November 28, 2017: Members Gallery – Bob Friedman & Willa Friedman

Bob Friedman

    • Member of NVPS since 2004
    •  Interested in photography as a teenager with a wet darkroom in the basement
      (Note for younger NVPS members: Wet darkroom means I used film)
    • I take photos of pretty much anything. I keep changing my interests from year to year. Haven’t gotten to birds.
    • I am using a Fuji X-Pro2. Previously I was a Nikon shooter.
    • Retired. Previously, I was doing stuff in the basement of the Pentagon.




Willa Friedman

My first job after college was as an instructor at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, I had a choice of several summer projects—filing, cleaning animal cages or photographing wildlife in city parks for the NYC schools. I said I was an experienced photographer and came home with a camera. Bob taught me everything I needed over the following weekend. He still claims to have taught me everything I know.

I have since taken courses and workshops at Photoworks at Glen Echo, and with Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant in New Brunswick, Canada, and Santa Fe Workshop. I have also had extensive courses in Photoshop at the Smithsonian with Eliot Cohen and have been a member of NVPS for 13 years.

I find reflections everywhere and use a Fuji X-Pro2 with various lenses.

My work is currently on display at the Art League Gallery in the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria and I have an image in the permanent collection of the Joseph Miller Center for Photographic Arts and have had images published in the Northern Virginia Review and District Lines.


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