.  If there is a good fit, work with the Mentor to arrange meeting dates and times, etc. Note that since each Mentor can support a limited number of members you may not be able to work with your preferred Mentor.  If that should happen select another Mentor.  Once a Mentor agrees to work with you, please inform the Mentor Program Coordinator so we can update the database.

You may choose to use different Mentors throughout your participation in the Mentor Program, but please only work with one Mentor at a time.  For example, you may work with one Mentor to improve your image composition, and then with another Mentor on how to better use image processing software.  Let the Mentor Program Coordinator know you are ending your partnership with one Mentor and would like to select a different one. When you no longer wish to participate in the program, please contact the Mentor Program Coordinator.

Program Duration:

The Mentoring Program is an ongoing program that will be available through the NVPS year (September – May) and the summer.   At the end of August, just before the start of the next NVPS year, all current Mentor/member partnerships will end – giving all NVPS members the opportunity to participate with Mentors starting in September.